How Sarees Are Modest?

How Sarees Are Modest?
Indian women have been associated with sarees from hundreds of years. It is just a simple drape ranging from 5 to 9 yards, and is considered to be a modest garment for women. Women who love Indian culture and a modest garment still prefer to go for sarees in this advanced age of fashion. Although, it is a modest attire, but still there are numerous variations that make sarees elegant, charming, seductive, and fashionable at the same time. Have you ever wondered why sarees are considered to be modest attire? Well, most women do not consider this because they are used to wearing sarees and have never thought about this question. There is more than one reason and here are few of them for you:

A modest cultural asset

What else can boast so well about the Indian culture than the ethnic apparels? Sarees are part of the ethnic clothing for Indian women. It is part of Indian attire that has been in existence from thousands of years, and has still not gone out of fashion. Sarees are associated with Indian culture and a woman being graceful in her appearance and it is the same in almost all states of this country. History of saree is traced back to thousands of years back in the Indus Valley Civilization. It was around the 5th century when cotton was first cultivated and woven in India. However, in the ancient India women wore sarees that bared their midriff but the dharmashastra (scriptures) writers wrote that women should dress modestly so that navel is not visible. Due to this, the navel exposure became a taboo and it was concealed for some time. Another scripture refer the navel exposure to be source of life and creativity and kept open. So the beliefs vary from scriptures to scriptures, but one common fact is that it is modest attire being in existence from thousands of years.

Modest in modern times as well

In our times, Indian women prefer saree for almost all occasions because of its versatility. These days, there are ethnic sarees, party wear sarees, daily wear sarees, formal sarees, designer sarees, bridal sarees, and so on available in the market. Regardless of the designs, it is still a 5 to 8 meters drape that can be worn in different ways. It is definitely considered to be modest attire in several occasions. Some of the most common draping styles are: Bengali and Oriya styles Women wearing these sarees and draping in these styles automatically stand out and look different than the rest. These styles do not have pleats on them but definitely look graceful on woman who drapes it appropriately. There is a wide variety of sarees in these styles to choose from. The Guajarati and Rajasthani style These are the latest Indian sarees online that most women prefer for traditional occasions. The central pleats are tucked in opposite direction and then the loose end is draped around right shoulder. One of the edges is pulled across left and then is tucked at the waist behind. The Tamil style sarees These sarees are plentifully available in several colors, materials, and designs. If you search for latest Indian sarees online, these are some of the designs that you will come across. This is a traditional saree that is also called madisar. There is an elaborate procedure to drape this saree and it starts of elegantly by tucking in the pleats behind at the waist. The loose end of drape is then draped from right shoulder and draped around waist. It is then to tuck in front of left side. These and many more styles are easily available in the market. Online shopping has made it possible to order sarees from the millions of designs and several materials available out there. All that a woman needs to do is to select the right color, design, material, and order a product online. The sarees will then be delivered on doorsteps. An Indian woman looks absolutely stunning and elegant at the same time with one of the several sarees and draping styles. However, even women from other countries love the elegant appeal of sarees and try this style out. Many fashion conscious women from across the globe look at the latest Indian sarees online and order their quota of these drapes.

Modestly drape your saree

There are several draping styles that you can choose depending upon the sarees, occasion, and your body type as well. However, make sure to modestly drape your saree so that you can stand out in the crowd. Be stylish and yet elegant with these drapes. As you choose to go for latest Indian sarees online, you will experience several compliments from your friends and family. Your wearing an elegant and modest saree will also make any occasion appropriate and special for you. It will not only enhance your beauty, but will also enhance the overall ambience of an occasion.
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