The Beauty of Half and Half Sarees, A Rising Trend in Indian Fashion

The Beauty of Half and Half Sarees, A Rising Trend in Indian Fashion
A half and half sarees is a unique saree which has been developed from the original saree, by creating two distinct halves of contrasting colors. A half and half saree a fantastic innovation of the traditional saree but in a contrasting color combination. These sarees have taken the fashion world by storm. The who’s who of fashion have been seen donning this exclusive fashion attire in vibrant designs and patterns. half and half sarees

The Ravishing World of Half and Half Sarees

 The half and half saree was inspired by the need to innovate with the most traditional of all Indian garments i.e. the saree. While the half and half saree concept is applicable on many types of fabric, chiffon and georgette are mostly the main types they’re seen in. half and half sarees online shopping Half and half sarees are also wooing the young party going crowd. Initial innovations with the saree were in respect to the draping and styling of the garment itself. For instance, the ready-made saree or the half saree were innovative because of the process of draping the saree. We had come across traditional embroideries, looms, motifs, patterns and yarns in the earlier types, but the concept of a contrasting dual color-scheme is relatively new.

The Half Sarees is divided into two parts:

The Pleats: The pleats and the body of the saree wrapped around the waist and drops to the floor are dyed in one color. The Pallu: The pallu, which is the part of the saree that is draped around is painted in a completely different hue from the pleats. The two colors that are chosen for the dyeing of this saree are bold and are purposely made to contrast each other. However, the colors of the saree itself do not affect that nature of the embroidery that can be done with this garment. Neither do they affect the fabric that is used.

 Style and Variety

 Usually half and half sarees sell in bright colors such as pink and green, purple and yellow, red and black, cyan and black, royal blue and fuchsia. Half and half sarees in net, faux georgette, crepe, viscose, art silk, faux chiffon, brasso and even velvet are sought out by Indian buyers. The boldness of the colors is complemented by the softness of the drape of the saree that can be achieved by the use of these materials. This saree is the ultimate choice for any festive occasion. The scintillating textures, elaborate embroidery and the patch work is what make them show stoppers. Let’s take a peek at some of the fabulous designs of half and half sarees.

1. The Bollywood Charm Saree

This is a complete dazzler the moment you step into limelight. Due to its exclusive embroidery on velvet fabric, this saree turns out to be a complete masterpiece. This saree punctuates best in bold (half and half) contrasting colors like maroon/golden or blue/ golden.

2. Georgette Half and Half with Aari Work

This half and half saree stands out just because of its tri-color shades (namely yellow, blue, and green). Through its rich ornate aari work, it carves a niche in the designer category of saree fame. The colorful aari threadwork along the pallu and the bottom of the saree makes this an absolute stunner! latest half saree designs

3. Net Designer Half and Half Saree

Capture the essence of womanhood through his ravishing net and viscose, half and half saree. Embellished with elaborate zardozi, beads and silk border parch work, this ensemble elevates you to complete divinity. This saree is totally a wedding party affair.

4. Georgette Printed Half and Half Saree

This georgette printed half and half sarees etches out your soft contours with sheer elegance. The bright colored pallu paired with the coruscated floral prints on the body transforms your sensual persona into a realm of elegance. This saree completes the look with a bright colored net or lace blouse.   designer half and half sarees

5. Velvet and Lace Embroidered Half and Half Saree

This half and half saree is the epitome of glamour imbibed with rich elegance. With velvet and lace merging to create an absolutely enchanting ensemble, this one comes straight off the ramp. The sensual velvet Pallu (preferably in royal blue or green), accentuates your contours and graduates at the bottom creating the cascading effect of a waterfall with sheer lace. half and half saree designs

6. Patch Work Border Half and Half Saree

This ensemble has a typical retro chic feel to it going by the color scheme and pattern of the make. The fabric in lustrous crepe georgette enhanced by the floral patch work Pallu makes your heart skip a beat!

It is Easy to shop for Half and Half Sarees Online From Home

It is the contrasting nature of the colors and the fabric used that imparts gorgeousness to the saree, making the embroidery stand out. Applique work, zari work, patch border work, zardozi, resham embroidery, bead work and sequin work, are a few of the many designs that may go on a half and half saree. The half and half sarees are gradually gaining fame as the ultimate attire in ethnic Indian party wear across the globe. Unlike all the traditional party wear sarees, its majestic in appearance yet affordable in price. We have seen some of the unique draping styles of half and half sarees. Today we get a range of half and half sarees online to choose from. Paryt wear half saree draping styles The best part is, we can shop for half and half sarees online from home, they’re just a click of the button away. The idea of half and half sarees has taken the fashion world by storm. The fusion of a traditional Indian element with contemporary color schemes is truly what sets it apart.  
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