Keep it Minimal and Chic with the Hottest Salwar Kameez Trends this Summer

Keep it Minimal and Chic with the Hottest Salwar Kameez Trends this Summer
With the advent of summer fresh new styles in ethnic wear are filling up the wardrobe and the ramp. So have you gone shopping for your summer wardrobe yet? If you are someone who loves to dress up in beautiful salwar kameez, especially during the sultry summer weather, then you have come to the right place! ‘Cause here we are going to tell you about the exact trends and en vogue styles that are ruling the fashion circuit now! This would certainly get your ethnic game on point! Summer Salwar Kameez Trends Summer Salwar Kameez Trends The summer fashion trends spell magic for every fashionista in the block. The pretty pastel shades, the beautiful floral prints, the gossamer fabrics everything comes together to compose a summer melange creating a riot of color and prints.
  1. Anarkali gown - The quintessential summer favorite that most woman cannot get enough of. It seamlessly blends the Eastern workmanship with a Western At first glance, it looks like a maxi gown, the silhouette hoodwinks us to believe that it is a western dress but in all actuality, it is a long Anarkali embellished with gotta patti work, encrusted with crystals or just a small bit of embroidery on your shoulders or waist. There are just endless options to choose from. It stands out with its simplicity. A bold hue, a stunning silhouette and you are all set to weaving a princess saga of your own.
  2. Asymmetry is the name of the game – Even hems are so last year! Uneven hems are so in right now! It is fit for those evening soirees and also for those impromptu coffee sessions with friends. Choose pastel shades to beat the sultry weather. Team your free-flowing kurtas with palazzos or chic trousers with statement accessories and you are set to slay! Shop salwar kameez online and you will be amazed at the sheer variety on offer.
  3. When layering is love – Leave aside all your fashion idiosyncracies, because layering can elevate your look to the next level. Ethnic bolero jackets, or long ethnic jackets you can choose your pick according to your whim or your outfit. Jazz up a plain kurta with an embroidered short jacket or a long flowing embellished shrug. If you have a party to attend right after your office hours. You can carry your jacket, put on the shimmering jacket and a bold burgundy lipstick and your look will be transformed forever. Glamming up is so easy when you amalgamate idea and creativity together in one harmonious whole.
  4. The fearless seventies – The seventies are back, well at least fashion-wise! The flower power, the flared sleeves the bell bottoms, the works. Your kurtas are off-shouldered with flared sleeves, in fact, now the sleeves are doing all the talking, what with balloon sleeves, ruffle sleeves, bell sleeves, bishop sleeves and so on. Not to forget the bold flowery prints. They are just so chic, so summery. Your summer salwar suits fashion fable is retro and yet oh-so-trendy. Complete your vintage look with a winged liner, a pair of stilettos and you are all set to conquer hearts!
  5. The sheer saga – The sheer trend has caught on and it is a sensual look which never fails. A sheer dress looks classy especially when it is used in the right areas. This subtle look enhances the elegance of your Indian wear several times over. The fabrics used in this case is tulle, tissue or net. Carry off this look with elan to small parties or to lavish weddings. Believe you me, you sartorial elegance will be the toast of all confabulations.
  6. The slit story – The slits are all the rage now. Thigh-high slit either on the sides or at the center is adding the right texture or character to your ethnic style. They revamp your look giving it a whole new dimension. Your embroidered pants or minimalistic trousers play peekaboo with the fabric and here you can experiment with different types of bottom wear, even sharara, which has made a big comeback this season. Make sweeping statements with a slit kurta this season, trust me, you can simply do no wrong with this trend.
  7. Skirt with a kurta – Interesting much? Yes, when you want to go all boho-chic and glam you can pair your long kurta with a skirt and nix all naysayers with your impeccable charm. Play with fabrics and colors, try and go for all unconventional color combinations pink and orange, or the more staid combination such as red and gold, your latest salwar kameez game will be a hit amongst all fashionistas.
  8. When in doubt, go for unconventional! – Let’s have it straight simple is elegant but for some days, the staid just does not satisfy you. You want to take the untried path, wear something such as an off shoulder ruffled top with dhoti pants, or a high neck shirt with cowl pants. The traditional gets a modern spin and the look is total va va vroom!
  9. The usual suspects – A good old Patiala suit should always find a pride of place in your wardrobe. That one comfort clothing that can come to your aid when you are down in the dumps and need a little pepping up. You think clothes cannot boost your mood well, you are wrong, just when you think you have got nothing to wear, a tried and tested look can come to the aid of the damsel in distress. The one kurta that will make you look good no matter what! Pull it out from your wardrobe when the days look ashen and grey and you need a bit of solace from comfort clothing. It’s comfortable, it’s soothing and it fits you like a dream! Perfect for those not-so-slim days! J
So, here you go, your summer salwar kameez trends are ready and you just have to make some quick purchases to update your wardrobe. Bring out all your chic refined stuff and the quirky fun stuff, when it comes to summer it always makes sense to bring your fashion A-game to the forefront!Are you ready to doll up and make the streets your very own fashion runway?
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