Enhance Your Party Outfits with the Resplendent Indian Jewelry

Enhance Your Party Outfits with the Resplendent Indian Jewelry
Jewelry is the way to a woman’s heart! It is so true! A woman cannot have enough of Indian jewelry. The variety available in Indian jewelry is simply out of the world. Indian fashion jewelry gel particularly well with ethnic wear such as lehenga choli, saree, and salwar kameez. The look of a gorgeous outfit is enhanced further when you combine it with shining Indian jewelry and it brings about a drastic change in your look. Now, you don’t have to look for the perfect jewelry piece in shops, you can do that within the comforts of your home. Look for different kinds of earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, and rings that are perfect for ethnic dresses. Look for unique and creative designs that give it an elegant look. Indian costume jewelry is etched with myriad semi-precious pearls, stones, and metals. There is always something, newly added to jewelry designs so they look, trendy and fun besides of course adding to the gorgeous look. Jewelry is an integral part of Indian tradition and it is true that Indian men and women have been adorning jewelry for ages together not only for everyday wear but for special occasions too such as weddings and other auspicious occasions. Indian women drool over jewelry such as jewelry bangles, statement neck pieces, stunning jhumkas and danglers, pretty anklets and stunning finger rings that have semi-precious stones etched in them. Indian brides look resplendent on “D” day as they are decked up from head to foot with beautiful jewelry. If you are fascinated with Indian jewelry, read along to find out about some of the most popular designs here. Indian Style Jewelry – Myriad Styles and Designs It is true that there cannot be anything more beautiful than Indian wedding jewelry, the bride comes out in all her bridal glory, bedecked in glittering jewelry and her aura is pretty hard to ignore. But Indian jewelry isn’t restricted to bridal jewelry alone, there is also native Indian jewelry, each shining brightly because of its innate qualities. Take a look at some of the Indian style jewelry. Quirky jewelry Now, sometimes you attend events, where you do not need to sport heavy bridal jewelry. There you prefer something light yet it will make a statement of its own. Something like ear cuffs, hand-cuffs, hath phools, nose pins, toe-rings, statement finger rings, et al. Well, when it comes to jewelry, normal is boring, you look for stuff that will set you apart from the common crowd. Necklaces A party look is never complete without a statement necklace. And this season the layered look is so in, here you combine several dainty pieces together if you think pairing several pieces together can look a tad bit too overwhelming, go easy on the combining bit, a few silver pieces can do the trick. But, if you are ready to take it up a notch, add pearls, crystals to it, to enhance its look further. necklaces Earrings While you can go heavy on the jewelry front, sometimes, you like to go beyond the traditional realm and experiment a bit more with earrings. This season the tasseled look is so in, so is the chandelier earrings. Give it a go and the merrier the colors the better, it adds to the overall appeal, choose from shocking pink to audacious amber to luscious reds, these earrings make a statement of their own. The Bejeweled Belt Well, this year, it is the year of the bejeweled belt, replacing the more traditional kamarbandh, that was so much part and parcel of bridal jewelry and this goes particularly well with sarees. The belts are encrusted with semi-precious stones or crystals, giving it a very ethnic yet modern look, channelizing your “go bold or go home” look. This party season, don’t forget to drape your saree a little differently and cinch your waist with a bejeweled belt. Not your authentic Indian jewelry perhaps, but a show-stealer nevertheless. Brooches Brooches are certainly statement pieces. Easy to pin on and immediately your outfit undergoes a radical transformation. Well, you can rescue your outfit from being dull and boring. If you are wearing a solid colored outfit, just jazz it up with a big brooch. It is a must include to any woman’s wardrobe as it is classy and portrays a contemporary chic look. A new age accessory that is every modern woman’s current obsession. Maang Tikas Maang tikas are a beautiful hair accessory. This, though is a must- include hair accessory it can change any party look to a plain to polished in a matter of minutes. There are different kinds of maang tikas you can try.  This basic hair staple is a must-have, and the best part is that you can pick different kinds of patterns. This looks elegant and fashionable one at the same time. The Maharashtrian Nath The Maharashtrian nath has been in the reckoning since the Peshwa era and still holds a lot of importance for the bride. Though the traditional ones are encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones, you can get the faux one too, encrusted with pearls and it looks equally enticing.  You can get cheap Indian jewelry in many of the online sites. Chokers While the chokers have been doing the rounds for quite some time now, it is making its way felt in the party scene. You can choose from the wide number of chokers available online, depending upon the kind of party you are going to attend, if it is a hip and happening one can choose to wear solid- colored chokers, lace chokers, denim chokers the works, but if you are going to wear it for traditional ceremonies, settle for something more ornate, gold or faux gold chokers encrusted with stunning stones. Where to buy Indian jewelry?  Well, there are many sites that you can look for, which offers the most amazing latest Indian gold jewelry designs, and other costume jewelry in affordable price range too. So, this party season deck yourself up in beautiful jewelry and flaunt your best look ever.