7 Salwar Suit Styles to Rock the Festive Season

7 Salwar Suit Styles to Rock the Festive Season


The festival of lights and colors is one we all look to annually because it marks the beginning of a new year. It calls for reflection, and much more, it calls for a celebration. What better time to look lit and glamorous than when we are celebrating the festival of lights? This singular factor is responsible for the feverish-high shopping spree that attends the season.

Choosing the perfect outfit can be stressful and mind-boggling when you are surrounded by the beauties that are often on display during Diwali occasions. However, this choice is easier to make when you know what kind of cloth fits what shape and how to combine what you see for an exquisite look. In this article, we will cover just that.

Suit Styles to Rock the Diwali Occasion

1. Anarkali Salwar Suits

You can never go wrong with an Anarkali salwar suit. They are a fine blend of tradition with just the right amount of what is modern and in vogue. It is a timeless piece of clothing, one every woman should have in her wardrobe. Although known for its lengthy flares which compels the attention of the room, and gives you a sweeping effect as she walks across the room, there are newer designs that favor shorter flares. For example, there is a high low style that comes with a c-cut design and shows the pants which usually come embroidered. Absolute beauty. 

Whatever shade of color you choose, whether soft or bright, ensure that the color is contrasted by an exquisitely crafted embroidery design which will make it look even richer. Complete the look with a nice clutched carrier, a long earring, and heels to go alongside and you are good to go, and set to glow. This is our winning combination.

2. The Lehenga Suit

Has there ever been a traditional event without a lehenga? I doubt that. There is no better way to make an ethnic wear statement than with the lehenga suit so if that is your intention, the lehenga suit is what you are looking for. It is suitable for all kinds of festive occasions. It also comes with different designs.

Pair up your intricately designed and exquisitely embroidered lehenga with a crop top and heads will turn as you pass by. Combine the lehenga magic with an oxidized earring, an inviting necklace, fancy footwear, and a matching clutch and you better be prepared for the attention you will attract.

3. IndoWestern Style Suit

The name tells the whole story. It is an outfit replete with elements of western and traditional designs mixed in. The IndoWestern style suit combines the exquisite look of traditional wear with the comfortable, and easy-to-wear design of modern dresses. You can achieve this look in several different ways.

For example, you can wear a Sharara with a crop top or jacket, an Anarkali kurta with a mini-skirt, pair a jacket-kurta with jeans, an ankle-length Kurti with cigarette pants. Together with pointed heels, the attires take on a stylish look that will cause mixed reactions anywhere you appear.

4. Punjabi Salwar Suits

There are varied designs of the salwar kameez but the Punjabi suit bests them all for Diwali and many other occasions and festivities. It is simple yet classy, comfortable yet charming. This outfit is bound to make you look dashing. It comprises a tunic-like top with sleeves and loose-fitting trousers that are narrower at the ankle.

It is often made with light fabrics like silk and cotton and can come with plain designs, prints, or even embroidery. It can easily be combined with a Phulkari dupatta, dangling earrings, and golden juttis to produce an overall look of glamour that will leave onlookers wowed.

5. Palazzo Salwar Suit

If you are tired of straight cuts, palazzo salwar suits are the next best thing. You certainly want to wear a palazzo salwar suit for your Diwali celebration. Palazzo suits are well known for its flared pants. Whether with plain designs, block or print, palazzos are quite stylish and palazzo salwar suits are the bomb. They make a bold statement and make you stand out in the crowd. 

A simple crop top over a flowy palazzo adds an element of modernity to something otherwise traditional. Add an embroidered jacket into the mix and you are ready to dazzle your audience. Mix in with dangling earrings and accentuating neckpieces and you are good to go.

6. Asymmetric Salwar Suit

This is one eye-catching style, perhaps because of its uniqueness. When we talk about redefining traditional beauty, this is one of what we refer to. What makes it asymmetric is the hemline which cuts straight across the front of the suit, showing your bottom wear or legs as the case may be. It is a sartorial piece of beauty that fits well with sassy heels and makes a loud fashion statement.

7.  Sharara Style Salwar Suit

It seemed to be going out of fashion but suddenly it came back with a bang. The combination of its flare and the salwar kameez style are what make anyone who appears in it such a hit. Your wardrobe this Diwali season deserves a sharara treat and a sharara style salwar suit is the way to go.


Diwali is a celebration for the whole family. It is a celebration that involves a lot of gaiety and brightness and looking glamorous is an absolute necessity. Be it for your friend's party or a company party or a home party, these are the seven styles that will leave your audience, no matter their age, mesmerized, and appreciating your look. If you cannot go to a store to make your purchase, you can certainly browse our exquisite collection of Diwali suits and make your choice right from the comfort of your home.

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