Five Modern Blouse Designs for Chiffon Saree

Five Modern Blouse Designs for Chiffon Saree

Flawless, lightweight, and versatile, chiffon is one of the most popular fabrics used in Indian fashion today and has been for many generations. Chiffon can be used to cover, enhance, and add layers to a look, whether you are trying to dress things up or go a bit more conservative. 

Let’s take a look at seven of our favorite modern blouse styles and all the great ways they can be paired with a chiffon saree.

What Blouses Go With Chiffon Sarees?

If you’ve ever worn a chiffon saree, then you know that this lightweight fabric can be a little see-through. Even in the summertime, the drafts that make it through this material can be uncomfortable — which is precisely why you pair these sarees with a blouse.

Here are our five ideas on how to dress up your chiffon sarees:

1. Sweetheart Necklines 

Blouses are available in a wide array of styles, with a range of necklines being one major defining aspect. 

One of the many types of necklines, the sweetheart neckline is a way to create curves you may not have, and this cut also lends an air of elegance to any ensemble. Named for its resemblance to the shape of a heart’s top half, sweetheart necklines can give the illusion of curves or accentuate curves you may already have.

Our Ombre Blue Ruffled Georgette Saree boasts hues of periwinkle, baby blue, and sky blue, while the pink option perfectly shows off a rainbow of various shades of pastel pink. The blouses we include are cut into a sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps. It features vibrant dangling beads around the bottom hem to ensure your every move catches the light effortlessly.

Sweetheart necklines create the illusion of an hourglass figure and help show a little skin without being too revealing. Chiffon sarees are the cherry on top to bring both of these traditional styles together. 

2. Spaghetti Straps

Chiffon sarees are particularly attractive during the hot summer months when thick, heavy layers are the enemy. On occasions like these, spaghetti strap tops are a perfect accompaniment.

These thinner straps are typically adorned with sequins, beading, and elaborate stitching, making them the ideal addition to peek out from beneath the chiffon on your shoulders. If you are attending a more conservative gathering, a chiffon saree (or even just a lightweight shawl) is one of the best ways to add a slight touch of modesty while staying cool and comfortable.

3. Classic Necklines

You could also look for a blouse with a high neckline made of chiffon. Layering multiple pieces of chiffon will create a transparent, almost liquid-like effect as the light shifts across your chest and catches from different angles. 

Higher necklines are also wonderful for balancing out how much skin is shown, especially if you are sporting a low-waisted skirt and/or a cropped blouse.

4. Backless Blouses

Some blouses are almost entirely backless, consisting of just a clasp or ties. Ties are not only a way to adjust the tightness of your blouse to your own comfort, but they allow you to rid yourself of excess fabric while staying cool in warmer climates. 

Additionally, backless garments allow the opportunity to show off any intricate jewelry, henna tattoos, or other accessories you might wear for special occasions.

This is another ideal occasion for a chiffon saree. Depending on how you fold, space out, and place your pleats, chiffon sarees can seamlessly cover you up when necessary without totally hiding every unique aspect of your look. 

5. Fringe Crop Blouses

One way to highlight the flowing beauty of chiffon is to opt for a fringed crop blouse. Blouses with fabric fringe or metallic charms can add a fun and flirty flair to your look without going overboard. Pairing these tops with a chiffon net crop jacket is an especially good way to show modesty while having fun.

A saree can keep you cool, protect you from the sun, and can shield you from any dust, dirt, or other debris that may be flying in the wind.

Sarees aren’t the only traditional Indian garment that features chiffon. Ensembles like our Light Blue Embellished Net Crop Jacket Set take advantage of the lightweight fabric for a stunning and dreamy effect. The delicate trimming of beads offsets the dainty flowers that run up and down the folds. 

How Can You Dress Up a Chiffon Saree? 

You know what blouses to wear under your chiffon sarees, but what saree should you pair on top? And how can you add modern twists to a chiffon look?

