Ethnic Wear for Girls: The Beginner’s Guide

Ethnic Wear for Girls: The Beginner’s Guide

Clothing is an excellent way to introduce young children to their heritage and culture. It allows them to learn about traditional artistry, how materials can represent a region and its history, and how the styles and ways of that culture have changed and evolved. It even allows little ones to match mom and dad for those holidays, festivals, and family events. 

We pride ourselves on carrying special clothes for special occasions. We have pieces for the whole family, all imbued with lineage. Introduce your little girl to the styles of home with the growing collection of children’s clothes available here at Lashkaraa.

Best Ethnic Wear Styles for Girls 

What’s more fun than dressing up the little ones in beautiful and elegant pieces that really shine? With Lashkaraa, you’ll find traditional pieces made for kids, all designed with comfort, style, and utility in mind.

Below are just a few of our favorite styles for little girls available in our collection.


The lehenga is such an important piece of clothing that it is often worn for weddings, both by the bride and honored guests. Lehengas are typically made up of three separate pieces, an ankle-length skirt, a blouse, also known as a choli, and the dupatta, or long scarf. 

They are also one of the most versatile pieces, which is why they made such an excellent option for little girls, who will love customizing and stylizing their lehengas. The skirt may be available in an array of shapes and styles, like a-line, mermaid, and straight. 

Your girl will also have her choice of color and material. Lashkaraa’s collections of lehengas include shimmering garments made with net fabric, satin, organza, and more. Pick between color combinations like pink and silver, hot pink and yellow with floral patterns, or a dramatic black with ruffles.

One favorite is the Kids Hot Pink and Yellow Floral Lehenga. With the sequins and cutdana lace, your girl will sparkle — literally.


Anarkalis have great mythos and cultural significance surrounding their use and have the essence of softness and beauty. The Anarkali is a type of salwar suit, a style worn by Indian women that typically features a pair of looser pants and a long tunic top. 

Like the lehenga, the Anarkali has several elements, including a fitted skirt and a blouse or frock-like top. You’ll also find different variations of both skirt and top styles in the Anarkali, including floor length and gown styles, capes, and jackets. 

Little girls are sure to love the high-low style of Anarkali, which allows for more bead and threadwork along the hem. Explore color and material options for Anarkalis like blush, light pink, red and gold, and silk and satin. She might love the elegant Kids Deep Maroon Printed Satin Anarkali, decorated with Zari work and sparkling stone embellishments gracing the satin base.


The Punjabi suit is another style that falls under the salwar suit umbrella. It can be used for any kind of occasion, including daily wear and more formal and special events like holidays and festivals. 

In a salwar kameez suit, salwar are the trousers, typically wider at the waist and cinched at the ankle. The kameez is the top, which typically has a long and straight cut and may or may not have a collar. In the Punjabi suit, the kameez hangs long and flat, with slits on the side, and the salwar has a straight cut that tapers at the ankle. 

Punjabi suits are particularly popular among younger women, as there are many unique ways to style and elevate the look. Explore Punjabi suits in enchanting colors and styles for your little girl, including navy blue and gold embroidery, golden ivory, a multi-colored print pattern, and more.

With options like the Kids Golden Ivory Embroidered Punjabi Suit, your little lady will be the talk of any party in luxurious ivory dupioni silk. Plus, she can match mom — her fashion role model. 

Sharara Suit 

Like the lehenga, the sharara suit is made up of three pieces, including a dupatta, a kurti, which is a long tunic without a collar, and a loose pair of pants on the bottom.

The pants typically give off the appearance of a wide skirt, particularly when worn below the longer kurti, and it is often referred to as a trumpet skirt because of this effect. With a sharara, the flare comes from the waist for a stylish final design. 

Sharara suits can be styled up for formal occasions and are available in stunning cuts and designs. Due to their loose and comfortable fit, they’re a good option for busy girls on the go. Pick between color options like peach and rust and a Dusty Green and Rose Printed Sharara Suit for a precious look every time.

Gharara Suit

The Gharara is another type of sharara suit and is available in the same creative and exciting style and color options. With a sharara suit, the fitting comes from the waist, whereas in a Gharara suit, the pants are actually fitted at the knee and flared outward, giving it a more skirt-light and full style. 

Your little one is sure to love picking out a unique Gharara suit style, like emerald green and gold or light dusty green. The Light Dusty Green Embroidered Gharara Suit is a lovely option, crafted from the finest georgette fabric and lovingly detailed with stone, thread, and sequin embellishments. 

No matter how she styles and designs it, you’ll definitely want to frame that picture.

Pant-Style Saree

The saree is a traditional piece of Indian fashion and consists of a large and unstitched piece of woven fabric that is worn over the body like a robe. Traditionally, one end is tied at the waist, and the other is draped over the shoulder, which allows for the midriff to show. They are usually worn over a choli top. Specific draping or styling options are deeply personal. 

While most sarees have a skirt on the bottom to complete the outfit, you can also find comfortable pant-style sarees that are perfect for busy kids. The bottom of the outfit has simply been replaced with a stylish pair of pants for improved comfort and ease of mobility.

Pant-style sarees for kids are still elegant and bold enough for special occasions, but your little girl is sure to appreciate the option to explore more freely. 

If you’re getting a saree to match your mini-me, all of Lashkaraa’s adult sarees are pre-pleated and can arrive unstitched or custom-stitched so that getting ready is as easy as possible. After all, getting dressed is only half the fun; you have the rest of the celebration to get to!


Other suit options are the straight suit and palazzo suit, both of which little girls will enjoy wearing and showing off. As the name would indicate, the straight suit has a long, straight kameez that may fall at the knee or lower. 

The style is striking yet simple but updated with beautiful beadwork and mirror work, and you’ll find different types of embroidery around the hem to really fit her style. A pair of fitted bottoms goes below the kameez for a complete and comfortable look. 

With palazzo pants, you’ll have a similar style of dress, but the pants flare out at the sides for a unique silhouette with a much looser cut. Options include a coral multi-color straight suit, a teal embroidered straight suit, and a Baby Blue Peplum Palazzo Suit

Growing Up With Traditions

Sharing cultural traditions with the next generation can be very meaningful. It’s an opportunity to pass on knowledge, bond over history, and embrace elements of art, creativity, and beauty in clothing form. Passing down traditions provides children with a sense of security and feelings of belonging to something larger than themselves. 

At Lashkaraa, we strive to bring Southeast Asian traditions to people all over the globe. We unite families with their country of origin with traditional garments made in India and inspected by hand. 

Guiding your family and passing on traditions can feel very special, and our team at Lashkaraa is here to help. We carry a vast inventory of outfits for children, as well as for mom and dad, so you can begin teaching her about her family’s history and the culture she’ll be sure to embrace.

For little girls, clothing is available in many bright colors and designs and different materials. You can pick out suits, pant-style sarees, Punjabi, lehengas, and more. It all depends on her preferences and what looks she likes best. She has options for both casual and formal attire, which means it’s easy for mom and dad to get her out of the house on busy days and run and play with friends without worry. 

The only question is—what will she try on first? 



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