Amplify Your Saree Look with Stylish and Unique Blouse Designs

Amplify Your Saree Look with Stylish and Unique Blouse Designs
Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, an engagement, a cocktail, a formal meeting, or a dinner party, looking your best is a must. And there is no other Indian attire than a saree that can make you look your gorgeous best. Truth be told, Saree is a quintessential outfit for Indian women. This ensemble can make you look elegant yet glamorous in a most traditional manner. This incredibly beautiful attire has the ability to enhance women’s feminine allure and give her the look of a regal queen. No matter how beautiful your saree is, there is one thing about this ensemble that can make or break your look and that is its blouse. It is the most important part of the saree and it is a real deal breaker. The latest saree designs emphasize on blouse designs. For that perfect show stopper look, it is imperative that the saree blouse is tailored to suit the occasion, your personality and complement the saree. Some of the best designer sarees boast its blouse design. A trendy and well-fitted blouse can make the simplest of sarees look like a million dollars. Here are 15 latest unique and stylish blouse design inspirations for you to consider if you are looking to buy trendy sarees online or from a nearby store. These designs will allow you to keep your fashion game forward and stand out in the crowd.
  1. Cape-style Saree Blouse: If you are looking to create a contemporary look with a traditional attire like saree, then cape blouse is your pick. Simple sheer capes or heavily embellished silk blouse with cape sleeves looks out of the world. This look will surely make you dazzle like a diva in the party.
  2. Full Sleeves Silk Embroidery Blouse: This is a classic blouse style that never goes out of fashion. Lustrous silk when paired with rich embroidery, will make you look elegant in the most sophisticated way. This blouse style is popular among women of all ages and women with sophisticated taste.
  3. Peplum Top Style Saree Blouse: There is no doubt how classy peplum tops with formal trousers look. However, this style has found its way through Indian fashion wear, too. Celebrities and Bollywood divas like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were spotted flaunting this style with panache. This jacket style blouse is perfect for anyone who likes to experiment and create their own fashion statement.
  4. Lace Blouse: Lace blouse is a perfect add-on with chiffon or georgette sarees. They look absolutely chic and refreshing, especially on young girls. Pastels colors work best with these kinds of blouses.
  5. Shimmer Gold Blouse: Shimmer is back in vogue. There is no other style that can make you sparkle like a star other than a shimmery blouse created with gold mesh fabric. This style is absolutely sexy and versatile. These kinds of blouses can be adorned with any kind of light fabric sarees.
  6. Ruffled Sleeves Blouse: The 70s’ retro style is back in fashion and creating quite a buzz in the ethnic fashion world. New designer sarees online are all about ruffled sleeves and umbrella blouse. This blouse design looks exquisite in solid or eccentric colors. Keep them simple and let the trendy silhouette take all the attention.
  7. Floral Saree Blouses: Floral patterns are eternally beautiful and attractive. Women with the vintage style of fashion would love this. A plain saree with floral embroidery or floral prints on the blouse is all you need for a daytime event.
  8. High-Collared Studded Saree Blouse: If you want to create a royal look, this is the style you are looking for. High neck with studded crystals and sequin work, will make you look ethereal. Create this masterpiece on raw silk or velvet fabric and adorn this blouse with heavily embellished georgette saree for that much-awaited wedding of the year.  
  9. Zardozi Embroidery Blouse: Zardozi embroidery is a type of embroidery that is crafted with gold and silver metallic threads. Traditional Indian zardozi is often a masterpiece created with intricate patterns. Zardozi embroidery blouse has been an age-old trend that never goes out of fashion. Picking this style of blouse will never disappoint you. Whether you are a bride, a bridesmaid or simply a wedding guest, you can never go wrong with this blouse design.
  10. Crystal Studded Saree Blouse: Heavily studded blouses on sheer net fabric are perfect for that glitzy diva-like look. These blouse designs look amazing when worn with sarees with embroidered panels and borders. The many crystals and studs on your blouse are going to make you look like the star of the night.  
  11. Corset Style Saree Blouse: Corset style blouse have a timeless appeal that can never fail your saree look. These blouse designs are longer than normal and are tailored to perfectly fit your body. With heavy embroidery and studded motifs, this style will certainly make you look like a goddess. It’s perfect for women who love to flaunt their flawless curves and slender waist.
  12. Knotted Saree Blouse: Inspired by Bollywood celebrities, this saree blouse is all about looking trendy and sensuous, all at once. This blouse design is simple yet ultra-modern. It covers a very little portion of your back and has a knot at the edge of the blouse. It looks perfect with printed chiffon or cotton sarees.
  13. Tube Top Style Saree Blouse: Some of the best designer sarees are all about stylish blouses. Among many trendy saree blouse designs, this one is quite a popular one among the younger generation and celebrities. This is the hottest trend when it comes to saree blouses. The tube top style blouse looks amazing with statement necklaces to go with.
  14. Collared Full-Sleeves Shirt Style: This saree look can be created with either your favorite white full sleeves button-down shirt or a matching full sleeves shirt style. This is for someone who has a bold and edgy sense of style and still cannot compromise with comfort. It can either be a plain blouse with embroidered saree or an embroidered blouse with a plain saree. This look is certainly going to fetch you some compliments and turn some head around.
  15. Off-the-Shoulder Style: This type of blouse style is the latest fad and it looks incredibly fashionable. Anyone who loves to keep up with the fashion trends must pick this blouse style. This ensemble is a beautiful amalgamation of western wear and Indian traditional attire. Don’t worry, the outcome is absolutely stunning.
Look no further, these are some trending blouse designs that are going to add that extra oomph and glamor to your saree look. So, let loose all your inhibitions! your online saree shopping spree is going to be totally worth it if your blouse style is on-point. These latest trends are perfect for all social occasions and it is surely going to get you all the attention in the party. Don’t shy away from the compliments you receive.