Indian Jewelry Trends For Millennial Brides: Latest Jewelry You Must Have in Your Trousseau

Indian Jewelry Trends For Millennial Brides: Latest Jewelry You Must Have in Your Trousseau
Indian ethnic jewelry has been an essential part of women’s adornments even before the cosmetics were invented. Even the ancient scriptures prescribe 16 adornments, “Solah Sringar” for a married woman. So, who are we to deny her this luxury? No trousseau is complete without Indian jewelry. It is an important part of her treasured trunk that she takes along with her to start a new life with her husband. The jewelry of the bride deserves as much detailing as her bridal attire does. It must bring out the best in her and enhance the beauty of her facial features. Jewelry of the bride showcases her sense of style and taste. It displays her fashion choices and adds the touch of elegance to her personality. The jewelry that is carefully selected will never fail her. It will enhance her feminine charm and bring out her inner goddess making her look like an ethereal beauty. More than this, the jewelry box in the trousseau comprises of components that she will always possess and cherish. She might give away her old clothes and discard her old footwear, but the jewelry will always belong to her. Therefore, a jewelry box in the trousseau should be a fine and versatile blend of traditional and modern jewelry. The collection must be diverse to pair it up with a variety of outfits that you are taking along. This is why staying up-to-date with jewelry trends is essential. They can help you make the best decisions when you go shopping at your favorite jewelry store. However, when you begin your hunt, whether you are picking up the readymade piece or getting it customized, it is important that you keep in mind your sense of style, personality and what feels natural to you. So, if you are a bride looking for those perfect baubles that will make you look like a queen on grand occasions, dinner parties and festive celebrations in the first year of marriage, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few bridal and Indian fashion jewelry trends to consider. Antique jewelry: Among many trending Indian jewelry styles, jewelry with antique finish is considered supreme. Typical antique jewelry is any piece of ornament that has reached the age of 100 years or more and have stood the test of time. It is a reference to heirloom jewelry or jewelry items that are crafted using earlier styles. It may or may not be worn previously. These jewelry pieces have rustic charm with high-quality gemstones embedded in it. These are intricately designed necklaces, rings, bracelets, or earrings that are still lustrous and mesmerizing in its appeal. This jewelry is usually a combination of gold, platinum or silver with sparkling rubies, emeralds, sapphires. Nowadays, it is not difficult to acquire a replica of antique jewelry in economical price, but its quality and authenticity must be checked. Diamond Chokers: What makes millennial brides different from others is their bold sense of fashion and style. Today’s brides want something that is trendy yet traditional and adds sparkle to their personality. And these luxe diamond chokers are statement accessory that can add glamour and vintage charm to their traditional look. Choker necklaces are back in vogue and it is must-have modern jewelry for the brides of today. There is a diverse range of choker necklaces to jazz up your look. From minimalistic diamond choker strings to elaborate statement pieces, Indian jewelry stores are full of rad styles that are perfect for you to look your gorgeous best and add bling to your attire. Uncut polki with color-rich meenakari: Uncut diamonds or polki have been in trend for a long time. Pastel and vibrant color of meenakari add a tinge of opulence and elegance. It is a faultless amalgamation of ethnic and modern Indian jewelry for a contemporary style of trinkets that are perfect for millennial brides. It is a trendy yet sensational and it adds a royal charm to brides of the day. Meenakari makes the age-old traditional gold and diamond styles look vibrant and snazzy. Jadau jewelry: Surprisingly enough, what was popular 20 -30 years ago, is back in fashion. Jadau jewelry is one of many such styles. Jadau is an old technique of crafting precious Indian jewelry using Kundan and polki. This is usually a reference to the jewelry inspired by the Mughal-era, who brought this style of jewelry to India. It is a meticulously designed elaborate form of jewelry that makes the bride look resplendent and gleaming on her wedding day. This technique is mainly popular in Gujarat and Bikaner; therefore, you can find it on the best online jewelry stores in India. There is a whole of variety to choose from, so it is important that the outfit must be matched with the right type of jewelry to make the bride look majestic in her wedding ensemble. South Indian-style gold Jewelry: The classic gold jewelry never goes out of fashion and the purest form of such bridal ornaments is lavishly designed South Indian style gold jewelry. Traditional in its appeal, this jewelry is still a best seller among women across India. This jewelry has a variety ranging from antique, temple or pure gold style that has now become a part of many bridal trousseaus. It is demure yet very different from other styles. It is all about sartorial elegance and captivating sheen and brilliance. Apart from these Indian jewelry trends, waterfall earrings, heavily embellished matthapatti, fancy floral nose rings, multi-layered waist chains, double-chain bracelets, vintage brooches, two-finger rings, and colored gemstone jewelry is in vogue and Indian jewelry stores are the best place to find it. Oversized maangtikkas, portrait necklaces, heirloom jewelry, chains with oversized pendants, and tasseled jewelry are some of the latest Indian jewelry designs to consider. Designers suggest that there is a massive shift in the trends and millennial brides prefer elaborate yet intricately designed jewelry that will enhance their bridal look and demonstrate their fashion-forward sense of style.