8 Best Party Wear Sarees You Have To Own

8 Best Party Wear Sarees You Have To Own
Sarees are considered the most versatile piece of clothing that reflects a perfect blend and tradition and modernism and one can drape a saree in various ways in accordance with the event. Sarees are an inseparable part of every Indian woman's wardrobe, and women treasure their sarees as their most cherished possession. And when it comes to party wear, what better way to flaunt your individuality and personal style that with a gorgeous and stunning party wear saree specially designed for formal occasions. Lashkaaa Sarees

8 Most Popular Party Wear Sarees to Include in Your Wardrobe

Gowns and cocktail dresses are common garments for a party, but party wear sarees are the perfect attire to set you apart from the rest of the crowd and make you the center of attraction. Net Saree - Net sarees are considered the ultimate partywear sarees because it provides an appealing and sensual appearance to the wearer without making the outfit too revealing. Net sarees are adorned with intricate embellishments, laces, sequins, beads and embroidered patterns that add a touch of gorgeousness and elegance to the drape and reflects a perfect blend of Indian tradition and modern style. The net sarees are available in a wide range of attractive and soothing colors so that it can be worn both during morning events and night parties. net saree Chiffon Saree - What better way to accentuate your attractive curves that by draping flowy and light party wear chiffon sarees woven from high-quality silk and polyester. The plain woven fabric of the chiffon saree gives it an almost net like transparent quality and is extremely easy to drape and convenient to carry. Chiffon sarees comprise a major part of the party wear sarees collection and are decorated with light embellishments in order to keep them simple, sophisticated and elegant - ideal for formal and official occasions. Chiffon sarees in attractive combinations like red and white saree and pink and black saree is a sure show stopper. Chiffon saree Silk Saree - Elegant and charming silk sarees are one of the most popular sarees for party and formal occasions. Silk sarees are the ideal option that perfectly blends Indian tradition with modernism. When it comes to silk sarees, one is spoilt for choices. You can choose from Banarasi silk, Assam Silk, Murshidabad silk and Sambalpuri silk to Kanchipuram silk, Pochampally silk, Mysore Silk and Dharmavaram silk. In most cases, silk sarees are adorned with detailed thread work that adds a touch of glamour and charisma to the drape. saree for tall brides Printed Sarees - Printed sarees are the latest party wear sarees of this season which have a universal appeal among women of all ages. The prints range from digital prints, block prints, animal prints, floral prints to geometric prints and asymmetrical prints that add a touch of creativity and modernity to the traditional attire and reflects the wearer’s individuality. The printed sarees are available in a wide variety of fabrics like silk, georgette, crepe and jacquard and are the best option for formal office parties, meetings, and seminars. Printed saree Bollywood Sarees - It is true that most of the fashion and trends we follow are inspired by our favorite Bollywood celebs, and Bollywood sarees are no different. Bollywood sarees are designed following the latest trends and fashion of sarees worn by famous actresses. These sarees come in elegant net, georgette, and silk fabric and are heavily embellished with stones, zari, sequins, and beads. These sarees are perfectly suitable for a colorful and vibrant wedding reception party.celebrity saree Crepe Saree - Crepe sarees are becoming one of the increasingly popular Indian attires which provide a gorgeous and dramatic effect to the wearer. The crepe material is actually a woven or knitted fabric that is considered a luxurious material. Crepe sarees are available in printed options, and they are also embellished with light sequin, stone and bead work. Crepe sarees have amazing drape and fall making it a perfect evening wear saree for parties and family gatherings.crape sarees Georgette Saree - georgette sarees are considered the most popular party wear sarees that are always in demand because they are lightweight and easy to carry off and provide absolute freedom of movement. The sheer flowy fabric of the sarees makes it easier to form pleats and provides an elegant drape that beautifully compliments the curves without clinging to the body. Made from silk or polyester, the georgette fabric has a slightly springy quality to it. Georgette sarees are available in a wide plethora of colors, prints and embellishments. Georgette Saree Jacquard Saree - Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your party look with a jacquard saree in a solid color like black, blue, brown, maroon or green. The jacquard process involves a special style of weaving which produces a variety of weaving pattern in the fabric itself. This is a time taking process which makes the fabric a bit expensive. Party wear jacquard sarees are available in bright and attractive colors and chic styles that enhance the fashion quotient of the wearer without making the saree too gaudy or loud.Jacquard Saree So, now that you know the 8 most important types of sarees suitable for parties purchase these party wear sarees online or from physical stores and include them in your closet.