Indian Bottom Wear Trends to Sport this Season - Break all Fashion Stereotypes

Indian Bottom Wear Trends to Sport this Season - Break all Fashion Stereotypes
Summer is here and with it has brought fresh new trends! Whenever we think of summer, we think easy-breezy fabrics which are flowy and super light. Versatile pieces that are great for morning brunches and evening soirees. You have got your summer wardrobe ready but have you concentrated on bottom wear? I know your wardrobe is filled with skinny pants from winter! So, it is now time to upgrade your wardrobe and fill it with stylish pants that you can team it with your kurtis. Keep a tab on the oven-fresh trends that are doing the rounds! Stay tuned to know more about hot new trends in Indian ethnic wear. Summer Essentials – Latest Indian Ethnic Wear When you think of the latest Indian ethnic wear there are several things that cross our minds, the fabric, the print and the silhouette and the color of course! Let us know more about these in details, Choose the perfect fabric Summer is synonymous with light, flowy fabrics. There are so many fabrics to choose such as cotton, linen, tulle, lace, and georgettes. These are lovely fabrics and you can add it to your wardrobe to add more versatility to it. Hues of the season Mint fresh sorbet hues are much-sought-after this season. Colors such as canary yellow, peach, shades of yellow, blue, indigo, and reds. Of course, you cannot forget the summer staple color, whites. I love to experiment more with monochrome, as they say, you can never go wrong with the classic white and black. Floral prints Floral prints and summers are inextricably linked with one another. Experiment more with different kinds of prints and get ready to rock your summer-ready style. Enhance your style game with interesting prints such as tropical prints adding unconventional fruits and striking blossoms or OTT leaf prints to your ensemble. It is sure to take your look to the next level. Now, that you have got your summer rule book out. We will focus on some of the more important matters, such as the bottom wear trends this summer. You can wear the same kurti with different bottom wear and make each look diametrically different from one another. We list out some of our absolute favorites and we simply cannot imagine the sultry season without these uber chic pants. Ready for more? Stylish Bottom Wear – Different Types of Ethnic Wear Online We know when it comes to summers salwars rule the roost. But why stick to one kind of bottom wear when there is so much to explore? Yes, you will be spoilt for choice, the palazzos, the culottes, and the works. Check out the summer wardrobe essentials here.
  1. Palazzos – Thank God for the person who discovered palazzos. I mean could there be a garment more comfortable than this? And the best part they are so versatile, you can wear it with pretty much everything. A tee, a kurta, a shirt, anything and they do give you the quintessential summer vibes. Easy-breezy and perfect for even those sweltering afternoons when you find it hard to choose, exactly what to wear for an outing. “It is just too hot,” is the statement you keep repeating to yourself and finally you end up choosing the palazzos. What can you do, they are just too darn comfortable!
  2. Culottes – Culottes are cute, cropped and uber cool! This cropped pants version is just too stylish to ignore this summer. Whether they are striped, pleated or just plain they add the right degree of quirk factor to your otherwise staid wardrobe. Also, you can choose a different kind of shoes to pair with it. While thong sandals are a perennial summer favorite, white trainers are slowly emerging as the hot new thing! When you team your Indian ethnic wear with culottes you earn extra brownie points for blending in the East and the West seamlessly. Why should girls who wear western dresses have all the fun? If you are a fan of Indian wear, you can join in the jamboree too with as much spunk and chutzpah! You just have the willingness to experiment more.
  3. Bell Bottoms – The seventies are back and so are the bell bottoms. Yes, flared pants and the more flared the better. They look stylish when paired off with off shoulder tunics, even prim and proper high neck kurtis. Also, like the other two bottom wear, they are super comfortable. You can wear to beat the scorching heat and they are a perfect choice for both morning and evening outings!
  4. Dhoti Salwar – Summer weddings are fun but you just hate decking up in heavy clothes, which may look glam but weigh you down in this sultry weather. So what should be a chic Indian outfit option for the summer weather? The dhoti salwar paired with a short traditional kurta. Dhoti pants suit most body types and they are roomy and have lots of pleats in the thigh region. Slip-on solid colored dhoti pants with a heavily embroidered kurta and you are set to conquer hearts with your perfect-to-a-fault sartorial choices.
  5. Printed Pants – Nothing spells summer than cool summery prints, such as polka dots, flower prints leaf prints et al. It jazzes up a boring kurta in no time at all. Choose the perfect fabric and in this case, georgettes, cotton, works big time! Accessorize right for too much accessorizing can take away the focus from your pants and give out a very confused vibe, when it comes to making statements, stick to making one statement at a time! Too many statements together ruin the look.
Shop ethnic wear online in USA or India and update and refurbish your wardrobe! After all, there is ain’t no time like summer to play dress up! Lots of options to choose from and perk up your look. You are what you wear and it is your duty to make every look count, down to the last detail. This season the bottom wear is stealing the show and why should you be left behind? Here is to a sultry and stylish summer!
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