Select the Right Lehenga Choli Complementing your Body Type - A Few Helpful Tips

Select the Right Lehenga Choli Complementing your Body Type - A Few Helpful Tips
The wedding season is upon us and we are so excited to amp up our wardrobe! Adding the right dosage of glamor and chutzpah to our wardrobe is always so much fun! Somehow wedding seasons and lehenga choli are synonymous to one another. Can you imagine going through a wedding season without donning a gorgeous bridal lehenga choli? We are second guessing you can’t so we thought we would share some buying tips for you. Before you go “I can choose my own lehenga choli, thank you! “ We have a small piece of advice for you, you should always choose a lehenga choli according to your body type. Yes, as far as lehengas are concerned there are just too many to choose from and each one looks different on different body types. So choosing your lehenga choli according to your body type is no mean feat.  To find yourself the right one that fits well and highlights your assets is a task that can be quite compelling. You may not have the perfect body but you can still look great in a lehenga choli if you choose the one which suits your body type best. Here are 10 tips to make your job easier and yes you can thank us later!
  1. Apple Shaped Body
So you have an apple shaped body and don’t know whether the long choli lehenga will look good on you? Before we give you any advice on what kind of dress to wear always remember this if you have the confidence you can look good in a sack! Having said that the gown like lehenga choli will look good on you. Pair it with a peplum blouse or a kurti style blouse or even a high-low lehenga, believe you me you would completely rock this ultra chic avatar! The attention would then be taken away from the top half and the gown will only accentuate your best assets!
  1. Hourglass
If you have got it flaunt it! With the enviable curves and a slender waist, an off-shoulder style choli and a low-waist lehenga would look really pretty. This will accentuate your curves and make you more slender than you are and the best part you won’t even need a dupatta with it. Even without it, you will look really attractive.
  1. Rectangle shaped
If your body type resembles that of the rectangle shape a high-waisted lehenga with a cropped blouse would look really pretty. Try to flaunt a blouse with a V neck to make the best of your figure. Add a long ethnic jacket to your scheme of things, this will give the impression of an elongated silhouette.
  1. Pear-shaped body
Do you have a pear-shaped body type? Then you may have wider hips. So if you want to drive away the attention of your body you can try a flared Indian lehenga choli. The flare will add volume and give the impression of an hourglass silhouette. You can team your flared lehenga with a deep neck blouse to flaunt your best attributes, in this case, your collar bones.
  1. Spoon-shaped body
Is your body spoon-shaped? You must be wondering what kind of shape is that? Well, a spoon-shaped body can be described as having a petite bust and waist but your hips must be heavy. You can still accentuate those curves with some smart thinking and by choosing the perfect lehenga choli designs. A box-pleated lehenga can come to your rescue, as this can shift the attention from your hips and if you are someone who follows the social media avidly, you will know that the fringe style blouse is hot this season and it can hide a multitude of sins, making you look slim and stylish.
  1. Diamond shaped body
Are your hips narrow but you have a broad waist? Don’t worry do some lehenga choli online shopping and buy a long blouse or even a jacket blouse that is floor-skimming just like your lehenga. You can even try a one-shoulder blouse that highlights your shoulders while giving the impression of a narrower waist!  A narrow waist? Wow! Isn’t that what we all want?
  1. The petite body
If you are on the petite side and would love to add some enviable curves to your body, try a lehenga that has a bit of a flare and pleats. The extra flounce will add body to your silhouette. A bandhgala will look totally flamboyant. Stack the dupatta on your shoulder neatly so that it does not overwhelm your whole look. Accessorize with the right amount of blingy jewelry. The best part of having a petite body is that you can add a lot of things to your frame and you will still look perfect.
  1. The athletic body
If you think that ethnic wear isn’t your ball game, well think again. Despite your broad frame and a body which isn’t curvy you can still look great in a Bollywood lehenga choli yes, all glamorous styles of lehenga choli provided of course you have the right pizzaz to carry it off. A cape-style blouse looks great on an athletic frame with a simple flowy-skirt. You will look feminine and pretty and will be quite the scene-stealer at the next party you go to.
  1. The inverted triangle body
If you have a broad upper body wear a full-sleeved blouse that camouflages your shoulders. Go for a dark-colored lehenga with a light colored blouse or vice versa for a stunning effect. So the focus narrows on your waist rather than your broad shoulders.
  1. Strawberry shaped body
Ditch the regular lehenga choli if you have a strawberry shaped body, instead opt for a plain lehenga style-skirt! Yes, one that is more fitted and team it with a long jacket-style kurta or a long kurta. Keep your waistline cinched giving the illusion of a more streamlined silhouette. A well-fitted kurta can do amazing things to your body. There, your long choli lehenga look is completely sorted. Just identify your body type and pick the one which suits your kind of body the most and you are set to be a trend-setter in the truest sense of the word! What are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping!    
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