Redesign the Classic Indian Sarees and Look Gorgeous: Latest Trends, Tips, and Tricks

Redesign the Classic Indian Sarees and Look Gorgeous: Latest Trends, Tips, and Tricks
Walking across the length and breadth of India, you will realize that Indian saree is one of the widely worn Indian clothing. There are a million variations originating from different parts of the world and culture of India that gives this attire a whole new perspective. From Taant of West Bengal in the east to Bandhani from Gujrat in the west, from Phulkari from Punjab to Kasavu from Kerala, there are innumerable options to explore. Each one is significantly different from the other, yet all of them look elegant and graceful. The one thing that is common about them all is women’s love for it. Get designer sarees online Sarees are an eternal favorite of Indian women. For time immemorial, they have been a staple wear for many. Over the years, it has emerged as an exquisite ensemble perfect for occasion wear. Meanwhile, younger generations still see it as a traditional outfit, the one that can only be worn on special events. This is largely due to the draping style that requires special skill and practice to create neat pleats. Therefore, today, many of us save it for special occasions like weddings and festivals and avoid wearing in daily life. Nevertheless, the older generations who have lived in Indian saree vouch for the versatility of this attire.   Hence, today’s designers and fashionistas have dedicated efforts to revive the fashion and take it to its original glory. Using innovative drapes and unconventional blouse designs, every element of the sarees is being reinvented and re-designed to suit the needs of the modern generation. The fashionwear is witnessing a massive shift in style and pattern and urban women are not shying away from experimenting with the bold and edgy styles. The modern sarees are created to be relevant in an urban context. Most of the designer's efforts are directed towards improving the functionality and enhancing its ease-of-use. With a new concept and designer sarees, women want to make sure that they continue to hold onto their roots and yet continue to evolve as per the changing lifestyle and preferences. The traditional six-yard ensemble is undoubtedly immensely graceful. It is perfect for evening soirees, morning brunches, and a day at work. So, why are you hesitating? With our simple guide, learn how to reinvent the classic Indian saree into modern wear that is functional, versatile, and stylish.

Reinventing The Classic Indian Saree

Pre-constructed Sarees

Shop sarees onlien Pre-constructed sarees are one of the best solutions to women of today. Such sarees are for the women who have less time to spend on dressing up and yet want to look fashionable. Maintaining comfort and style, concept sarees are available in a variety of styles for the modern Indian woman who has herself grounded to her traditional roots yet wants to create their style statement. Sari gown is one of the most popular concept sarees. It is a fusion of a saree and gown; this style is perfect for someone who wants a traditional look with a touch of a contemporariness. Similarly, a pant style sarees are everywhere. From celebrities to fashion influencers, this designer saree version is widely popular. Yet again fusing western silhouettes with traditional ones, give the dress a daring and bold outlook. Saree dresses is another much-loved version of modern sarees. Inspired by traditional sarees and maxi dresses, these kinds of sarees are for those who want to incorporate the outfit in their daily wear wardrobe. Such sarees are easy-to-wear and carry with a pallu attached to retain the essence of the traditional version of this Indian clothing.   Lehenga sarees are more like Indian wedding sarees or lehenga choli. It comes with a pre-stitched lehenga and an attached dupatta that is draped to the blouse from the front. You don’t have to worry about putting pleats in place and tying the dupatta in this design.

The Blouse Essentials

The blouse is an essential part of the saree. It can define the whole draping style of the ensemble. Today, women are experimenting with different kinds of blouses to create exclusive looks. A plain chiffon saree can be worn with a backless blouse, a bikini style blouse, or a traditional high-collared blouse for different looks. Some out of the box blouse ideas that are widely acceptable and popular include peplum tops, white collared formal top, tunic blouse, blouse with an extra puff, blouse with long sleeves, tube-top blouse, jacket style blouses, polo-necked blouses, or basic blouses. With a slight western twist, you can create a whole new look for the traditional apparel. You can draw some inspiration from sarees online.

Innovative Drape Styles

designer Sarees The key to looking impressive in a saree is the draping style. Just like silhouettes, experimentation with draping style continues, too. The classic draping style that required a petticoat and neat pleats are a passé. Women are replacing the in-skirt with dhoti pants and shorts not only for the style but also for convenience. Trouser sarees, sarees with palazzo pants, and sarees inspired by boardroom pant-suits are the latest saree trends. For a slicker look, women are draping sarees around capris and cigarette pants. All of these styles are drawing massive attention from saree lovers.

Belt it Up

One of the most commonly seen trends in the world of traditional outfits is belted sarees. From thin leather belts to heavily embellished ones, belts are the new accessory fashion lovers are using to enhance their saree look. This trend has attracted a lot of popularity because it is chic and contemporary as well as convenient and functional. A belt gives the saree a sleek structure, keeps the pallu at a place, and creates a dapper silhouette. Belted sarees will take your saree experience several notches higher without the need for worrying about your pallu sliding off. As stylish as it looks, this style will help you create a new code of dressing and fetch you a label of a trendsetter.

Jacket Over the Sarees

For a saree look that is more suited for a day on the run, choose to team it up with a stylish and statement-esque jacket to cover your pallu. Breaking all the traditional barriers, pair your traditional saree with your favorite jacket for a classy look that was never witnessed before. If you choose to team up an executive style saree for workwear, make sure you choose a saree with minimal embellishments. Cotton, khadi and traditional silk sarees look extraordinarily elegant underneath a classy executive jacket. For wedding events, pair a beautiful georgette or chiffon saree with an embellished jacket. These two looks are certainly going to make you stand out of the crowd. Apart from these designs, sharara style sarees, lightweight nature-inspired printed sarees, sarees with denim tops, off-shoulder blouses, soothing hues, sarees with zero embellishments, and drape with a matching a floor-length jacket are some of the latest styles to explore. While these may look like an offbeat option, these styles are going to add a romantic whimsical touch to your personality with a tinge of refreshing youthful charm. Wearing a saree is no more about draping skills, it is more about the courage to go beyond the customs and create a look out of your personal choice and style.