Infographics: Ace Your Ethnic Wear Wardrobe With Different Saree Varieties And Styles

Infographics: Ace Your Ethnic Wear Wardrobe With Different Saree Varieties And Styles
The nine-yard magic called saree is a perennial favorite of most women.  Sarees are not merely a garment; they also bind us inextricably to our roots. Let’s just say that our deepest emotions are wrapped around this timeless garment.What is really wonderful is that sarees have remained relevant, even today. Enamored by women over the ages, this draped beauty never fails to stun us with its effortless grace. Like they say, when in doubt wear a saree, and when not in doubt, wear a saree! Yes, such is the versatility of this garment; it can take you from the boardroom to the beach and that too without a hitch! You can grace every kind of occasion in a saree! If the occasion demands you to show up in a glamorous avatar, you can wear a party wear saree, or if you have to attend a casual brunch, a casual wear saree can do the job, beautifully! Another wonderful feature of this outfit is that if you are gauche and don’t think you can manage the innumerable pleats, the pre-stiched ones can sail you through any kind of predicament. Just slip it on and you are good to go! So is it a dress or a saree? Whatever it is, the saree is the quintessential glamorous garment that is much sought after, by everyone from a teenager to a fashion veteran. The fact that it can help you flaunt classic traditionalism along with modern minimalism with great panache, certainly speaks for itself. Get on board this saree bandwagon and let us explore some of the sarees which you can try at various occasions, right from a cocktail party to a wedding. In this infographic, we’ll cover five most popular varieties of sarees, ruling the hearts of most women! different saree varieties and Styles