Handloom Sarees Should be a Closet Staple

Handloom Sarees Should be a Closet Staple

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about saris is their traditional look. They come with intricate designs which make them stand out from other ethnic wear.  The style and royalty makes sarees an ideal choice for any special occasions or parties .You have a lot of options and styles since the sarees are available in different varieties, such as silkstonework, embroidery and many more 

Handloom fabric refers to cloth that is produced using hand looms. The process ensures no two pieces will be exactly alike, with the rich world of natural colors and patterns being brought out through meticulous weaving on traditional looms. In India alone there are dozens upon dozens different types of fabrics woven into beautiful textiles for centuries by skilled artisans called weavers who work in family-owned businesses across villages and townships throughout rural areas. Many women prefer these exquisite handwoven sarees over mass manufactured. But why? Let’s find out.

What Makes Handloom Sarees Beautiful

Their imperfection is what makes handloom sarees beautiful. The small holes from the pin marks, an oil stain, or a strand of thread has a story to tell. These imperfections make the sarees special because it shows the hard work and patience of the person who made them. 

Reasons Why Handloom Sarees Are Not Out of Fashion

They Are Perfect for All Occasions

Just like your favorite black dress, a handloom saree can be worn from day to night, anytime and every time. You can wear it on a casual day or make it glam for an evening dinner. Usually, the handloom sarees are shiny and textured. They would need minimum accessories but feel free to put on some light jewelry or natural flower jewelry for that extra impression. It’s also versatile because you can style it depending on the occasion you will wear it. 

They Are Worth Your Money

Handwoven sarees are a classic piece of clothing. Therefore, you can use them in different styles, again and again, making them worth your money. They have a unique look and feel that you can’t find in any other fabric or material. The texture of the fabric is soft to touch, smooth, and luxurious. It has an elegant appearance with intricate designs and patterns that are unique. You will love wearing these beautiful sarees for special occasions like weddings, festivals, and parties. These sarees come in different colors, styles, and sizes, so there is something for everyone!

They Complement Different Body Types

Handloom sarees are not specific to a body type, so they look perfect on anyone. The handwoven silk saris are an ideal choice for women with slim and slender body types. They look great on the tall, thin, or petite woman as they complement their figure beautifully. The draping effect of these sarees makes them ideal for almost any body type. These sarees can also be worn at office functions, weddings, festivals, or any casual gathering.

They Are Go-To Pieces

Most women struggle in choosing what to wear in their closets, especially on festivals and occasions. Luckily, you won't have this problem if you have a handloom saree. The best part about handloom sarees made f a single material is their versatility in different styles and shapes you can wear or make with them. They are also very comfortable because they don't create any unwanted friction against your skin, unlike many other fabrics on the market today!

They Make You Feel More Confident

It is an excellent feeling to wear the handlooms. It gives you confidence and makes you feel more beautiful. The best part of it all, they are so comfortable that you can wear them for hours without getting tired or uncomfortable. These sarees are comfortable to wear because they are made from natural yarns that were handwoven. The detailed designs are the weavers' thoughts; each one is so unique that no computer can replicate it, complementing almost any wearer. 

They Are Available in Many Styles

Handloom Sarees are a very unique garment that has to be chosen carefully. Every region in India, from the Northern reaches of Kashmir all the way down to Southern Tamil Nadu, each have their own style and design sewn into these garments which results in hundreds of varieties for you to choose from. The colors used also vary according with local preferences as well as where they come from so it may feel like wearing your cultural heritage on your skin when sporting one!

They Are a Classic 

Handloom sarees have been worn for many years, so it is easily understandable why they are not out of style. This makes them a must in every woman’s closet since they are timeless.

The handloom industry has grown tremendously over the past few decades and now there are more than 2 million weavers working on these traditional looms. The artisans who make this beautiful fabric use natural dyes to create vibrant colors that will last forever. These fabrics can be found all around India from small villages to big cities like Mumbai or Delhi.

Handlooms are a vital part of many people's lives and an integral component to the Indian economy. By purchasing one, you help improve rural India by providing jobs for their skilled weavers who craft these intricate items.

Join the movement to help India grow by purchasing a handloom.

Finally, you understand why you need handloom sarees in your closet. Fashion statements have been made for centuries with the use of handloom sarees. These traditional Indian garments are not just limited to bohemian or artsy styles; you can find a style that will suit your personal look and level up your outfit's attire.

Regardless if you are the bride or the guest, a handloom saree is perfect for your style and budget. This is the perfect time to get one and add it to your wardrobe.


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