Eid Celebration: How To Accessorize Your Attire

Eid Celebration: How To Accessorize Your Attire

Eid celebrations are coming up fast. This is a time for Muslims around the globe to come together and celebrate. The Islamic world is vast, and celebrations can differ depending on different areas. However, no matter where the celebration occurs, it is a special time to connect or reconnect with what matters most to you.

The pandemic may have stopped some of the celebrations, but vaccines and preventative measures have made it easier to return to the festivities.

Now that you can celebrate Eid again, it’s time for Eid prayers to begin and to give your closet a fresh update for this year's festivities!

Eid is a time to wear new clothes, including eye-catching accessories. Adding rings, earrings, and more can elevate any outfit, no matter how beautiful it already is.

Today, we’re teaching you the best ways to celebrate Eid by accessorizing and wearing unique outfits.

What Is Eid?

Eid al-Fitr is the festival of breaking and is the first of the two festivals. It marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims everywhere celebrate Eid al-Fitr by breaking their fast.

Eid al-Fitr also marks the first day of Shawwal, the tenth month of the Islamic Calendar.

How Do Muslims Celebrate Eid?

The end of Ramadan features a massive celebration, but they are small compared to what you see at Eid Al-Adha. Eid al-Fitr celebrations follow a month of fasting and come on the first day of Shawwal in the Islamic calendar.

The Eid Al-Adha, also called “Big Eid,” in comparison, is a three-day or longer celebration in the Muslim community.

Eid is the biggest celebration of the year for Muslims, and it’s also one of the most spiritually significant parts of Islam as a religion. Millions make the journey each year to Saudi Arabia to complete a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca. This pilgrimage, called hajj, brings roughly 2.2 million a year to Mecca, though recent years have seen legally-enforced reductions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both these holidays are based on the Islamic lunar calendar rather than the Gregorian one. With lunar calendars, months are determined by the sighting of a new moon. Because of this, every year, the holidays are celebrated 11 days earlier than the year before.

It’s never too early to prepare, though. Before wishing everyone an Eid Mubarak, Blessed Eid, or even Happy Eid, read on as we explore Eid fashion.

How To Dress for Eid

This Muslim festival provides an opportunity to embrace your loved ones and look your absolute best. Muslim women and men have an opportunity to wear fine traditional-inspired apparel no matter where they live. For diasporic Muslims, it can be a time to come together with your community in euphoria and camaraderie.

Wear Bold, Bright Colors

Dressing for Eid demands bold, inspired designs and bright colors. With Eid falling in between spring and summer for the foreseeable future, consider playful pastels with rich accents for your apparel.

Our Dusty Mint and Pink Embroidered Peplum Anarkali and matching net dupatta show you can stand out even with softer, spring colors.

The piece features a sheer net exterior with zari, thread, sequin, and stone embellishments for gold, rose, and green-colored highlights. The inner is made from satoon, with an unadorned lycra bottom. The dupatta features a handworked mint hem with the same interwoven embellishments.

Try Rich, Jewel-Toned Colors

The soft colors can be inspiring when you are looking for an iconic Eid outfit. Another way to build an outfit involves rich, jewel-toned colors with matching accessories. The Deep Magenta and Gold Embroidered Gahara Suit is the perfect outfit if you’re going for a luxurious look.

The sleeveless organza shirt is densely handworked, with glittering flowers and vines trailing down the torso. The rich magenta and gold-colored embroidery are further represented along the hem of the gharara pants. This outfit is balanced by a hot pink dupatta, which creates a kaleidoscope of colors.

The length of the exposed sleeves and mid-length neckline creates a beautiful opportunity for donning gold-colored wristwear and necklaces. The end result guarantees that you’ll make an unforgettable impression this coming Eid.

The right Indian dress is only the beginning of putting together your apparel. The final product relies on the pieces you accessorize with.

Let’s explore some stunning accessories for your Eid outfits.

Choosing Your Accessories

There are plenty of ways to accessorize your Eid apparel with jewelry and layering pieces.

Morning prayers, as well as visits with family and friends, make Eid a busy time. The ideal Eid outfit features accessories that are comfortable enough to wear all day while you’re out and about.

Jewelry can easily be kept on hand and changed out to fit all your various festival plans. You may want to save your boldest pieces for parties and evening celebrations. Otherwise, scarves and shawls are always easy ways to elevate an outfit.

Below, we’ve collected a few essential items of ours that are perfect for any Eid wardrobe.

Best Clutches for Eid

Handbags can be a subtle or bold accent to any outfit and can carry all your essentials. One classically and contemporarily beautiful type of bag is the clutch. These small bags are eye-catching and discrete at the same time.

Our clutch bags come in two sizes: 4’’ x 7’’-8’’ rectangles and 6’’ by 6’’ squares. Each bag is highlighted by rounded edges, luscious matte material, and elegant detailed embroidery.

The Golden Cream and Pink Embroidered Clutch features cream-colored embroidered interlacing. Atop it are delicate pink roses, creating the impression of a rose bush on the bag.

Our Light Blue Embroidered Birds Clutch Bag has a more straightforward look. Here the embroidery presents a pair of birds sitting on the branches with glimmering white eyes.

Our Red Embroidered Clutch Bag strikes a strong contrast with a metallic-bronze-colored strap and bold red body. Here, two-toned embroidery creates a simple yet detailed floral design with glittering stonework.

A clutch bag is optimal for when you’re going out, and your Eid apparel lacks pockets. Rather than rely on someone else to carry all your things, keep them close at hand with these gorgeous, outfit-enhancing bags.

The Ultimate Jewelry for Eid

Rings, necklaces, wristlets, watches, earrings, headpieces, and more give bountiful options to improve your Eid apparel. Gold may be forbidden for men, but Muslim women can still wear gold jewelry during Eid.

Jewelry offers timeless ways to style your attire. Gold plating further enhances the sheen the piece gives off in the light.

High-quality pieces may even eventually turn into heirloom pieces. For a burst of color, look no further than the Radha Necklace Set. The focus of this piece is the handcrafted necklace, highlighted by red enamel and dangling stones. The set comes with matching earrings whose plating and dangling elements reflect the design choices vertically behind the necklace.

When wearing any sort of necklace, you should consider the neckline of the dress you are wearing. You should also think about how you may style any other neckwear, including dupatta and scarves.

Recommended Shawls for Eid

A shawl can add complex layering to your Eid apparel. A shawl can be worn in countless ways, including as a head covering when entering houses of worship. Your shawl can either match your dress in color or be in bold contrast for a two-toned look of beauty.

Our Red Heavy Embroidered Velvet Shawl comes from our Heritage Collection to bring traditional elegance to your Eid apparel. The shawl's border is marked by glistening silver embroidery and covered in sequins. The velvet provides a heavy drape and sleek feeling without being too warm.

This red shawl is handworked and checked in India to ensure the highest levels of authenticity and quality.

Finishing Your Eid Celebrations

Eid Mubarak, the proper Arabic greeting, means “Blessed festival.” This greeting symbolizes the joy, connection, and celebration associated with Eid. Either of the two Eid celebrations is a perfect time to get closer to your culture and those you care about. For many, that means wearing authentic Indian clothing.

At Lashkaraa, all of our apparel is made and hand-checked in India. That means you can confidently wear any of our pieces at Eid or any other time of year.


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