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How to Out-Style Your Peers with the Fashionable Party Wear Salwar Kameez

How to Out-Style Your Peers with the Fashionable Party Wear Salwar Kameez
The party invites are coming thick and fast and you are standing clueless before your wardrobe wondering what exactly to wear to those full-on-glam parties! I know you can relate, women spend long hours before their wardrobes than anywhere else! Just kidding! I know you have your wardrobe full of glamorous clothes, but you still think you don’t have any “good” clothes! Ah! I the dilemmas of a woman! But don’t you worry we have the best list of party wear salwar kameez, that you can just put on and be ready to slay! So, put your glam hat on and browse through the list of this season must-haves!Party Wear Salwar Kameez Latest Party Wear Salwar Kameez Designs – Trendy and Gorgeous! If it is one thing that one cannot have enough of, it is salwar kameezes. It is something that you can just wear without thinking too much, it is like comfort food, something which you simply cannot do without but you do not think too much about it, right? And the fact that they are just so versatile makes it an absolute winner too! You can wear it to buy your local market to buy bhajis and you can wear it to your party, of course, the fabric differs the styling differs but it is just so convenient a sartorial garment to wear, right?! But, many women think that salwar kameez is not too evening-wear friendly, I mean the times when you really put your hair down and dress up, put on your boldest lipstick, seek out your sexiest stilettos and the works? What then? Will a salwar kurta pass muster? Of course, it will find out how!
  1. Anarkali Gown – I am in love with this Indian party wear salwar kameez, it is perfect for those days when I would like to go Western but the party theme is Indian, It looks so like a dress, it is long, embellished and slinky too if you like it that way! It is like a gown, but just the fact that the design is Indian, you have gotta patti work on it or embellished with tiny clusters of stones or embroidery so that it shines and glimmers like a quintessential party wear! When I wear one I like to focus on the cuts, when the shoulders are slashed, drop shoulder, one shoulder, off the shoulder and so on! And if I would like to dress it up a little further I put on a long shrug or jacket, cashing on the jacket trend full-on! If the weather is too sultry for you, choose light sheer gossamer fabrics that do not stick to your body.
  2. Angarakhas – This is perfect for that petite woman, who can add layers to their form and yet look stylish in it. The overlapping style screams comfort and the comfortable silhouette is just right for those long summer nights when the weather gets too sticky for comfort and you would thank your stars that you ended up something, wearing that is comfortable.
  3. The Short Flared kurta – Now this is my current favorite as I can choose different kinds of bottom wear with it. It almost looks like a peplum cut and I usually opt for my dhoti salwars or draped pants with it, or even my shararas! The party wear salwar kameez dresses are a perfect style to dote on. Wear it to a party and soon you will have people asking you about your dress, I leave it upon you whether you want to reveal all about it or not! ;)
  4. Sharara sharara – Haha, whenever I talk of this one dress, I start singing the song! You know right, which one I’m talking about? Ooooh! I love this and as soon as I spotted this on a celebrity, I knew I have to add this to my humble wardrobe! It looks too good with your short kurtis, buy party wear salwar kameez online, yes the designs are just too many and I really do not know which to choose and which to leave out. I have my eyes on a particular peach sharara set, embellished with silver work, the kurti is sleeveless and has a deep plunging back with a dori, and the sharara! OMG! It looks absolutely drool-worthy. I have added it to my cart and still have not pressed the buy button, what do you think? Should I buy it?
  5. The jacket Style Kurta – I know I have discussed this one, but this one style deserves an entire segment of its own. This is, in fact, the perfect designer party wear salwar kameez. I got hooked to it when a few months back a celebrity got married to her beau in an exotic locale and as she was sashaying down the path looking resplendent in all her wedding finery, I spotted a lady wearing this stunning embroidered jacket with pants. And I knew I was in love for the umpteenth time, yes fashion love! Sigh!!! I looked for it in every plush mall I could think of, but nothing that looked remotely like it, then I stumbled upon it online! Well, the color was different but just the exact style I was looking for! Thank God for party wear salwar kameez online shopping. You get so much stuff at the click of the button right at your home while you can be a couch potato and watch the “Confessions of a shop-a-holic!” the nineteenth time! ;)
So, is your list ready yet? What are you waiting for? Just select the right, party wear salwar kameez patterns and start shopping! The party season is always on and before you are caught unawares with a sudden party invite where your peers are going to turn out in their magical best, start indulging in some good old shopping! After all, a warrior is ever ready with her weapon right? Find your weapon, warrior..…errr I mean the latest party wear salwar kameez and go stun all with your stunning-to-a-fault sartorial elegance!