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Stay Stylish at Every Shaadi Outing with These Splendid Anarkali Suits

Stay Stylish at Every Shaadi Outing with These Splendid Anarkali Suits
Weddings are always fun and glorious affairs, where you can dress up, eat and just be merry! But yes, you also have to look pretty as well and for that, you need the right outfit. If repeating the outfits are not quite your forte, time to add some anarkali suits to your wardrobe. Also, sarees may not be your a cup of tea, especially mine where instead of looking graceful, I stumble trying to put together a dignified look, managing my errant pallu, my stilettos, and my clutch! And Just when I was about to pat my back for my juggling skills, I landed in a heap on the ground, along with my accessories and pride. But let’s not even go there, I’m sure you manage better. The point is, what should you wear? Something that you will find trendy, your mother will not raise your eyebrows upon and your friends will think it to be rad! Anarkali suits, comes to my mind, immediately! A combination of pretty colors, flattering silhouettes, and gorgeous looks. So let us do some anarkali suit shopping and find out which anarkali suit design is just right for you. Various Types of Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Suits for Wedding – A Few Stunning Picks

Anarkali suits are my go-to when I have a wedding coming up and I simply cannot decide what should I wear, I mean it is just ‘wear and go,’ and if it is heavily embellished I don’t have to bother too much about wearing too many accessories. Well, I am not someone who is into wearing too many accessories and end up looking like a Christmas tree. I’d rather let my outfit do all the talking. Simple and elegant! Whatsay? Okay, now let’s find out some of the best picks for the upcoming wedding season.
  • Choose a pop color – I’m all heart-eyes for yellow! Yes, it is what you will call the color of the season. It is so stunning and vibrant that you really don’t need any add-on embellishments. Taking cues from a tinsel town actress who popularized this color with so much elan promoting her film. The color looked bewitching on her and so would it on you! Tiny embellishments on your kurta can enhance the color further. While yellow is certainly faring high in the popularity charts, there are other colors you can try such as pastel shades, or the traditional bold colors such as fuschia, electric blue and so on.
pop color anarkali suit
  • Floor length anarkalis – Yes, this anarkali style isn’t going away anytime soon. It looks stunning with its floor-skimming length making you look taller and slimmer. While you can go the staid way and stick to the normal long anarkali suits online, there are other ways of giving a different spin to the same old styles. A long front slit can prove to be a style savior or long side slits as well. This helps you form a liaison with a slick and edgy style. Pair it with the right bottom wear and you are all set to slay any wedding you attend. That said, we come to the next point, which is the best bottom wear to wear with your anarkali suits! What! Are you still wearing your churidars with anarkali suits? I mean you can but there are so many other designs to explore!
Floor length anarkali suit
  • The right bottom wear – Did you know that it was considered inappropriate to wear trousers for women in the 1970’s (in some parts of the world) as it was primarily considered a man’s domain! But yes, things started to change and women started to use it for horse riding and cycling. Okay, the point is trousers are now a major part of a women’s wardrobe and you know how you can pair it with anarkali kurtas. The wide-legged trousers are the new kid on the block a cross between comfortable palazzos to more high fashion trousers, this one is a must add, to your wardrobe. It is structured and how balancing the flowy silhouette of your Kurta.
  • The jacket trend – Been there and done that? Now you want something new to jazz up your anarkali suits party wear. Why settle for something plain and boring when you can make it interesting by adding novel elements to old styles. You can swap your anarkali suit with a jacket It blends comfort with sass in generous doses. Select an overly embellished or embroidered jacket with a solid-hued bottom wear. Wear this uber classy ensemble with stilettos, a box clutch, a bold lip color and sleek shoulder dusters. This classy ethnic wear is just right for a wedding or any festive occasion. Our tinsel starts are donning this look with a lot of elan. I saw a star sporting the very same look in a dance reality show, long cream embroidered jacket paired with a dhoti skirt, which takes my next favorite pick, shirts.Jacket Anarkali Suit
  • Anarkali with skirts – Who would have known that anarkalis can go well with skirts and when I mention skirts I don’t only mean voluminous flared skirts, but pretty dhoti skirts too, a cross between dhoti and a skirt. It has been in my must-buy list for some time. That along with a jacket anarkali. I am crushing on a ruby red one, which I happened to spot on a website. I have added it to my cart, just waiting to click on the buy button. These skirts usually come in plush fabrics such as satin, georgettes, so that the drape effect comes out beautifully.
So, if you are enriching your wardrobe with the latest and best anarkali suits, browse through some of the styles mentioned here. Also don’t forget to add interesting accessories to amp up your outfit, such as an ornate belt, a scarf, a bright and colorful dupatta, the works. Show some love for fashion designer anarkali suits and set your own benchmark in fashion and style. Looking your gorgeous best is so easy when you have these alluring anarkali suits to come to your rescue.