13 Eid Gift Ideas for Your Friends & Families

13 Eid Gift Ideas for Your Friends & Families

Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr mark the two biggest celebrations in Islamic culture. Both come after the end of fasting in the month of Ramadan, towards the end of the lunar year. They are times for family, friends, and communities to get together and celebrate their traditions.

During this time, the importance of charity and gift-giving is highlighted. Over time, this has led to people giving gifts to all kinds of relations. Friends, parents, children, partners, and other family members give gifts based on ability and connection.

Join Lashkaraa as we share some of the best gift ideas for your loved ones.


Eid al-Fitr comes after a month of fasting. Eid al-Adha has meat dish after meat dish embedded in its DNA. It should come as no surprise that gifts of food are commonplace during this time.

If you are a home chef, you may choose to gift baked goods or your specialty dessert. If you are not a cook but still want to give your friends and family food to savor, try store-bought creations, especially in the form of cookies, cakes, or chocolates. Dates are especially popular, as they take on special significance during these holidays.

Specialty coffee and tea collections can also be useful and long-lasting. They can be enjoyed alone or cozied up with others.

Consider choosing food inspired by the holiday itself. For example, Eid al-Fitr is secondarily known as “Sweet Eid” because of the abundance of desserts traditionally eaten at this time. By contrast, Eid al-Adha is better known for its savory dishes, so a special, homemade charcuterie board may be more appropriate than a sweet treat.

Dishware and Glassware

Foodstuffs go hand in hand with dinnerware gifts. Potential dishware or glassware gifts might include whole sets of glasses or individual, personal items like a crystal vase. You can offer mugs as favors that commemorate the day or choose something tailored to your giftee’s interests.

If you are hosting a large celebration, consider using personalized glassware as part of the party favor for guests.

Men’s Sherwani

Eid is the time to put on your best, newest clothing. For this reason, it’s also a great time to give the gift of new clothes.

One good option is the satin Multicolor Printed Sherwani. It pairs subtle lines with brilliant hues of red, orange, and tan for a bold, eye-catching appearance. Patterned gold buttons add a degree of traditional flair for a truly unique garment.

The piece also comes with fitted cotton bottoms, creating an effective silhouette that brings the entire ensemble together. This gift brings a modern reimagining to traditional ethnic style that your friend or family member can incorporate into the rest of their Eid celebrations.

Paper Goods for the Bookish

For writers and readers, there is always something exciting to be had. New books aligned with the individual’s tastes are highly personal and show extreme thoughtfulness. Others may prefer a hand-crafted personal journal and an elegant pen.

Home Decor

Who doesn’t enjoy comfort? Soft, cozy items like blankets, rugs, wall hangings, and decorative pillows can make charming gifts during Eid. These gifts can easily be personalized to match a friend’s specific tastes.

For example, a blanket can be customized to depict a family photo or personal message. If your friend has a specific aesthetic, you can match your gift to highlight their style through pillows with flowers, animal prints, or other designs.

Women’s Lehenga

Women enjoy new clothing just as much as men. Giving new clothes to a spouse or partner can be a meaningful gesture, particularly if you coordinate the gift with your own outfit. From neck to toe, our Teal and Purple Embroidered Silk Lehenga makes for a dazzling piece to debut on Eid.

The teardrop neckline of the lehenga features a bronze-embellished bail, which can be accented beautifully with a choker-style necklace. The metallic embroidered hem of the crop top offsets the kali embellishments around the waist of the lehenga. These intricate designs trail down the dress into larger embroidery elements before giving way to the floral border design around the skirt’s hem.

The outfit comes with a purple dupatta of sheer net, emboldened by a metallic-bronze hem embroidery. This keeps the head, face, neck, and hands clear, providing the ideal opportunity to showcase your favorite jewelry alongside this stunning lehenga.

This piece will exude power and elegance time after time at any Eid celebration.

Scented Goods

With the amount of food passed around, scent plays a crucial part in Eid. And you can let it play an equally crucial part in your celebration gift giving.

Scented gifts are perfect for those who love strong smells or at-home spa days. A good scented candle can completely transform someone’s space and even confer psychological benefits. Or, for someone close to you, a new perfume can make a versatile and long-lasting gift.

New Jewelry

For spouses or friends with good taste, new jewelry is always an avenue for exploration. After all, no outfit is truly finished without the proper accessories.

The Radha Necklace Set provides a matching necklace and earrings for a perfectly tailored finishing touch to any outfit. Gold plating, red enamel, and clear semi-precious stones create a glimmering and attractive appearance, perfect for the festive occasion.

Art Supplies and Creativity Sets

For children, creating art helps to improve both creativity and cognitive skills, making artistic gifts an ideal choice for children. Coloring books, writing tools, watercolors, sheet music, and more can spur the growth of a future artist.

Art tools can also be a wonderful gift for adults. If you have a friend who practices a craft, a small gift can show your appreciation and admiration of their work. You may have a friend who has been saying they’d like to learn drawing, painting, or sewing. Giving them a little push to begin with supplies or lessons can help kickstart a brand new passion.

New Bags

Everyone needs a good bag to carry their daily items around in. Lashkaraa produces many in a wide variety of pastel and saturated colors. Our clutch bags come with gently rounded edges in slender rectangular and storage-friendly square designs. Each bag features handworked embroidery, crafted and hand checked in India.

Our designs take inspiration from the natural world around us with intricate roses, birds at rest, and even bicycles with floral accents represented in these clutch bags.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a modern trend that provides gifts that keep on giving for months to come. Subscription boxes exist for everything from sweets and home goods to watches and succulent plants.

If your loved one has a niche special interest, a subscription box can be a way to showcase that interest. This can be especially wonderful if you can time the first delivery to occur during Eid.

Clothing Sets

There is something very powerful about matching outfits. And what could be more powerful than a unifying set of matching new clothes for your family? Our Light Green Embroidered family set shows the charm of matching family apparel.

For fathers and sons (or brothers and uncles), there is the Light Green Embroidered Silk Kurta set. The silk kurta features zari, stonework, and gota embellishments. This is paired with a set of cotton pants for comfort.

This matching pair can be compared to the Light Dusty Green Embroidered Gahara Suit. This matching set shows off the ruffled style that makes gahara suits immediately recognizable. The georgette kameez and bottom are matched by a santoon interior and are highlighted by intricate sequin embroidery. A net dupatta with fringe mirrors on the pants serves to complete the look.

There are a few times when matching as a family may make more sense and or be more doable. A unified event like Eid presents one of those perfect opportunities.


Flowers are appropriate for any occasion, but especially so during Eid. A well-chosen bouquet brings gentle beauty and pleasant aromas that can create meaningful, long-lasting memories. Flowers can make a wonderful gift for anyone. The size and scope of the bouquet can be personally adjusted based on their preferences and the relationship.

Flowers also carry symbolic meaning, both in type and color. Reds and greens can both be used to signify prosperity, as they are heavily affiliated with Islam and Indian ceremonies. Regardless, giving flowers provides someone with a physically beautiful gesture signifying your connection.

Celebrating Eid Together

At the end of all the celebrations, Eid is about one thing above all else. There is the scriptural relevance to each Eid celebration, but it ends up being defined by the communities we build and find for ourselves.

As our lives take us to new places, we have to take steps to forge new ties and relationships. During these times of celebration, Lashkaraa is here to provide a touch of tradition and authenticity. We wish you all a joyous Eid.


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