Create Cool Party Looks With Offbeat Lehenga Designs That Are So New Generation

Create Cool Party Looks With Offbeat Lehenga Designs That Are So New Generation
No matter where they come from, lehengas are usually the first choice for their wedding day. From times immemorial, Indian lehenga choli has been a special part of a bridal trousseau and will continue to be simply because of its majestic charm that gives the bride the pleasure to look and feel like an ethereal queen. desi lehenga choli The thing about lehenga is that they are the epitome of elegance, ethnic vibrancy, and sartorial splendor. Every bridal or party wear lehenga is created to perfection with a combination of gorgeous colors, intrinsic designs, and fine embellishments. This Indian outfit is at the apex of ethnic attire. There is no other Indian ensemble that can look as enchanting as a desi lehenga choli. Nonetheless, like any other fashion wear, this all-time favorite dress is constantly undergoing a transformation. This is simply to fit the needs of modern girls with bold and edgy ideas. The new generation is always looking for something that is not common and never seen before. They are not shy from breaking the traditions and doing what is not customary. If you are someone who wants to set a new trend, here are a few offbeat latest lehenga designs.

New Generation Lehenga Choli Designs for a Cool Party Look

Long gone are the days when brides were all about pink and red and girls wore traditional colors such as maroon and orange that are considered auspicious to the occasion. Women are ditching dupattas for something modish to create a contemporary look. The outfit has also undergone a few cuts bringing some interesting changes in its silhouettes. For more details on the latest lehenga trends, continue to read.
  • Eccentric hemlines and unconventional silhouettes:

Lehengas have traditionally been a three-piece ensemble that comes with a dupatta, an evenly flared out skirt, and a blouse. Fishtail and A-line lehengas were a few popular options. However, high-low, fluffy, curled hemlines, and ruffled hemlines are some latest lehenga trends that are catching up with a modern Indian bride’s preferences. The bottom of the lehenga may not be the first thing that anyone notices but it gives an interesting flair to the outfit and adds to the beauty to the swirling shots.

Lehanga Dress
  • Muted colors:

Undoubtedly, pastels are making a winning choice for the younger generation. With their unconventional yet gorgeous lehenga choli designs, they are making a strong case for pastels, especially in the summer season. The soothing hues like baby pink, icy blue, pale yellow, powder pink, peachy red, sage green, and lilac are among are catching attention and creating some extra-ordinary looks. Lehengas with metallic detailing and saccharine hues are perfect party wear. Skimpy cholis without dupattas make for a snazzy look that is certainly chic and contemporary. Such attires are perfect for parties, mehndi, and sangeet.

  • Psychedelic mix of colors:

On one hand, calming colors are ruling the charts, on the other psychedelic mix of colors is becoming a latest bridal wear lehenga trend. Remember Priyanka Chopra’s mehndi look in her royal Jodhpur wedding. These colors are perfect for anyone who wants to create their own statement. Such bespoke ensembles display a fascinating mix of stimulating colors. It’s a fusion of traditional and bohemian look that is a rather unusual and impressive look.

  • Minimalistic styles:

Minimalistic style lehenga choli refers to exquisite ensembles that are designed to create a dreamy look with minimum ornamentation. Such style is a hit among bride squads and women with a suave taste of fashion. Ornate blouses and necklines and plain skirts are all that these outfits are created of. It is designed to perfection to provide an extraordinary style that resonates with the personality of the wearer. Subtle yet charming and understated yet graceful are a distinctive characteristic of such outfits.

  • Ditch the traditional dupatta:

    No doubt dupatta is usually the center point of an Indian ensemble, especially a lehenga. However, times are changing and so are the preferences. The latest lehenga trends hint at classy capes and drapes that are nothing like dupattas but fill in its place perfectly. Sheer and embellished capes are making quite a statement when it comes to lehenga look for the women. You can choose a matching cape or a contrasting cape for your attire. Check out the latest lehenga choli online and you will find immense inspiration. With a spectrum of unusual colors and an ornate cape, you are certainly going to have a no-so-traditional lehenga. Apart from capes, drapes attached to the blouse and the skirts are making rounds. It is catching eyeballs of fashionistas and they are choosing it over regular dupattas. Nonetheless, if dupatta is your way to be, then check out some choices in unusual colors, contrasting shades, or eccentric hemlines.
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  • Floral Lehengas:

Florals have been in trend for a long time. However, they are still loved by those with a quirky sense of fashion. Lehengas with floral patterns and designs are absolutely heartwarming. However, women are experimenting with this look and creating extraordinary results. What’s in is heavy floral embroidery in vibrant colors over subtle hues. This vintage era inspired look is certainly for someone with a bold and edgy sense of style. This style is unlike any other that you have seen in weddings and parties. It is certainly going to make you outshine in the crowd.

  • Amp up your sparkle:

Well, parties and weddings are the days when you can bring out your flamboyant best without the worries of looking OTT (over the top). So, hesitate not, and choose sparkly golds and metallic to shine on. Shiny sequins and dazzling shimmer fabrics and embroidery are totally in vogue and women are loving it. As grand as it sounds, these choices make for a lovely glam look that is certainly going to make all heads turn to you.

So, which one of these lehenga trends matches your personality and fashion sense? Which one of these are you going to try this festive season? Let us know in the comment section below.