Guidelines to Pick and Buy Best Earrings Online

Guidelines to Pick and Buy Best Earrings Online
There is no doubt that women love their jewellery and cherish them as one of their most valuable possessions and the most loved piece of jewels of all are delicate and intricate earrings that are attached to the pierced earlobe and help in accentuating the feminine features of the face. The history of earnings dates back centuries to ancient Egypt and Asia, and ear piercing is undoubtedly on of the oldest forms of body modification. Earrings have always been fashionable among women and are made of various material including metal, precious stones, glass, beads, wood, bone and plastic and are available in wide range of designs such as loops, studs, long danglers and jhumkas. Various types of earrings are designed for various occasions and events and can be matched with the outfit and other accessories such as necklaces, bangles, bracelets and rings in order to complete the look.jewellary

6 Tips to Select the Best Earrings for All Occasions

With the advent of online shopping, buying fashion earrings and jewellery has become an enjoyable experience where you can browse through the wide collection of jewelry style and select the pieces that perfectly suit your personal style. Earrings for Special Occasions  - When it comes to special occasions such as weddings, receptions, evening parties and anniversaries, it is best to opt for special occasion jewelry that are gorgeous, flamboyant and vibrant. Traditional pearl and stone encrusted jhumkas, earrings with kundan work and hoops work well with sarees, lehenga choli, lehenga saree and salwar kameez. If it is an evening party and you are wearing western wear such as short dress or gown then it is best to wear sleek and suave silver metal studs, drops or chandeliers that are not too gaudy or flashy.Earrings Earrings for Formal Occasions - If you are attending an office party or conference then it is implied that you have to wear formal attire like shirts, trousers or skirts paired with blazers. Simple stone and pearl studs or small metal hoops in minimalistic designs are best suited for such formal occasions. You can also opt for geometric shapes such as triangles and squares which are versatile pieces of jewellery suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Earrings for Casual Wear - Casual occasions such as a picnic, a family gathering or a family brunch or lunch demand something light yet funky and playful that shows off your casual side. You can opt for light and colourful handcrafted jewelry made from beads, stones, wood and feathers that are attractive and groovy. These earrings can be paired with carefree attires like skirts and tops, jumpsuits, maxi dresses and short summer dresses. Earrings for Casual Wear Stock up on Colourful Stone Studded Earrings - The best way to bring about some variation to the same old earrings is a pair of eye-catching studs with bright colored blue or emerald stones. These coloured crystal earrings add a vibrant and lively touch to the entire appearance without appearing too flashy. These stone studded earrings in lovely pink, purple, blue and amber color are suitable for both formal and casual attires.Saira Blue Pearl Earrings Pick Earrings Based on Face Shape - The face shape of the individual is an important determining factor while choosing earrings and other accessories that are worn above the neckline. Earrings are the perfect Indian jewelry for accentuating the appearance of the face and, therefore, it must be selected in accordance with the face shape of the wearer. Women with round face shape should wear danglers with soft curves, drops or large earrings. Women with oval shaped faces can wear almost any type of earrings. Women with heart-shaped faces can wear teardrop shaped earrings. Women with square shaped faces can wear small hoops and short drop earrings. Women with triangular face shape can wear round hoops and rings. Choose Stainless Steel for Sensitive Skin - In most cases, costume earrings are made of alloys of copper and nickel which can cause skin irritation and some of the symptoms of metal allergy are red and swollen ear lobes along with itchiness. These allergic reactions can increase the chances of skin infections. Therefore, it is best to opt for earrings made of stainless steel or surgical grade material if you have sensitive skin. Earrings made from stainless steel won't get stained or discoloured even with frequent use.Nia White and Gold Earrings Don't Get Carried Away by Big Brands and Designers - When it comes to purchasing daily wear studs and trinkets, it is best to buy them in bulk from any popular fashion jewelry brand or online jewelry store rather than running behind big brands and designers. Because, in most cases, designers and brands come up with their own range of ear studs that are priced almost 20 times higher than other ear studs, although the design and look are very much similar, this is because studs have very simple designs. So it is best to focus on the material and overall quality of the earrings rather than the brand names. Now, shop for the best and trendiest fashion accessories and earrings for all occasions following these guidelines and accentuate the gorgeousness of your attires with the perfect earrings. Image Credits: