Embroidered Sarees – What’s New and Trending

Embroidered Sarees – What’s New and Trending

Designer or embroidered sarees have their own special place in the heart of any Indian woman. It is used whether for the wedding season or any special festivities. Not only are embroidered sarees famous among Indian women, but it is also popular worldwide for its elegant and charming design. The traditional beauty of an embroidered saree is sought after even outside of Indian culture.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the new and trendy embroidered sarees for 2021. We’re sure that you’ll love these embroidery designs for sarees.  

Firstly, How Can I Enhance My Embroidered Sarees Outfit?

Embroidered, designer or traditional sarees can be worn in any glamorous event. However, you need to keep in mind the type of ornaments you want to pair with the saree itself. If you have silver threads, it should be complemented with silver jewelry. The same for gold threads, it should be matched with gold jewelry, brilliant pearl jewelry for pearl threads, and so forth. 

For western-style embellishments on sarees, American diamond jewelry or necklaces that have multi-colored stones tend to complement each other super well. Ladies can also wear their embroidered sarees alongside blouses or cropped tops to round out the overall outfit.

These tips will help young ladies look positively more captivating, elegant, and beautiful.

What Type of Embroidered Saree Should I Wear?

Nowadays, there are various options for embroidered sarees on the market. It can be pretty confusing to choose the right one for you, especially if you don’t have that much experience. There are plenty of embroidery designs for sarees. However, the main factor you should base your decision on is the time and place of the event you’re attending. 

If it is a one-day event, it is recommended to go for ready-made embroidered sarees. These are fairly common and can be found in various fashion boutiques and clothing stores. If it is an evening or night event, the best choice would be a shimmer saree. This will enhance the elegance of the dress under the multiple camera flashes and lights.

Bright colors that stand out work best for outdoor events while muted colors are preferred for indoor events. However, these are only pointers to lead you to the right decision. If you like the design of a certain embroidered saree or want something custom made, go for it. Be confident in the dress and it will carry you through the event.

Embroidered Sarees Designs for 2021

In this section, let’s look at some example designs for trendy embroidered sarees this new year. We hope that you enjoy these as much as we did.

Simple yet adorable

simple yet adorable saree

You can not go wrong with this pristine, pastel color linen saree. This design is perfect for morning outdoor festivities. You’ll look very feminine and fresh as the morning breeze. The white is a symbol of purity, giving off good vibes. The colorful lilies pattern rounds out the whole piece. The linen used is perfect for those hot morning days. This embroidered saree can also be great for casual, everyday use.

Mixing tradition and modernity

Make a bold fashion statement with this mix of tradition and modern style. This saree design is perfect for the new generation of Indian women who want something other than traditional options. It still looks very classy while catching the eyes of any passerby. Make sure that you complement this saree with other statement accessories.

Taste Royalty

Awaken your inner royalty with this vibrant and stunning embroidered silk saree. The vibrant orange will capture anyone’s attention. The colorful flowers woven on a golden base makes it the perfect saree for huge family weddings. The perfect accessories to complete this elegant outfit would be vintage pearls. You can see the amount of work that was done when you take a closer look at the weaves of the flowers and the overall piece. This is the perfect saree to wear for any traditional celebration.

Beautiful and Intimate

This linen saree may not catch the eyes of every passerby, it does enhance your beauty to new levels. It is the perfect saree for an intimate wedding celebration. You can pair this traditional saree with kohled eyes and olive green bindi for added effect. A pair of juttis and accessories that have a boxy-clutch will easily complete the ensemble. This outfit is also perfect for a formal, dinner of two.

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