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Types of Punjabi Suits to Complement Different Body Types

Types of Punjabi Suits to Complement Different Body Types
The natural beauty of Indian women is admired all around the world. The rich Indian culture provides so much to accentuate the sublimity. The traditional Indian wear is one such element that is a central part of our culture and an important component of the wardrobe. Sarees, ghagras, lehengas, and lady’s Punjabi suits have gained global attention and respect. Women all around the world love to adorn Indian dresses with panache and flair. Among other kinds of Indian wear, one of the most loved and admired ethnic wear is Salwar Suits. It holds a special place in our closet and every Indian woman owns at least one for all occasions. Their love affair with this outfit is eternal, for it is one of the most versatile, functional and comfortable Indian wears. It is perfect for all occasions as well as all age groups. In addition, there is a huge variety of styles to opt from. There is something for every body type. If selected carefully, this dress has the ability to enhance your charm and make you look slim and gorgeous. If you are planning to buy Punjabi suits, then you must first consider a few points to decide which type of Punjabi suit is best for your body type.

Types of Punjabi Suits According to Body Type

For Ladies with Petite Frame

Anyone who is shorter and smaller than the average is considered petite. You are the envy of many. Hence, there is so much to experiment with and you don’t need to worry about going overboard with the designs, prints, embroideries and more. For you must add volume to your frame by choosing thick fabrics and voluminous bottoms like Patiala salwars, shararas, and Palazzos. However, try and avoid ill-fitted Anarkali gown because it may dwarf your frame completely.

For Ladies with Hourglass Figure

By traditional standards, hourglass body type is considered perfect. Women with such a body type have a shapely and proportionate body with the curves at the right place. It is the most desirous shape. A woman with hourglass figure has well-defined hips and bust almost similar in proportion and smaller waist. Their legs are tall and slender and most of the silhouettes look flattering on this body type. Since there is nothing to hide, you must stay away from loose and oversized salwar kameez that can make you look bigger and conceal the perfections. You can flaunt your flawless figure with panache in well-fitted Anarkali salwar suits and trendy Punjabi suits.

For Ladies with Pear-Shaped Figure

Buying Punjabi suits online or from your best boutique can be a tricky task if you are not aware of what suits your body type. Pear-shaped ladies are the ones who have heavier bottoms and smaller upper body. Any dress that will enhance the upper body and create a perfect proportion with your lower body is the one for you. You must choose anything that will take the attention away from the lower body. Indian women are commonly pear-shaped. Patiala salwar kameez with flared bottom and tight ankles and short and fitted kurti is the best type of Punjabi suits for you. Heavy embroideries and rich embellishments around the neckline is perfect for you. Furthermore, you can opt for a short jacket or a bolero with vibrant colors or intricate designs to complete your look.

For Ladies with Apple Shaped Figure

These ladies are the complete opposite to pear-shaped damsels. They are heavy on top and smaller blow. They are broader at their shoulders and wider at their waistline. Your objective here is to highlight your beautifully shaped legs and take away the attention from your heavy bust. Thick and lustrous fabrics like silk and cotton are recommended for you. As for the designs, keep it minimal at the upper part of your body. Darker shades combined with smaller prints are advised for you. Straight Churidars with flowy tunics or typical Punjabi suit designs are perfect to enhance your natural beauty with grace and elegance.

For Tall and Slender Ladies (Rectangular Shaped)

Women with this body type are slender and slim. There may not be defined curves, but they have a well-toned athletic body without any flaws. Any weight gain may not even be evident on such a body type and they look great in almost all types of clothing. Young girls in their teenage years usually have a rectangular shaped frame. For women with this shape, you can opt from floor length Anarkalis to short tunics to pair with baggy salwars, palazzos, and even trousers. At the same time, you can buy Punjabi suits that will give the illusion of a curvaceous body. The latest trends of ruffles and frills are your thing to flaunt.

For Ladies with Inverted Triangular Shaped Body

Ramp models and tall women commonly have this body type. These women have the slender torso and wider hips. They are tall and curvaceous at the bottom. They are much smaller than hourglass figure women. This shape is quite desirable and takes a lot of effort to achieve. Women with this shape can buy Punjabi suits with straight cut or anything that will add volume at the upper body. Heavy embroideries on the torso and empire line and well fitted long jackets look great on this figure. Long gown style salwar kameez are also other options for this body type. Now that you know what will be flattering for your body type, you have come close to looking your gorgeous self. We often underestimate style and body shape when selecting ethnic wear. However, it is a major deal breaker. A dress that is designed to fit you and complement your body shape, can bring out the goddess in you and enhance your feminine allure by several notches. So, don’t shy away from picking the perfect and your best Punjabi suit for the upcoming big event.