Saree Trends 2018: Innovative Ways to Wear Sarees This Festive Season

Saree Trends 2018: Innovative Ways to Wear Sarees This Festive Season
Saree has been an eternal favorite of Indian women. Every inch of this six-yard drape oozes sartorial elegance. Its timeless appeal makes it the most preferred traditional outfit on every auspicious occasion or festive event. It happens to be one of the oldest forms of clothing that originated in the Deccan region of the Indian subcontinent. For centuries, saree has been a staple wear for women of different regions of the country. From a simple piece of drape, this garment has undergone immense transformation and evolution. With changing times, changed the way women draped their sarees. In today’s time and age, women have transformed this outfit to meet their modern ways. Now, it is one of the most preferred attire worn on formal occasions, meetings, interviews, and other festive events. It is an evergreen clothing that can be worn all year around. There are a variety of styles and ways you can drape a saree. Here are a few latest trends to keep in mind when dressing in saree next time. 1. Flattering florals: For quite some time, floral patterns have been gaining popularity. Flowery embroideries and motifs reflect girly, youthful charm. Floral sarees especially designed on chiffon and georgette exudes a unique kind of youthful spark. They are simple yet pretty and make the wearer look chic and younger than their age. These floral-patterned sarees are available in various styles. You can choose from plain sarees with floral borders, pallus, blouse or large floral prints on the skirt. They look great at parties, dinners, or even a formal conference. 2. Ivory drapes and pristine whites: Move on from pastels and explore the warmth of ivory and purity of white color. For a long time, pastels have been in trend. However, the trends have changed, and women are moving towards softer shades of white and cream. Sarees in whites and tones of beige when combined with motifs or brighter colors and golds and silver make for a classy attire. From wedding wear to formal office meetings, these are women’s go-to color. For a bolder look combine it with a contrasting shade of pink, maroon or red blouse and a statement necklace. 3. Frilled and Ruffled sarees: Frills and ruffles is a returning trend. After ruling the 70s, ruffles are back and are here to stay. Designers are enthusiastically innovating with these patterns. Some unique designs include frills and ruffles on saree’s skirt, borders, pallus or blouse sleeves. These sarees look best in solid colors and adds old-world charm to your wardrobe. 4. Fringes: After fringed jeans, tops, and bags, we have fringed sarees to look forward to. Besides the ruffles, designers are also working with fringes. Usually found at the bottom of the pallu, the skirt of the saree, or ends of the blouse, it gives you an edgy and a sensuous look. Team up a fringed saree with bold earrings to complete your look. Get a wide variety of sarees at Lashkaraa. 5. Sarees with Waist Belts: The trendiest trend in Indian fashion industry is waist belts on sarees. In order to give your traditional attire a modern twist, grab a matching or a contrasting belt to go with your saree. This is the newest trend that gives the outfit a contemporary appeal. Waist belts allow you to flaunt your curves and midriff. 6. Sarees with a cape or long jackets: Capes and long jackets are taking over the fashion world. You must have heard of lehengas and anarkalis with cape jackets, now we have sarees too. This trend has changed the way we draped sarees around blouse. These types of sarees are a perfect amalgamation of Indian and western fashion. 7. Sarees with Pants: Gone are the days when sarees were worn around skirts, also known as “petticoat.” Times have changed and so has the concept. For a hassle-free experience, women now prefer tying their sarees around pants. This style requires less effort, but a bold attitude to carry the unique ensemble with panache. 8. Sheer Sarees: if you want to flaunt your toned curves, then sheer sarees should be your pick. Women are not new to this saree trend. It has been trending for a while and it seems it is here to stay. To look your glamorous best, opt for a net, georgette or chiffon sheer sarees with a flattering blouse. 9. Handloom sarees: Indian handloom industry is on a rise like never before. Courtesy to Indian fashion designers, people are learning more about the rich handloom and textile industry and all that it has to offer us. Handloom sarees are one of the latest trends and are common sight among the celebrities. Handloom sarees are mostly made of silk or cotton and the designs are woven by a thread on handloom machines. Hence, these sarees are a true reflection of Indian culture and traditions. 10. Sarees with longer trails: Long trails have been in a fashion for quite some time. However, sarees are the latest ones to pick this trend. These sarees come with rich and heavily embellished pallus that are longer than the usual. They add a royal feel to the attire of the wearer. More latest saree trends include bold digital prints in contrasting colors, a fusion of lehenga and conventional saree into lehenga pattern saree, and half-and-half saree. For more stylish look, experiment with the blouse designs. Sheer blouse, ruffled sleeves, and cold shoulder are some of the latest concepts. For those who are looking to up their fashion game, pleatless sarees, dhoti style sarees, and velvet sarees are a new fad. No matter how much we experiment with this outfit, the traditional style of draping it will never go out of fashion. Hence, a traditional silk saree will always remain in fashion.