Infographics: 10 Different Types of Indian Sarees You Must Aware Of

Infographics: 10 Different Types of Indian Sarees You Must Aware Of
The saree is one of the most stunning garments, enhancing a woman’s beauty and femininity like no other. The versatility of the garment lies in the fact it can be worn in a modern or traditional way depending upon the way you drape the garment. India is a country steeped in history and culture, and somehow this beautiful nine yard garment seems to bind all the different cultures together with its elegance, beauty, and universal appeal. The fact that each corner of the country boasts of a particular kind of sarees speaks for the fact that that there are a wealth of traditional sarees to choose from. Every saree has a unique story to tell; each one beautiful, rich and unique. It weaves magic of a different kind with its rich threads. Even if we have been bludgeoned by all kinds of outfits from different parts of the world, somehow the charm of a traditional saree still remains. The wardrobe of an Indian woman is never complete until she has a saree from each state.  A unique range of beautiful sarees come from different parts of the country, like West Bengal, Gujarat, Orissa, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, the list is pretty endless. All these different kinds of sarees add to the distinctive and unique culture of India. The sartorial elegance of this garment makes it a much sought-after garment not only in India, but across the whole world. So here’s more about the kinds of sarees from different parts of the country. Now that you know of these different kinds of sarees, make sure you try and own at least one each from different parts of the country.  It’s only then will you have a rich wardrobe in the real sense of the word!   Different types of sarees in india