How to Choose Right Colors and Embroidery in Salwar Kameez

How to Choose Right Colors and Embroidery in Salwar Kameez
What are the two components that transform regular Indian women traditional wear into an awesome one? It is the unique and exclusive embroidery work and the attractive color combination of these outfits that makes them so special and different from formal western attires. The history of embroidery dates back to the time when man first mastered the art of sewing itself. Once humans started to cover their bodies with pieces of clothes, wear and tear of the fabrics also started, and people used patches and designs to mend these tears. Gradually, they started to experiment with the sewing process and came up with methods to decorate their apparel. They started to create thread designs along with decorations done with beads and stones. And this gave birth to modern day embroidery, and the process is very much alive even today where we still see hand embroidery designs for salwar kameez. Role of Colors and Embroidery_v01   Imagine a world without colors. It’s difficult, drab and boring isn’t it? Well, the history of colors in clothing dates back almost 2600 BC and this year holds the first mentioned record of fabric dying. In these prehistory times, dyes were made from natural pigments. But today 90% of the fabric is dyed synthetically to present you with the endless palate of hues to choose from, both in case of western outfits as well as ethnic attires.

Role of the Right Colors in Salwar Kameez

The Color you wear tells a lot about your personal preferences, your mood, your likes and dislikes and more importantly your character. But many times the color of an outfit you choose is determined by the ambiance of the occasion or event you are attending. Colors play a crucial role in all types of clothing, be it western dresses or traditional salwar suits. Wearing a salwar kameez with the right color not only makes you look and feel good but also helps to improve confidence and self-esteem. It is essential to choose the right color combination for salwar kameez as per your skin tone. Light skinned women can opt for jewel tones like emerald, ruby red and aquamarine blue along with baby blue and tan colors. Women with medium skin tone can opt for metallic hues like bronzed, golden, silver and copper hues, grey, brown, beige and neon colors like neon yellow, pink, orange and electric blue. Dark skinned beauties look great in striking colors like cobalt, light yellow and bright red. Role of the Right Colors in Salwar Kameez The level of formality of a salwar kameez is also determined by its colors. While black, white, grey, brown, peach, beige and tan colors are ideal for formal and office wear, causal salwar kameez colors can range from red, maroon, green, blue, pink, neons to metallic colors like golden, silver, copper and bronzed. Whatever might be the design or fabric of the salwar kameez – floor length anarkali, frock style anarkali, Punjabi salwar kameez, Pakistani salwar kameez the right color combinations such as pink and blue, green and yellow, red and black, fuchsia and orange helps to transform the entire appearance of the apparels.

Role of Embroidery in Salwar Kameez

The distinctive feature of Indian traditional outfits is their adornment and embellishments. The intricate and detailed embroidery done using indigenous decorative objects like sequins, zari, resham, stones, beads and mirrors adds an ethnic touch to the salwar kameez, sarees and lehengas and reflect the tradition and culture of the region from which it belongs. The designs of embroidery on salwar kameez consists of various types of traditional needlework from various regions of India like Aari work, Banjara embroidery, Bandhni work, Chikan or Chikankari work, Gota, Kantha Stitch, Karchobi, Kasuti, Kathi, Sindhi Stitch, Kashmiri embroidery, Phulkari, Pichwai and Zardozi or Zari or kalabattu. Role of Embroidery in Salwar Kameez While modern designer salwar kameez patterns are influenced by these native embroidery styles, but they are adorned in such elegant and sophisticated way that they reflect a perfect blend of tradition and modernism and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. Embroidery, embellishments, and decorations also play a crucial role in Indian wedding attire because the Indian wedding is a gorgeous and ostentatious affair indeed. Whether the bride opts for an elegant wedding saree or a classic wedding lehenga – embellishments is a must. The opulent embroidery includes buta, gota, kali, lace, resham, sequins, stones, zari and zarkan. In most cases, the adornments and embroidery work is concentrated around the neckline, sleeves and borders along with small gota spread throughout the entire outfit along with the pallu or dupatta. With the innovation of fashion and change in style and trends, designers have come up with an edgy and chic range of embroidery salwar kameez and sleek salwar kameez patterns that can transform your overall look within seconds. Rev up your salwar kameez collection right now by shopping for latest fashionable salwar kameez from reliable online stores.
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