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Mehendi, also known as henna or mehndi, is a traditional form of body art that first originated in South Asia, India, and Middle East nations. The Mehendi ceremony is a Hindu culture meaning a pre-wedding ceremony where the bride gets an opportunity to be applied stains on her feet, hands, and palms.

In most instances, if an Indian wedding is to be done, the culture and traditions call for the Mehendi ceremony the night before the wedding day. The main reason for the ceremony is to bid farewell to the bride and wish her the best in her new chapter of life.

Since Mehendi is a pre-wedding ceremony, there is a need for the bride to put on good-looking attire. In this case, the most recommended apparel for the occasion is the Mehendi Saree. Being a blessing ceremony, everyone is expected to wear bright attires and this is where a striking Mehendi saree comes in handy for the bride.  

Saree is among the most lavish and comfortable attires to wear during various ceremonies and the mehndi ceremony is no exception. Not only is it beautiful but it is also lightweight, which is important since the bride needs to put on something lightweight and comfortable to walk in.

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