Dress like a Diva this Festive Season in the Gorgeous Lehenga Choli

Dress like a Diva this Festive Season in the Gorgeous Lehenga Choli
The festivals season has begun in India with a lot of pomp and show and fashionistas are gearing up to stock their wardrobes with beautiful ethnic wear. Women daintily put their fashion foot forward to look their resplendent best for both the upcoming festive and wedding seasons. Though ethnic wear in general works for the entire festive season, what works most is certainly the lehenga suit. If you are asking why the lehenga of all the variety of ethnic attires. The answer is simple, it is a very versatile piece of garment. You can wear the lehenga dress with just about any piece, such as the kurta, the choli, western tops or dupattas. Still in doubt? Read more to find out why the lehenga design is such a favorite amongst both the young and the old in equal parts.

Interesting ways to wear the Lehenga Choli Designs

The lehenga dress is chosen by most fashionistas as it can be worn to both a formal and a semi-formal event, you can dress it up or dress it down catering to the occasion you are dressing up for. Though actually, it is an Indian wear, it can be westernised to make it look like a fusion wear. It is a form-flattering garment and can be flaunted by most body types. Still, need more convincing? Let us discuss the finer points of this ultra-feminine and classic garment.
  • Stunning designs- If you have been browsing through the latest lehenga designs you would certainly notice that now this intrinsically traditional wear has been reinvented to a wonderful fusion look which looks chic and oh-so-stylish. The choli now looks like a crop top with Bardot The shoulders have suddenly sealed the spot-light as the cold –shoulder is another design which is ruling the runways and high streets.

Celebrities are flaunting this style with elan and we are following suit with an unmatched vigor. This way the flouncy skirt, read the lehenga is easy to manage and the sleek silhouette makes it a must add to your festive wardrobe.

  • Intricate designs and rich embroidery- Forget the cuts what makes these bridal lehenga designs or any lehenga designs stand out for that matter, is the rich embroidery work, the gota patti work, the sleek crystal encrusted in the lehenga and so on. The added embellishments on your attire merges with the festive spirit seamlessly and adds that extra punch to the glitz and glamor to the festival dressing.

When in doubt you can slip into a fashionable lehenga choli and stand out with your impeccable outfit choice. Looking glam was never so effortless. Also, it is so easy to carry, especially for some of us for whom it is impossible to hold on to the saree pleats with elegance. Here, the wedding lehenga dress recuse us from committing a fashion faux pas.

  • Colors galore, which one to choose?- Festive season is synonymous with bright colors and the quintessential Indian garment, lehenga choli looks dressy and glam drenched as it is in the brightest of hues. This season the focus is firmly on the metallic hues, the gold, the bronze, the silver jostles for primacy with the festive lights that glitters and gleams with an unmatched zeal.

Besides the typical bold colors the pastel shades are also proving to be quite a ramp scorcher. There are Indian designers who are known for their penchant for turning Indian wear into things of beauty with fresh sorbet hues that looks zany and a sight for sore eyes.

  • The gorgeous fusion look- The lehenga choli has undergone lots of changes and now can be fused with a saree to come up with a look that is as beautiful as it looks stylish. The lehenga saree is a hot favorite amongst women, especially during the wedding season. This looks like a lehenga, well at least the bottom part makes it look like one but the top part is draped with a dupatta that looks suspiciously like a saree pallu. So is it a bridal lehenga choli? Or is it a saree? It is both and the final effects are stunning.
  • The fantastic fabrics that creates such a fashion furore- Earlier lehenga choli was strictly reserved for special occasions and hence the fabrics used to make them were rich and heavy like silk, velvet and so on, but now since fusion is the name of the game, these attires are made out of other light fabrics too, which are comfortable to wear yet they are stylish to boot such as cotton, net, mulmul, linen, tulle and so on.

If you style it right the long skirt or the lehenga can be your superhero, with its contemporary feel and its gorgeous look, you can simply cannot go wrong with the beautiful lehenga choli.

  • The cascading cuts or the tasselled trims? – If you are trying to buy the lehenga online, go for the latest cuts which can help you step out in style without trying too hard. The tassels are big this season and whether it is on your choli or on your lehenga, you can score an extra brownie point with your tasselled trims.

The flared look is also ethereally beautiful and universally in style. Just remember this when your skirt is extra voluminous go for a fitted top, this will help give the garment more definition.

  • Style your lehenga choli right- An accessory can make or break an outfit so it is imperative that you style your outfit right. Don’t go overboard on accessories. If you are wearing shoulder dusters or any other statement earrings ditch the necklace. It also holds true the other way around, if you wear an embellished choker, ditch your earrings. When it comes to accessorising less is always more. Since it is the season of metallics “go for gold” should be your mantra. Gold block heels will be a stylish and far more comfortable choice substituting the sky-high stilettos.
So, what are you waiting for? Get your lehenga suit and wear it and step out in your most fashionable ensemble and live up to your fashionista tag with verve.    
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