5 Latest Party Wear Sarees for Indian Women in the USA

5 Latest Party Wear Sarees for Indian Women in the USA
Indian women look alluring in sarees. There's not a single garment which accentuates a women's figure as beautifully as the party wear sarees. It gives the impression of an hourglass figure, thus, no women can feel ugly or fat in a saree. The nine yards of sheer wonder, can be worn at any occasion and never look out of place. Women in the USA are also renewing their association with this garment.  It can be bold, demure, classy or corporate! Let’s find out why women in the USA are donning this sartorial wonder. Latest Party wear Saree

Different Party Wear Sarees

As soon as you get an invitation for a party, you start thinking about how you will you deck up. What will you be wearing? Should you reach out for the ruby red saree or for the emerald green one? But sarees have to be in vogue right? That just brings us to the fact about which are the sarees ruling the fashion world currently. Most women won’t be caught dead in a saree which is not in style!
  • Sarees with Cape -If you follow fashion keenly, you will notice that the cape has indeed overshadowed the blingy choli now. Right from Bollywood celebrities to models, can be seen walking the talk in the cape saree. Is it a blouse or is it a jacket? Who bothers when you look so cool and stylish at the same time? Transparent, embellished, long or short, say hello to the scene stealer because the cape is indeed the new fashion trick to amp your saree.
Cape party wear saree
  • Different pleats - The oft-ignored pleats are now getting their place under the sun. So have you given your pleats much of a thought? If you haven’t, then do so now. The color-blocking pleats are much in vogue now. They scream for attention, as they are usually of varied colors and get attention and become the focal point of sarees. Do not forget to add these to your collection of the latest party wear sarees.
latest party wear sarees with pleats
  • Digital print Sarees- Few designers are making a living out of making uber chic printed sarees, which are flying fast off the designer racks! Right from Disney prints to the floral ones, Designers are printing these party wear sarees in the USA with aplomb.
Digital Print Party wear Saree
  • Pre-draped sarees- Teenagers, who want to sport the saree trend but shy away from wearing one because of the associated hassles, can now have a field day because pre-draped or concept sarees are here. You don’t have to pleat it; you don’t have to worry about the drape slithering off because it is pre-stitched. You just have to fit in it and you are good to go! These sarees have undergone a major makeover with the bottom part sometimes looking like a dhoti.
Pre draped Saree
  • Saree gowns- If you are one of those who love wearing gowns and think sarees are a little too traditional for you; do not sweat, because the saree gown is here! The top half looks like a saree whereas the bottom half looks like a gown. Slinky and sensuous, you will love this latest avatar of the saree. This can be a great ensemble and a major part of Indian wedding sarees. Try this trend with slits and layers and make a telling fashion statement.
                   Party wear Saree Gown Sarees undergo so many innovations; it is a universal garment which reinvents itself, moulding it according to the needs of different generations. That is really the beauty of the garment, your grandma feels comfortable in its innate traditionalism and yet you get to enjoy the spark of glamor that it lends to your charming persona.
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