Engagement Lehengas That Will Make You Say "Yes"

Engagement Lehengas That Will Make You Say "Yes"

Of all the events to celebrate during an Indian wedding, the engagement ceremony is undoubtedly one of the largest, most special, and most extravagant of them all. Several rituals are performed at this party leading up to an exchanging of vows and official commitment to each other. 

This time commands a formal and traditional ensemble that is timeless in nature. A classic lehenga choli is, without question, the best choice here, but the colors, fabric choices, and styling options are nearly endless.

Let’s take a look at lehenga choli essentials for this special day and how you can make each aspect of your attire truly your own.

What Is a Lehenga Choli?

Frequently referred to as a lehenga, an engagement lehenga choli is one of the most commonly worn outfits among Indian women. This three-piece set consists of a lehenga, a long, floor-length skirt, a matching fitted blouse (called a choli), and a complimentary dupatta. Dupatta draping techniques are seemingly infinite; they often depend on the occasion and tie the look together.

Lehenga cholis for special occasions frequently feature elaborate beading, stitching, and zari work, with hand-stitched pieces sometimes taking weeks to complete. Many times, tailors will create a bit of an assembly line and work in groups to better help these stunning creations come together. 

Traditional Indian Lehenga Styles 

Again, the engagement ceremony is one of the larger and most important portions of an Indian wedding. If there is ever a time to “go big or go home,” this is it! Traditional wedding styles are elaborate, highly decorated, and feature exquisite detailing not seen on ordinary occasions. 

Many lehengas might feature screen printing on silk or other similar materials, but an event of this scale and scope requires something a little more intricate. Zari work, heavy beading, and hand-stitched designs adorn the lehengas, cholis, and dupattas from head to toe.

Clusters of sequins, metallic thread, and glimmering, flashy additions are only further exaggerated with jewelry, nose rings, and rows and rows of bangles.

Traditional Lehenga Colors

Unlike many western weddings, there is no set color the bride should “always” wear. Styles adjust to current trends and seasons, with no two brides ever looking the same. Some women like to communicate their feelings and aspirations through clothing, and the engagement ceremony is a perfect time to do so.

For example, red is a significant color in India. For this reason, red and maroon are popular color choices in Indian bridal wear. Pink garments radiate femininity and happiness, also making them a solid choice. Shades of gold, deep jewel tones, and shimmering pastels are also current favorites. 

How Should You Style an Engagement Lehenga?

On such an occasion, it’s best to opt for a custom-made matching set. In addition to each of our ensembles being handmade and individually inspected in India for quality, they can also be fully customized to fit your exact style and particular measurements.

 For example, perhaps you’ve fallen in love with our best-selling Purple and Mint Embroidered Silk Lehenga, but you’d prefer a scoop neckline with sleeves. You can customize your blouse and dimensions to suit your taste, your figure, and the season. 

These sets are best paired with equally captivating, ornate jewelry. Stacks of bangles and large cocktail rings are just the start — jhumka earrings add style, movement, and tradition to your look while also drawing attention to your face.

An engagement ceremony is an excellent occasion to don a headpiece, nose ring, and other elaborate chains. Wearing nose rings is often a rite of passage for brides.

What Do Bridal Lehengas Look Like?

To put it simply, bridal lehengas are designed to stand out above everything and everyone else! Bridal lehengas frequently feature dramatic zari work and embroidery, usually in metallic shades of gold and silver. As far as the color itself, we stand by what we said earlier — there are no right or wrong colors! 

As far as recurring trends are concerned, many brides do opt for deep shades of garnet red more than others. However, lighter shades of pink and other dramatic jewel tones are also top choices. If you’re tying the knot during the springtime, you might opt for seasonal pastels. Pastels can still be ornate and regal, too! Pale gold, ivory woven with bronze accents, lilac, and mint green are all options worth considering. 

Trending Colors and Styles for Engagement Lehengas

Red and pink will forever be top choices, but they aren’t the only option out there! The possibilities truly are endless. Let’s take a look at some of this season’s trending colors, trims, and designs.

Off-White Lehenga

While dazzling deep hues and shades of springtime might be all-time favorites, off-white has been gaining popularity recently. For a look that boasts a neutral palette without sacrificing shine, we suggest our Off White Mirror Embroidered Organza Lehenga

Radiating timeless elegance, this lehenga will never look dated or make you giggle at your own wedding photos years down the road. This gorgeous choli boasts tassel beading, a sweetheart neckline, and spaghetti straps for a truly figure-flattering silhouette.

The lehenga features the same artful design details, elaborate mirror work, and generously sized sequins down the length of the garment. You won’t need a spotlight with this lehenga.

Maroon Lehenga

Some colors never go out of style, and maroon is one prime example. The Maroon and Gold Velvet Embroidered Lehenga is a perfectly sultry option for autumn and winter ceremonies.

The solid velvet choli speaks for itself with a favorable sweetheart neckline accentuating your curves in all the right places. The flowing, voluminous lehenga is adorned with golden vertical lines of gota and tilla work down to the bottom of the frock.

The base features three golden rows of gota-kinari stitches. A matching dupatta with a metallic border ties the look together, making a strong and regal statement. 

Pink Lehenga

Another shade that will never go out of style is pink. Our Pink Mirror Embroidered Organza Lehenga is the ideal shade of pink with just the right amount of glamour to guarantee you’ll stand out.

A pink spaghetti strap choli is heavily adorned in reflective beading with matching tassels also stitched onto the straps. The same pattern can be found along the waistband and base of the lehenga, as well as on the ends of the dupatta. A thinner vertical pattern extends down toward the bottom, where matching mirror work is even more greatly concentrated.

Floral Print Lehenga

Great for the springtime, our Lilac Floral Georgette Lehenga offers a bit of a different design than the others we’ve pointed out. This printed georgette duo features pink and mauve roses against a lilac backdrop, with gold sequined accents stitched sporadically throughout.

The choli matches perfectly with an identical pattern, further glamorized with a row of golden stitching around the edges, effortlessly combining style and charm.

Say “Yes” to the Traditional Style of India

From color to trim to modern trends and traditional silhouettes, a lehenga choli is undoubtedly the best outfit choice for your engagement ceremony. Beautifully designed, intricately woven, and decorated with only the utmost attention to detail, no one else will be able to compare to how you look or feel in one of our gorgeous designs.

With dozens of ensembles to choose from, rest assured knowing each and every one of our offerings is individually inspected by hand in India to guarantee you receive the highest quality and greatest levels of satisfaction. 


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