The Current Saree Trends We Are Obsessing Over

The Current Saree Trends We Are Obsessing Over

I am currently obsessing over sarees, the fact that the festive season is up and coming has something to do about it. So, I have put on trend-spotting glasses and focussed my eyes on the fashion weeks, glossy mags to scour the oven-fresh trends. Of all the ethnic trends, the saree is my absolute favorite, I love the fact that I can twirl and drape one around me and voila I manage to put together an effortless look. The beauty of a saree is you can wear it just the way you want to wear it. At least the trends today vouches for the fact, you can ditch the age-old norms and make it your own. While classic sarees will always, remain a universal favorite, young girls are also enamored with the latest trends scorching the ramp. You can even take a silk saree from your mother’s wardrobe and wear it with a sharara. And if you are scared of the pleats and pallus, like me, you can wear a pre-draped one and forget all about your pleats all over you.

Trendy Sarees – Look Amazing in these Awesome Sarees

You can put up the trend factor high by adding a few of the following trendy sarees,

1. Draping styles 

I know you have tried different kinds of styles, such as the Nivi style or the Gujarati drapes, but now there are so many different styles of sarees to explore. Get inspired by the celebrities who now try different ways of draping their party sarees or casual sarees. Get some serious draping goals from the internet and watch your saree and you get transformed for good. The best way to try new styles is by ditching the petticoat and wearing you saree with jeans/palazzos/wide legged pants/skirts the works, you can also play with the pallu to add the right pizzaz to your look.

Draping styles

2. The Fringe Saree 

Fringes make your saree oomphy! Yes, you have wear fringes on your western dresses or tops and you can add the same on your pallus, yes buy one which has fringe edges. Pair it with an off-shoulder blouse. This adds a whole new twist to your saree. Designers are adding the same to the sarees changing the look of the saree completely.

3. The Saree with the kimono blouse

You’ll agree to this one, the right blouse can make or break a saree. So, why opt for boring blouses when you can try brand new styles? The kimono is the latest to join the blouse brigade. Have you ever looked at a kimono closely and wondered whether it will look good with your saree? Well, if you haven’t time to change your conception. Kimonos come with either short or wide sleeves and are tied with a sash below your bust line. Try it out at your friend’s engagement to make it one hell of a fashionable outing.

 The Saree with the kimono blouse

4. Not in the mood of any jewelry? Wear a scarf

Scarves are clearly a thing now, they are replacing your dupattas and also your jewelry. Don’t try the tried and tested path, add some novelty to your ethnic looks. Chokers are now so last year-ish, it’s the year of the scarves now and it makes the saree look oh-so-cool. Animal print scarves are what I am currently crushing on. I team it my plain sarees and it looks so cool.

Not in the mood of any jewelry Wear a scarf

5. Replace your petticoat with a dhoti!

No longer scouring shops for matching petticoats, you can give them a break with a salwar or dhoti. This is not for the faint-hearted though, but if you don’t try this trend out you’ll be left far behind the fashion milieu. The drape is ultra cool and lends an extra edge to your saree. Remember to add a stylish crop top to this look and you are set to score extra brownie points for the final touch. Your stilettos and clutch will add the final touches. 

Replace your petticoat with a dhoti!

6. The Infinity Scarf Drape 

Have you tried this one out yet? This looks complicated but actually pretty easy to carry. You don’t pin the pallu over your shoulder, but drape it around your neck like a muffler. If you cannot hold it all together cinch it up with a belt, this will give it a more balloon-ish effect.

7. Sharara Saree

What if you find the drape of a dhoti too clumsy? Hmm, I totally get you, the dhoti may not appeal to you but what about the sharara? Have you ever tried to wear the sharara with your saree? This style certainly makes it to the trendy sarees list. You can drape the saree in a mermaid pallu style and this is something that will steal every other outfit’s thunder.

 Sharara Saree

8. Denim saree 

If you think you belong to the distressed denim club count me right in. I love the distressed denim trend so much that I love to have it on my saree as well. Ha! We know you find that a little too hard to believe. But yes it is true denim saree is a serious trend and if you want to add other ways of adding the denim trend to your saree then wear your saree with your jeans. You can add your favorite shirt to this incredible cocktail. Drape it in a way that your pallu is stacked on your shoulder and your jean-clad leg gets to peep out stylishly from the saree folds.

9. Ruffled Pallu 

A ruffle on your top, on your blouse and now ruffles on your saree too. Search for sarees online, and you will find your Mera-wala-ruffle saree. The ruffles are usually on your saree pallu. This is one of the best statement-making saree trend doing the rounds.

Ruffled Pallu
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