Infographic - Top Five Salwar Kameez Anarkalis under $300 at Lashkaraa

Infographic - Top Five Salwar Kameez Anarkalis under $300 at Lashkaraa
Anarkalis have changed the way people look at Salwar Kameezes. It can be ornate, beautiful, rich, luxuriant, unlike your everyday garment which you wear for your for your daily chores. Almost when you need to feel feminine and beautiful, you clap your hands and lo and behold you are transformed into someone far removed from the drudgery of mundane matters. You are elegance personified. Today we will discuss some of the most beautiful garments which will cater to your innate elegance, and Lashkarra houses some of the most beautiful collection which might force you to flutter your eyelashes in deep wonderment. Can something be really so beautiful?

Anarkalis, a Priceless Collection

There are times in our everyday lives when we long for a garment which will help us feel regal and beautiful, just by wearing one outfit, the beautiful embroidery can even put to shame the glitter of your accessories. Check out this lovely Anarkalis to feel feminine, princessy and oh! So beautiful.
  • Black and Hot Pink Embroidered Anarkali- The clash of two bold colors takes the outfit to another level. The black jacket has exquisite embroidery, emanating a dull sheen ala’ gold. It skims the floor and hugs you like a jacket. The flash of fuschia, in the form of your churidar, or cigarette pants, breaks the monotony of black!
  •  Drape the fuschia dupatta bordered with the hint of gold to give you the classy vibe you were looking for! Tap in the narcissism side of you because you are sure to fall in love with yourself when you wear this lovely anarkali.
  • Black and teal pant style anarkali- Look gorgeous in this unusual combination of teal and black. The ornate jackets sit pretty on your body, accentuating your curves. Delicate embroidery  highlights the rich texture of the garment. Rest assured, all eyes will be on you when you wear this feminine outfit.
  • Peach net embroidered anarkali gown- Is it a gown or an anarkali, who bothers! when it is such an exquisite piece of work. The flow of the garment can hide a multitude of sins. Yes, it clinches your waist perfectly and color makes it a must have for all those morning occasions when you rue the fact that you have nothing decent to wear. Sheer sleeves and beautiful work on the sleeves and the body makes it drool-worthy!
  • Golden beige and black embroidered hi-low Anarkali- Twirl in this magnificent creation to make your friends almost green with envy. The stunning embroidery gives the outfit a royal vibe. The flash of embroidered pants is in a playful tussle with the folds of the outfit. Stunning is such an understatement. You could lose yourself in the beauty of this garment. The embroidery is ornate and won’t let you depend on your jewelry to bring in the bling quotient!
  • Priyanka pink hi-low Anarkali- There’s something very feminine about the color pink. It helps you reach the domain, of all things pretty and dainty. The gold work on the neck and the torso jazz up the otherwise simple outfit. The elegance actually lies in the simplicity and the clean lines. The fuschia pink with the baby pink blends harmoniously, it is a complete scene stealer!
Your search for the exclusive Anarkali ends right here. If you are fascinated with colors, embroidery, or fabrics you can be rest assured that you will be spoilt for choice! If you are searching for beautiful Salwar kameezes under 300$ and you don’t know where to look, take a look at the widest range of Indian wear, our bet is you won’t be disappointed.   Salwar Kameez Anarkalis
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