The saree is a timeless apparel that has been worn by the women of India since ancient times, and even in the 21st century it is considered one of the most popular traditional attires in India. The whole 6 yards of fabric weaves an alluring and mysterious charm around the wearer by partly revealing the silhouette and keeping the rest to imagination. The Indian sarees holds such an important place in the tradition and culture of the country that it is considered the ideal wedding attire for the bride. The myriad collection of designer sarees at the Sarees section of Lashkaraa is sure to steal your heart and compel you fall in love with the color combinations, designs, and embroideries.

The saree is a traditional Indian garment that varies from 5 to 9 yards in length the standard length being 6 yards and it is worn following a draping style. The end part of the saree is tucked and wrapped around the waist while the pallu side of the saree is draped over the shoulder, thereby partly revealing the waist. The beautiful draping style of the saree highlights the attractive curves of the wearer without revealing too much. The saree has to be worn over a petticoat, and it is paired with a fitted upper garment known as the blouse. It is more like a choli with short sleeves and cropped at the midriff. No other garment can match the grace and elegance of a well-draped saree.

India is such a culturally diverse country that each region of India has its very own traditional saree and some of the popular authentic and traditional Indian sarees are Kanjeevaram saree, Dhakai saree, Sambalpurisaree, Paithani saree, Pattu saree, Assam silk saree, Banarasi saree, Tant saree, Pochampally saree, Kota saree and Chanderi saree. The gorgeous and ravishing Indian wedding sarees and designer party wear sarees that we see at Lashkaraa are inspired by the designs of these traditional sarees.

The Saree section of Lashkaraa provides the option of shopping as per categories - color, fabrics, and embroidery so that you can simplify your search as per your requirements. You can choose from a huge collection of party wear sarees and wedding sarees. When it comes to the quality of the fabric, Lashkaraa never goes into any compromise. The printed chiffon and georgette sarees flaunt unique and quirky prints and motifs making it a statement wear for the modern women of today who like to dress differently from the rest of the crowd.

Each and every saree is paired with a designer blouse that can be styled and stitched as per the preference of the wearer. Buy sarees online from Lashkaraa and add exclusive and fashionable pieces to your sarees collection.