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All the Happening Fashion Trends in Men's Ethnic Wear this Season

All the Happening Fashion Trends in Men's Ethnic Wear this Season
When it comes to fashion, men sometimes feel a little left out, they think that women’s fashion grabs the maximum eyeballs while there is not much emphasis on men’s fashion? Are you nursing a similar grudge? Well, don’t worry things are gradually changing in the fashion landscape and things are looking up, especially in the men’s ethnic wear segment. With every year, there is renewal in the fashion circuit, some trends which you never dreamed would make a comeback, does make a comeback, like a bad penny and things you thought would last for another year or two, just disappears from the scene. Thankfully, the only thing constant in fashion is change and men can now heave a huge sigh of relief that they now can slay big time and walk shoulder to shoulder from the ramp to the runway with their female counterparts. Some fun colors, some great cuts all combine to make the best ethnic wear for men's. Yes, gone are those days when men wore only boring colors and stuck to a particular color code, now the options are a lot more fun and flattering.  Check out some of the men's ethnic wear online and indulge in some good old shopping. Men's Ethnic Wear Collection
  1. Waistcoat with dhoti or churidar
Patterned waistcoats are the next best thing! It can certainly replace some traditional ethnic wear. While dhoti has been always an integral part of ethnic wear for men for marriage now you can wear it to other places as well besides weddings or other ceremonial functions. Wear your dhoti pairing it with the color of the kurta and a natty waist coast. It is a simple look that always works. If you aren’t too comfortable in dhotis try and team it with churidars. Match your churidar with the kurta, yes do not be afraid of wearing monotones, they are big this season, but what you can do to add to the overall look of the ensemble is wear a contrasting waistcoat. This is one great look to flaunt in traditional ceremonies. It works equally well in pre-marriage ceremonies as well. Waistcoat with dhoti or churidar
  1. Go the Indo Western Way
If women can do it, men can do it better! Well, no gender wars here! Just that the quintessential Indo-western looks oh-so-cool on both men and women. Men can unabashedly embrace this look and look their distinguished best. This fusion look gives a welcome twist to traditional clothing. You can wear it to simple dinners or to exclusive parties. Like you can wear your dhoti with your shirt or wear your jodhpurs with a casual shirt, perfect for a casual day out. You will look comfortable and yet look your stylish best. Go the Indo Western Way
  1. Pastel colored traditional wear
Not a fan of bright colors? Turn towards pastels then. There are so many colors to flaunt like we said monotone colors are simply the best and pastel colors takes care of the rest ( sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth) A simple pyjama pastel-colored kurta can work wonders. Top it off with a jacket of a darker shade of the color you are wearing and you’ll be the talk of the town.  This one of the best men’s ethnic wear designs to flaunt.Pastel colored traditional wear
  1. Forever in Vogue Jodhpuri Suits
Jodhpuri Suits are the most stylish best ethnic wear for men of India and are one of the best wedding wear for men spanning across all cultures. As the name implicates this style of imperial dressing hails from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The natty look of a Jodhpuri suit comes out owing to its intricate embroidery and its neat cuts. While you are at it, don’t forget to wear your Jodhpur shoes and you have the best attire for all seasons.Forever in Vogue Jodhpuri Suits
  1. White Pyjamas Always Works
Wear a simple white pyjama and you are done. It is a perfect gear for almost any occasion. What’s so great about a simple pyjama? It is just you can pair it with different colors, the red, yellow, blue or even white and it will stand you in good stead for most occasions. When you in doubt and can’t decide what to wear for the evening ahead, pick up something as classy and simple as a white pyjama and you’ll be good to go! Even, when it comes to men's ethnic wear for a wedding white is right!
  1. A Dupatta to your Rescue
Bollywood fashion is always hip and happening and the current trend is adding a dupatta to your royal ensemble. Why a dupatta? Well, a contrasting dupatta when paired with a bright kurta can be the perfect ensemble for any grand ceremony and is currently ruling the men’s fashion world. Dupattas go very well with dhoti, pyjama or a churidar and add the extra edge to your ethnic look, a clear amalgamation of traditional and modern look.
  1. Silk Jacquard Kurta
If you still haven’t a silk jacquard kurta set to your wardrobe, you’ll be left behind in the sartorial game. It looks great when you wear it with a printed jacket. It is one great way of complementing your kurta set. This look is not only creating ripples in India but across the whole world. It is one of the latest ethnic wear for men that makes your look come across as understated yet elegant. Select some of the ethnic looks from here, something that will highlight your looks and indulge in some men's ethnic wear online shopping. These are some of the most trending looks that you will see this season and this will see you through most of the occasions lined up for you this year, weddings, engagements, small cozy dinners to grand parties. Rock each look with large doses of panache and flair with a sprinkling of confidence on the top.  Make sure you choose the right shoes with your outfit, the right shoe as most fashion pundits say, will make or break a look. Go on, now you are ready to slay!