Add any of these Unique Sarees to your Wardrobe to Look your Gorgeous Best

Add any of these Unique Sarees to your Wardrobe to Look your Gorgeous Best
Slaying in a saree? Well, who doesn’t want to do that? You look your most gorgeous best in a saree, slim, attractive and oh-so-gorgeous, accentuating your curves to the maximum. Tell me is there any other garment which makes you feel, feminine, graceful and yet like a total diva? Can’t seem to think of any apart from the graceful nine yards. Look for the best sarees online and you will be stunned at the wide array of utterly bewitching sarees that stays true to the roots yet manages to add something novel to the old. Is it possible to fall in love with the same garment over and over again? YES! When it comes to a saree it certainly does and the best part is it is now revamped and how! I mean now you can change the look of the saree in a matter of minutes, in one instant you can make it look classy and the next instance you can make it look all grungy, the very next you can turn the look upside down and make it look boho chic, I can go on and on……. But then, let’s start being more specific, and describe some absolute stunners that have caught my eye in the recent time. I know what you are thinking, time to browse some sarees online and do some online saree shopping in search of some unique sarees.  Sounds like a fun proposition? So, let’s get on with it. Variety of Sarees Casual Wear Sarees and Party Wear Sarees Online – Browse and Buy My morning routine consists of browsing through my Instagram feed looking for some #SareeInspiration and trying to spot the perfect one for me. Well, I know all pretty things cannot be mine. Sigh, but I love the styling tips and tricks that most celebrity stylists dole out. Check out some of them here.
  • The striped swag – Sometime back, striped was regarded as plain boring I mean who would wear them? They are so passe, but no longer! stripes have come back with a bang and I have spotted some serious fashionistas (fashionistas who take their fashion seriously, ) donning this look. Monochrome is haute and it’s hot! So a monochrome striped saree with an interesting blouse works for most brunches or a casual come-lets-meet-for-coffee kinda get together. I am totally digging the off shoulder bell sleeve crop top saree combo! It has been my go-to in recent times.
Don’t have a stylish blouse so-to-speak? Rummage through your western wear section and you separate your crop top high waisted trouser pairing to make a new totally-cool saree and crop top pairing! It’s a win-win combination and it will be a look much appreciated by all. Think black and white to be too boring? Court candy stripes! The uber cool trend and it looks so rad when you wear to do the combination right! Off late my cupboard is kinda full of stripes! Striped sarees, striped crop tops and I even bought a striped belt for my self to break a monotone outfit. Now, you know I’m obsessed. But then fashion and obsession kinda go together, don’t they?
  • The denim saree – Another confession to make, I’m obsessed with denim too! OOOH, there is something about denim, that's just so classy yet trendy. Never thought that there will other ways of wearing the denim other than the conventional ones. But how wrong I was! And the denim frayed saree is a designer’s dream. Of course, it is not your, usual saree, it is bold and edgy and so contemporary but that’s what makes it super special. Look out for a few unique sarees online and find out the one that caters to your taste, most. Wear the perfect crop top with the saree, a white crop top, always works like a dream. You can also try the denim on denim trick. It is another hot and happening look!
  • A floral dream – Another eternal favorite and it is just so pretty! Floral chiffon sarees remind me of breezy balmy evenings, the scent of some exotic flower and the sound of the sea splashing against the rocks! Yes, floral sarees are just so romantic and helps you weave some magical sagas when you wear them. My favorite celebrity fashionista wore a bright yellow with fuschia flowers strewn all over her saree and with a blouse to match! It was such a wonderful combination! It completely floored me! The off shoulder blouse and the bright gorgeous color is just so alluring. Floral saree trend is here to say, daisies, peonies, roses you name it and designers have it on your sarees.
Floral Saree
  • The pant saree – I am sure you have spotted this trend too! Most celebrities are wearing it with aplomb to snazzy red carpet events and glamorous parties and why not it is a bold look that deserves accolades. Instead of a petticoat, you drape the saree around your pant and just accentuate the waist with an embellished belt. Stunning is the word for this look! Well, if you want to take this look the boho chic way, wear the saree with dhoti pants. In fact, you’ll spot pre-draped sarees online and at designer shops. This is easy to drape around and the effect is so stunning.
  • The saree and a jacket – The latest saree style to hit the bandwagon. This fits beautifully with solid-colored sarees. You pair a long or short embroidered jacket with the saree and you are set to conquer new style heights. The layering trend has caught on in ethnic wear and how can saree be left behind? Choose the perfect shade for you, bright bold ones or pastel shades whichever suits you most.
The saree and a jacket So, all set to flaunt an all-new and glamorous wardrobe that can take you from an office meeting to a party, looking like a million bucks? Go on, indulge and buy a few of your favorite sarees and revamp your wardrobe, for the upcoming festive season or the impending party, or what the heck! Just like that, do you need any reason to buy a saree? Frankly, I don’t!