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Fashionable Anarkali dresses to Flaunt this Season

Fashionable Anarkali dresses to Flaunt this Season
Indian traditional outfits have a strong cultural background and rich heritage, and they have never failed to inspire the modern designers in their efforts to create contemporary dresses that reflect a perfect harmony of tradition and modernism. The latest designer anarkali dresses that are ruling the runway are inspired by the anarkali suit that was the traditional dress of the Mughal queens and courtesans. The regal and majestic appeal of the anarkali suit has allowed this apparel to withstand the test of time and emerge as enduring traditional attire that is still popular among modern Indian women. There is a common acceptance among women that only slim women look good in anarkali suits, but this is not the truth. The modern designers have come up with their own range of innovative anarkali dresses and suits that perfectly suit all body types. In this article, we have shortlisted 5 of the most popular anarkali dresses of the season that are being worn by Bollywood celebrities and style divas. Anarkali Suits

5 Popular Fashionable Anarkali Dresses to Wear this Season

With the ever changing styles and trends of the runway, it is important to keep your closet updated as per the latest fashion of the season. Here are the 5 must have anarkali dresses for the ultimate fashionista in you. Asymmetrical Anarkali Dresses - One of the most fashionable anarkali dresses this season is the asymmetrical anarkali or anarkali with an uneven hemline that has been widely popularized by the B-town divas. The asymmetrical anarkali is a perfect outfit to flaunt at casual parties and dinners. The flowing and light flare of the anarkali gives an ethereal appearance to the wearer. Asymmetric anarkalis come in a wide range of colors mostly with matching churidar and dupatta rather than contrasting ones in order to complete the look. The unique design of asymmetrical anarkali makes it suitable for women of all ages. Asymmetrical Anarkali Suits Floor Length Anarkali Dresses - Next in line is the elegant and royal floor length anarkali dresses that can be worn by brides during their Sangeet or Mehendi. Floor length anarkali are latest in vogue in the fashion world, and they almost look like opulent traditional gowns. Long anarkali dresses symbolize grandeur, beauty; elegance and glamor and are absolutely hassle-free in terms of maintenance. They are heavily embellished with intricate sequin and stone work and are paired with attractive, sheer net dupatta and matching churidar pants. Floor length anarkali dresses can be carried off perfectly by tall women. Bridal floor length anarkalis are available in soothing pastel colors like fuchsia, light orange, baby pink, rose, etc. Designer Salwar Kameez A-Line Anarkali Suits - Who says that voluptuous women don't look good in anarkali suits? The A-line anarkali is the latest innovation in designer anarkali dresses that can be worn even by plump women without attracting attention to their body weight. The A-line anarkali suits have a sleek and somewhat straight pattern without many flares which in turn renders a lean and suave appearance to the wearer and takes away unwanted attention from the mid-section of the body. A-line anarkali suits can be paired with high-heels in order to complete the look. These anarkali suits are available in a kaleidoscope of colors right from gorgeous blue, maroon, red and green to soothing pink, mauve, beige and auburn for women with all skin tones.A-Line Anarkali Suits Frock Style Anarkali Suits - Add a touch of playfulness and fun to your everyday wear anarkali suit with the latest designer frock style anarkali that render a flared and bouncy appearance to the lower portion of the kameez right from the waist. This is one of the most popular varieties of new stylish anarkali dresses that are preferred by young women and girls.  The frock style anarkali has a close fitting at the upper body till the waist which then bursts out into a flared dress like pattern with generous net lining. Frock style anarkali suit is paired with matching or contrasting churidar and net or chiffon dupatta. Frock style anarkali suits are best suited for women with a petite figure.Frock Style Anarkali Suits Flared Anarkali Dresses - This is one of the latest anarkali dresses that provide a regal and elegant appearance to the wearer thanks to the rich and flowing flares. These anarkali suits are available in single flares as well as double flares. The top net layer of the anarkali is usually intricately embellished with sequins, stones and metal beads. Flared anarkali suits are best suited for women with lean and petite figure because it helps to add volume to the slim structure of the body without making the wearer look too heavy.Flared Anarkali Suits So, now that you know about the latest fashionable anarkali dresses that the fashionistas are flaunting this season, shop for these anarkali dresses online, style yourself and be in tune with the newest trends.