Top 10 Maang Tikka Designs to Transform and Enhance your Look on the Big Day

Top 10 Maang Tikka Designs to Transform and Enhance your Look on the Big Day
Wedding jewelry is just as important as the wedding attire for a bride. The jewelry she adorns on her wedding day is just not a piece of decoration, but it has deep-rooted significance and traditional values attached to it. Every piece of ornament is an important part of the “Solah Sringar”, or 16 adornments of bridal trousseau as mentioned in Indian texts and scriptures. Whether it’s mangalsutra, anklets, nose ring, or a waistband, it is all important to complete the bridal look and bring out her feminine allure. The bridal Indian jewelry has mystical powers to enhance the bride’s natural glow remarkably and make her look gorgeous best. Among so many ornaments, bridal Maang tikkas or a headpiece plays a prominent role in bridal trousseau. This piece of jewelry is essential for an Indian bride for various reasons. A maang tikka that sits on bride’s Ajna chakra or the third eye, has the ability to protect the wearer from the evil and enhance her spiritual prowess. This is the sixth primary chakra that is closely associated with pineal gland, pituitary gland, nervous system, and brain. Additionally, a meticulously chosen maang tikka design can instantly enhance the beauty of a bride’s facial features and add ethereal elegance to her entire look. If you are a bride-to-be and looking for that perfect maang tikka for your big day, consider the following maang tikka designs to complement your ensemble and facial features. This magnificent piece of trinket will boost your bridal look and add an ethereal charm to your personality. Maang Tikka Designs for Brides-To-Be
  • Rajasthani Borla Maang tikka: This is one of the most traditional styles of bridal Maang tikkas. This is mainly popular among women from Rajasthan and Haryana. It is dainty and delicate in its design and looks extremely gorgeous with bridal wear. Its name and shape are inspired by jujube fruit and it is usually designed using small precious stones, beads and studs. If you need some inspiration, check out Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s look in the film Jodha Akbar. This style of bridal maang tikka looks royal and add a tinge of regalia to the bridal wear.
  • Tiara Type Maang Tikka: This is a very modern version of traditional maang tikkas. If you check out bridal maang tikkas online, this style is one of the hottest trending styles. As the name suggests, it sits on the head like a princess’ crown, giving the bride an unconventionally gorgeous look. It’s perfect for brides who would like to add a little drama and extra oomph to her bridal look.
  • Chand Bali: Also, known as Crescent maang tikka, this is one of the most common styles among the brides of today. As the name suggests, this style is inspired by the shape of the moon. This style looks lovely on women with a broad forehead and adds glistening charm on the bride’s face. This is an elaborate maang tikka design and it is widely available on shopping portals if you are planning to buy maang tikka online. It is usually crafted with choicest of beads, gems, crystals, and diamonds and it makes for a perfect bridal adornment.
  • Small Pendant Maang Tikka: This is for all those with a subtle choice of fashion. However, the charm of a small pendent maang tikka is undeniable. It is an epitome of elegance and it looks amazing on women with a small forehead. This maang tikka is timeless and never goes out of fashion. It usually comes with pearl hangings at the end that sits perfectly on your forehead.
  •  Jhoomar or Passa: This is yet again a traditional style of maang tikka that is worn by Muslim Brides. However, times have changed, and this fancy piece of ornament is loved by women of all communities. It is usually worn on the left side of the head. Sometimes women pair it up with a small pendant style maang tikka. There a variety of styles to choose from. From wide fan-shape to triangular designs, there are many styles to adorn.
  • Mathapatti: Among the most popular maang tikka designs, this one is particularly popular among the brides. This a maang tikka with wider coverage, that covers most part of the crown. It is ornamental in its appeal and appearance and gives the wearer the look of a royal queen.
  • Traditional Kundan Maang Tikka: Kundan stones are eternally beautiful. Its gleaming charm can make a simple piece of jewelry look like a million dollar. This is one of the most widely preferred bridal maang tikka style. It is studded with kundan stones and finished with rubies and diamonds on the edges. Sometimes, a hanging pearl is added to the ornament for extra oomph. 
  • Multi-tier Maang Tikka: If you have a flamboyant taste, this one is your perfect pick. This is an ornamental piece with multiple strings to attach both sides of your head. It looks exquisite on brides with a broad forehead and elevates the beauty of their facial features. It comes in various styles, made of rubies, crystals, beads, pearls, kundan and polki. If you choose to wear this style, it is important to make sure it goes well with your attire.
  • Side-Swept Multi string Maang Tikka: Traditionally, bridal maang tikkas are worn in the center of the head. This is the latest hot trend that is worn on the right side of the head. Unlike, Jhoomar, this maang tikka has two pendants on each end, attached to multiple ornate strings. It gives a rich and unique look to the attire. This style of maang tikka is sometimes referred to as “Nawabi” style maang tikka or half maatha patti.
These are a few hot trends in bridal maang tikka. Each style is unique and is certainly going to add majestic charm to the face of the bride. Be prepared to enrapture the attention of your darlings with these beautiful maang tikkas.