Here are a few of our favorite ways to dress up a chiffon saree:

Make the Most of Everyday Staples

Chiffon is a fabulous fabric for layering, especially when these various garments are embellished with mirror work and other elaborate trimmings. But even your most basic of garments can be taken to a new level with a few easy enhancements.

Everyday pieces made from cotton, linen, silk, and even unembellished velvet blouses can go from commonplace to absolutely stunning with the addition of a beautifully embroidered chiffon saree. 

Today, more women than ever before want to play up and enhance pieces they already own. More women are also in multifunctional garments, as opposed to purchasing clusters of individual pieces they might only wear once a year.

Utilizing staple pieces in solid colors is only one way to not only reduce waste but also give your wardrobe a new lease on life. Follow this trend and add a few solid-color blouses to your collection.

Another modern style designed to take some of the hassle and time out of getting yourself and your family ready before a big event is to drape your saree lehenga style. 

This particular fashion requires the wearer to only tuck the saree into their skirt, wrap it around their waist once, and secure the bottom portion of the leftover fabric. Then, drape the other end of the saree over your shoulder.

This eliminates the sometimes frustrating pleating process and instead uses elaborate panels and embellishments. By styling a chiffon saree as a lehenga, you can further utilize solid-colored blouses, as opposed to looking for various individual pieces which may be tougher to mix and match.

Balance Dramatic Prints

Maybe you’ve got a few vibrant, psychedelic patterns in your wardrobe that you want to bring out of hiding, but they are a tiny bit more flashy than you’d like them to be. They don’t need to be pushed to the back of your closet — you can wear a lively pattern on any occasion.

Adding a soft, chiffon saree is exactly what you need to partially cover and tone down vivid patterns while further expanding your wardrobe in another way. As a matter of fact, a soft chiffon saree is just what you need to give any blouse a more muted appearance. 

In addition to muting over-the-top patterns, a light chiffon saree can soften bright colors that might be out of season or that you may not want to wear in the middle of the day. Again, you don’t need to limit your wardrobe to bland shades of neutral to look or feel right. 

So buy that bright color! Bring home that sequin blouse you were hesitant about! Let your chiffon saree tie your look together.

Maximalism Aesthetic

Beading is one of the most distinguishable characteristics in Indian fashion, especially today. Mirror work and zari work are beautiful ways to accentuate necklines, waistbands, and skirt hems. They can carry one design seamlessly throughout the length of the garment. 

There might be some occasions where you want to totally maximize your look in every way, shape, and form. A chiffon saree sporting sequins, metallic designs, and other intricate artwork on top of another sequin blouse will add glitz, glamor, style, and an extra dose of dazzle.

Consider Structure

Not only is a particular style, fabric, and cut of your blouse very important, but structural integrity also plays a pivotal role. If your saree is particularly thick, heavy, or embellished with a great deal of embroidery and beadwork, you’ll need a sturdier blouse underneath it.

Stiffer fabric, stronger and thicker spaghetti straps, and even boning like the kind you normally find built into corsets are all ideal ways to strengthen your blouse.

Sturdier blouses are another way to give your body shape you may not necessarily have if you were to wear a super loose blouse without any support. It’s similar to wearing control-top undergarments, certain types of bras, or other shapewear. 

For example, an unlined leisure bra is going to be really comfortable, but it may not exactly offer adequate definition. On the other hand, a fully lined push-up bra with thicker straps and three or more clasps is sure to hold you in place and leave you looking elongated and poised. 

Chiffon Garments at Lashkaraa

While chiffon has been around for centuries, it’s still one of the better pairings for modern blouse styles and designs. Whether you want to cover up, show off, or are simply trying to bring your look together with one final touch, you might be surprised at how many items in your closet match up with chiffon sarees.

On the other side of that coin, you might also be surprised at how many other looks you can pull together with the simple addition of a chiffon saree. 

Browse our selection today to gather some inspiration on how to update your wardrobe.


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