Bloom Bright in a Floral Saree This Summer

Bloom Bright in a Floral Saree This Summer

Like it or not, floral sarees have become one of the most loved creations on this planet. Miranda Priestly from Devil Wears Prada may think florals for spring aren’t ground-breaking but you don’t have to necessarily agree with her. To spruce things up a little in your wardrobe, floral sarees will only add a burst of color to your closet.

The Allure of Floral Sarees

Think romanticism, femininity and the beauty of nature on a flowy canvas such as a saree, the allure of a floral saree is unmatched. Exuding a certain charisma of their own, this style is a classic and transcends all seasons. The lively and vivid hues of the flowers create a refreshing and eye-catching visual impact while bringing a burst of energy and liveliness to your ensemble. Investing in a floral saree ensures that you have a versatile and enduring piece in your wardrobe that can be styled in various ways for years to come. Especially in Indian culture, flowers hold a symbolic value and are often associated with celebrations, auspicious occasions, and rituals. Wearing a floral saree can honor these traditions and add a cultural touch to your attire. These different flowers carry different meanings, allowing you to infuse deeper significance into your ensemble.

Mesmerizing Floral Patterns and Hues

A floral print is emblematic of optimistic fashion. By incorporating bright and happy prints into our wardrobes, this ensemble becomes an easy and foolproof choice for any occasion. Minimalistic saris, particularly in white shades, are classics. Lashkaraa’s White and Pink Floral Organza Saree has many variations in different fabrics – from organza and satin georgette to tabby silk.

These ethereal white sarees are crafted in lightweight fabrics and feature the prettiest floral motifs in shades of pink, red and peach. Adding a festive touch to the otherwise minimal printed sari is a hand-embroidered cut-daana border in a contrasting light pink color. Lashkaraa’s Light Pink Floral Printed Saree is a stunning choice with embroidered border. Make the look your own by ditching modest blouses in favor of a playful bralette with noodle thin straps and a corset fit. To style this one, all you need is a pair of danglers. For that additional romantic factor, keep the makeup soft in tones of rose pink and leave the hair open.

For the maximalists out there, Lashkaraa’s Multi Floral Printed Lehenga Style Sareeis a stunning version combining both the lehenga style and saree. A light-weight, perfect for the summer is the Peach White Floral Printed Saree. This chanderi saree is a combination of print and stone work and makes for a super versatile piece. One can also think of it as a flirty and feminine number. Accessorize this one with nothing but a pair of Jhumka earr09ings if you don’t want to go for the OTT jewelry look.

A fancier and more part-wear look would be the Soft Mint Embellished Chinon Saree with bold florals printed along with highlighted pink beads and sequin handwork. This one is perfect for all the millennial brides out there who want to party and feel at ease at their pre-wedding celebration. It’s also an ideal look for bridesmaids for a friend or family member’s upcoming wedding festivities.

How to Elegantly Drape Your Floral Saree

Draping a floral saree elegantly can enhance the beauty of the floral pattern and create a graceful and sophisticated look. The key is to start with the right essentials like a well-fitted blouse, a matching petticoat (underskirt), safety pins, and a saree belt (optional). The best way is to take some time to familiarize yourself with the draping process and experiment with different styles until you find the one that suits you best. Each floral saree is unique, and draping it elegantly enhances its beauty, allowing you to make a stunning fashion statement.

Complete your elegant look by accessorizing appropriately. Choose jewelry that complements the colors and style of the floral saree. Consider wearing delicate earrings, a matching necklace, and bangles. Style your hair in a way that complements the saree, such as an updo or loose curls. Some people find pleating to be a tedious task, one they cannot perform to perfection. The anti-dote to this is simply arrange the pleats neatly, ensuring they fall straight and evenly. You can fan them out slightly for a more pronounced effect. Use safety pins to secure the pleats at the waist, concealing the pins within the folds. 

Perfect Occasions to Flaunt Floral Sarees

Floral sarees are versatile and can be worn for various occasions. They’re especially an ideal choice for festivals and celebrations. Whether it’s Diwali, Navratri, Eid, or any other festive occasion, a floral saree adds a vibrant and joyful touch to your ensemble. One can also wear them for wedding-related events. Simply opt for a luxurious silk or embroidered floral saree for the wedding ceremony or choose a lighter floral saree for pre-wedding functions like mehndi or sangeet. Their versatility is immense. One can also wear them to formal events like cocktail parties, gala dinners, or corporate functions. Choose a sophisticated floral saree in a subtle color palette and pair it with elegant accessories to create a classy and refined look.

Floral sarees work very well for summer and daytime events as well, due to their refreshing and vibrant nature. Wear a lightweight floral saree in pastel shades or bright hues for outdoor gatherings, garden parties, or brunches. You can also wear floral sarees for casual outings or gatherings with friends and family. Opt for a comfortable and flowy one in breathable fabrics like cotton or chiffon. Pair it with minimal accessories and flats for a relaxed and stylish look.

In India, floral sarees are suitable for cultural and traditional events like dance performances, music concerts, or art exhibitions. They add a touch of elegance and grace while reflecting the cultural heritage of India. The charisma of a floral saree extends to a romantic date or special evening. Opt for a saree with a romantic floral pattern and pair it with delicate jewelry and soft makeup for a romantic and feminine look.

Remember, the occasion and your personal style preferences should guide your choice of floral saree. Consider the nature of the event, the level of formality, and the ambiance to select the perfect floral saree that complements the occasion and makes you feel confident and beautiful.


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