How to Dress up in Monotone Colors this Summer

How to Dress up in Monotone Colors this Summer
Come summer and monotones become my favorite colors in the entire print less palette. There is something so soothing about monotones or wearing single colors. Just imagine wearing an aqua blue chiffon saree paired with an aqua blue sleeveless blouse, or a sunny yellow sundress. Can something be more stunning than these outfits in all its monotone avatar? Frankly, I can’t find a better way to beat the sweltering heat. Thankfully, apart from being easy on the eye and looking resplendent in summer dresses, what makes monotone so hot? Just one thing, it makes you look slim, well, if you think you need to lose a few pounds, wearing monotone can help you look slimmer minus the sweat!Monotone Color Dresses But yes, I know monotones can be slightly tricky to pull off. A monotone outfit can look stunning if you wear it with other neutralizing accessories without making it look meh! You find that hard to understand? Okay, so let’s get down to the basics and find out what else works with a monotone outfit and what does not! How to Dress Up in Monotone – Top Dress up Tips Now, that I have got you all hooked, let’s begin our journey in nailing the monotone look. Yes, everyone should tap into their single color fixation this summer, ‘cause wearing single colors has way more pros than we are willing to give it credit for!
  1. Blend, blend, blend – Always wear your monotone colors with color from the same family, for example, if you are wearing a darker yellow kurta, team it with a softer yellow palazzo, round it off with beige juttis and you are spot on with your spring-summer-friendly monotone look! This way you can play around with a whole lot of colors. I find this is one of the most hard-working tips amongst the other dress up tips.  Try it and let me know whether it works for you!
  2. Play with textures – This is another way to dress up your solid color. Suppose you are wearing a powder blue kurta in cotton, pair it with linen trousers or wear a khadi jacket to add to the entire ensemble, it is such a refreshing way to upgrade your outfit, wear monotone and do not let it look well, any less interesting!
  3. Add some shimmer and shine – Neutral colors work well with single colors so does, shimmery metallic colors, especially gold, silver, and beige. And this is so party-worthy! If you are fond of whites, wear it but team it with silver stilettos and add an interesting blend of accessories and you are all set to stand out in a crowd of different prints and stripes. Believe you me, this look comes out tops on most occasions. Similarly, you can amp up your outfit with gold, bronze. Not a question of looking OTT here as you are blending it well with your outfit and it settles down well amidst the larger picture.
  4. Color blocking – You can also use several plain colors at one go! For example black and white is a perennial favorite, whenever I am rummaging my wardrobe, trying to find out which outfit I should wear for a particular outing, I always end up wearing monochrome. A white saree with a black blouse, (though a white saree looks equally good with a white blouse!) A black top with my favorite white linen trousers. It is a hot way to look cool this summer. But then you can be a little bolder with your color choices, right? Blend in monotone colors together, pink and blue, nahh that’s a little common how about pink, white and black, yellow and pink together, orange and pink? Your quintessential summer lehenga can look oh so cool if you wear a pink choli with an orange lehenga! Go on, let your imagination run wild and try out other summer sorbet shades, powder blue, dusty pink, the works! By the end of this summer, I am gonna be a color blocking pro of some sorts! Who is with me on this one?
  5. Accessorize it right – Adding an interesting blend of accessories can pep up any monotone color. Recently, I spotted a celebrity carrying a rocket-shaped bag with her ethnic outfit and it looked so good, it did steal the spotlight but it also added the extra element to her ensemble adding that wow factor! Besides sporting odd-shaped bags, you can try ear cuffs,! Ear cuffs make me look so much like a warrior princess and look good in a fierce sort of way! How about a statement ring, or a haathphool? One accessory can add an enormous impact on your outfit! Try adding layering necklaces, an armlet, a nose-pin, the options are pretty endless. Or just let your shoes do all the talking, A white bootie and a white bag can take your look to another level altogether!
  6. Add a print or two – Yes, your outfit does not have prints but your accessories can have! You can use a scarf, printed belt or bag, or shoes! Try leafy tropical prints, flower prints or digital prints, they all make it look super cool. Blend it so well that it adds that extra drama to your monotone outfit. Try it the next time you are out and about with your friends.
  7. A dash of color – Okay, this is a little different from color blocking as you do not use several colors but one pop color to break the monotony of the outfit. Add a bright colored bag to your white outfit, red, orange, electric blue, bright yellow! Just take your pick. Use the single dose of color to maximum effect and stun the world with your flawless choices.
So, how to dress up this summer? Well, go monotone! Now, you know how exactly you can dress up in monotone colors and look oh-so-good in it! Spicing up your monotone look is easy, you just have to use your imagination and creativity and implement it all, after all, there cannot be a better clothes horse than you right? So experiment this summer with solid colors and do it all with dollops of confidence, as it is your best accessory!