Nose Ring Trends That Will Jazz up Your Bridal Look

Nose Ring Trends That Will Jazz up Your Bridal Look
No bride is complete without her baubles and trinkets. Indian bridal jewelry is a quintessential part of the Indian bride’s ensemble and it cannot be neglected. A perfect Indian bride is all about the plentiful adornments that she must wear on her wedding day, according to diverse Indian cultures and ancient Hindu scriptures. The dainty jewels and her sparkling smile are perfect to compliment her bridal glow and make her look like an ethereal goddess. From head to toe, she is covered in choicest of glittering ornaments that add to her resplendent charm that she wears with panache and flair.  Among several splendid adornments, you know the piece of jewelry that can make or break your whole look is nose ring. Yes, you heard it right! It is the most underappreciated piece of adornment. However, it has the power to instantly uplift your bridal look and elevate the natural beauty of your facial features. Unlike any other accessory, it is going to be a part of every wide-angle, side-angle or a close shot. Therefore, choosing it wisely is highly-recommended. Over the years, this traditional piece of jewelry has evolved into fashion jewelry. From simple gold traditional nose rings, to heavily embellished nath, it has undergone a massive transformation. This whimsical piece of adornment is now a part of luxurious looks created by designers. Several designers have put in dedicated efforts to revive the age-old trend and have brought the nose ring trend back with great poise and aplomb. Now, the intricate contemporary style with a tinge of traditional patterns has become a dream of every millennial bride. And they are experimenting with an impressive variety that will leave you awestruck. Piercing or not, worry not! The modern versions of bridal nose rings allow the girls to look magnificent with this gorgeous adornment even if they never pierced their nose.

Trending Nose Rings Styles for Lovely Brides-to-be

Consider these latest nose ring trends that will add a touch luxe and regal allure to your bridal look. There is a wide variety of nose rings available in the market. It is easy to get carried away and make the wrong choices. Therefore, fashion experts suggest picking what suits your face cut and compliments your bridal attire and other jewelry designs. Delicate traditional nose ring in gold: Gold is closely associated with marriages in India. If you want to keep it traditional, plain gold nose rings is perfect for you. This style of nath is particularly popular in South India, where women are covered from top to bottom in essentially gold jewelry. This is perfect to match their overall jewelry style. Kundan Studded: Kundan nose rings have been in trend and often deemed as the choice of royal queens. So, if you have a similar classy taste or you want to add a touch of regalia to your attire Kundan studded nose ring designs are perfect for you. These designs never go out of fashion and there are numerous designs to opt for. Plain kundan, oversized kundan hoops, kundan studs, small kundan ring, and more. Pick the one that will give your nose a defined and sharper appearance and enhance your face cut. Beaded Nose Rings: Beaded nose rings is a returning raging trend among the new-age bride. Hanging beads under the round hoop or beaded string attached to the nose ring are some of the common styles of beaded naths. Every bit of it looks classy and adds a graceful charm to the bride’s personality. Floral Nose Rings: Floral patterns in jewelry look incredibly beautiful. They add refreshing youthful appeal to the look of the bride, who is about to start a new life. There is nothing as gorgeous as floral patterns enhancing the ultimate feminine allure of the scintillating bride. Floral patterns have an unparalleled charm that makes it the bride look sassy without losing the charm of her traditional values. Dainty Maharashtrian Nose Rings: There is no other nose ring design that is as unique as the traditional shape and look absolutely gorgeous with silk sarees. The Bollywood movie “Bajirao Mastani” featured actress Priyanka Chopra wearing some of the finest designs of Maharashtrian nath that caught the attention of the modern bride who is now experimenting with this look. These are bold yet minimalistic and looks flattering on the glowing bride. Elaborately Embellished Nose Rings with Mughlai Patterns: If you are someone who loves to stay ahead with her fashion sense and you have an opulent sense of style, heavily embellished nose rings with patterns inspired by Mughal era is what you need. These are intricately designed elaborate nose rings that are all about sartorial splendor. Most of them are handcrafted wonders that are only made for brides with bold and edgy style. Multi-layered Nose Rings: Multi-layered nose rings trend is on the rise and it is expected to get bigger this year. These beauties come with an over or medium-sized hoop that is attached to a minimum of three pearl encrusted chains that are hanging close to the bride’s cheek and make her look like a vision to behold. These are perfect for the bride who wants to create her unique statement and that will make her stand out. Apart from these Indian nose ring designs, you can even try polki nose rings, colorful beaded nose rings, pearl drop designs, vintage naths, diamond encrusted studs, and more. So, are you ready to take your bridal look several notches higher with these contemporary yet traditional nose rings?