10 Best Pre-Wedding Outfit Ideas for the Bride-To-Be

10 Best Pre-Wedding Outfit Ideas for the Bride-To-Be
The pre-wedding photo shoot is a rising trend in India. It is one of the most important occasions for the couple getting married. These pictures tell their story and bring out the essence of the couple’s relationship. This is a memorable moment that they will definitely cherish all their life. The pictures taken, during this photoshoot showcase some loving and fun moments between the couple. Hence, from the location to your props, everything needs to be perfect. While a good photographer will help you with that, it is important that you pay close attention to your pre-wedding outfits, especially if they are more than one.  wedding lehenga Finding the perfect pre-wedding outfit is as tricky as finding a perfect wedding lehenga. These pictures are going to be seen by your family, friends and even be a part of your social media announcements. Therefore, what you wear is going to catch the most attention. These photographs are going to capture one of your fondest memories and will be timeless. At the same time, it is important that you be practical about the dress. Pick anything that will be comfortable, and you can move around in easily. It should bring out the best in you. Here are 10 best pre-wedding outfits for the bride-to-be. For dreamy effect make sure your dress is well coordinated with the outfit of your beau. It doesn’t mean you have to wear matching prints or colors. Coordinating means having a tinge of one color. Don’t go overboard coordinating your outfit, just stick to the basics. Also, keep in mind the location of your pre-wedding shoot. It is important that your dress blends well with the environment of your shoot location. For example, if you are getting a photoshoot on a beach, subtle colors will give a better impact on your pictures. 1. A vibrant colored Punjabi suit: This is perfect for the fun-loving bride with a lively personality. A salwar suit is easy to carry and perfect for a fun pre-wedding shoot. A gorgeous Punjabi suit design with colorful dupatta will create pleasing effects in natural lighting. 2. Anarkali: If you are a fan of twirl shot, then this dress is perfect for your big day. A floor length Anarkali dress will do wonders to your twirl shot. This dress has a timeless appeal and will create beautiful during an evening photo shoot. It’s graceful and extremely feminine. Anarkali dresses online shopping sites offer a variety that will fit the tone of your photoshoot. 3. Saree: The timeless appeal of a saree makes it perfect for all occasions. It is pure elegance and brings out the same in your bride-to-be. This attire will add sophistication and the much-needed sensuality to the pictures. Make sure your groom is wearing something ethnic to go well with your saree. There are different styles of sarees that you can opt for. You can be specific by opting for a regional saree. Maharashtrian sarees are amazing for cheerful photoshoots. Also, saree makes for a great outfit for a pre-wedding shoot in monsoons. With sarees, you can recreate some famous Bollywood scenes like that of Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon’s “tip barsa paani” and more. wedding sarees 4Evening gowns: These are all-time favorites for pre-wedding photo shoots. Women simply love and enjoy this attire. These are extravagant outfits that give quite an apt look of a perfect evening date. This dress will bring out the princess in you and give that extra flare you need for a twirl and other romantic shots. With this outfit, you can ask your husband-to-be to dress in a formal suit or a tuxedo and create your own fairy tale. Choose the color of the gown wisely. Subtle hues look gorgeous in the daytime and blacks, greys and midnight blues look magical in the night. 5. A lavish Lehenga: This is for the flamboyant one. This might not be a very common pre-wedding outfit dress, but girls who want a larger-than-life impact in their pictures can opt for it. However, make sure your photo-shoot lehenga is lighter than your wedding lehenga. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new one, instead can re-use favorite old lehenga and use it. With its majestic appeal, you can bring regal charm to your photo shoot. This may not be a very comfortable dress for the pre-wedding shoot. So, make sure to carry a change. This is perfect for a winter photo shoot and not a summer one. 6. Keep it casual with jeans and top: If you both just want to make the most of your pre-wedding shot without worrying about dressing up, then jeans and top is your option. This outfit may seem too casual, but it is a good choice to pose as candidly as your photographer needs you to be. Even if you plan to do an activity together, denim will make you look the part. 7. A short dress: A formal short dress with high heels look as elegant as an evening gown. For a flirty, playful vibe, choose a casual short dress for your photo shoot. It’s trendy and looks chic with a pair of sneakers. This look will never disappoint you and help you achieve some memorable shots. Also, the dress is easy to carry, so you can make your photo shoot fun and crazy. Anarkali suits online 8. A skirt and a top: For the cute bride, this look will bring out the best in you. A knee length skirt with a classy top will add grace and charm to your photos. This attire looks pretty on both tall and short girls. 9. Sportswear: A lot of couples who love sports and are fitness conscious, opt for sportswear. They wear matching jerseys and make their photo shoot more action-oriented. 10. Classic white dress: Nothing can beat the magic of pristine whites. A classic white dress looks marvelous in summers and winters both and creates impressive effects in the pictures captured under natural lighting. With so many options, choosing the perfect pre-wedding outfit should not be tough for you anymore. Your Indian bridal lehenga is the most important attire of your life, but your pre-wedding is not less because before this will create some memorable moments during your courtship period.