Latest & Modern Bridal Lehenga Color Combination For 2021

Latest & Modern Bridal Lehenga Color Combination For 2021

In the bridal world, the trend for lehenga color combinations is ever-evolving. Millennial brides are known for smashing stereotypes and coming up with mouth-watering unique wedding colors.

Surely, you’d have seen brides choosing rather unconventional color combos over the traditional red and pinks. We’ve evolved from the era of one-way wedding colors into an experimental era. In this new era, brides are taking new routes- try out new girl lehenga color combos while steadily elevating the bridal fashion scene.

There has been a deviation from traditional red to other colors such as the peach color lehenga. Here we would show you the latest bridal lehenga rare wedding colors. From peach color combinations to red color combinations for weddings, we would list them all. When you are done reading, you’d surely know the best color combination for a wedding!

Pastels are here to stay

First things first! If you thought pastel lehengas would fade off soon, you should have second thoughts. Right now, bridal pastel lehengas with trendy wedding colors aren’t hard to find. This reality isn’t changing anytime soon. Put it at this- they are here to stay!

That being said, let’s head straight to the color patterns for weddings you should be aware of:

Mustard Yellow + Emerald green

Ever thought of this combo? Nope?

Neither did we…until we saw a breath-taking bride dazzling in it. Surely, mustard green and emerald green would make an amazing color combo- especially if you are searching for unique wedding colors.

Orange + Hot Pink

An orange lehenga goes well with mint, gold, pink, red. You could also choose to go monotone. Regardless of whether you have a fair skin tone or a rather dusky one, this color combo works like magic- making you the center of attraction!

We’ve seen brides glowing in their orange outfits at pre-wedding ceremonies, alongside lots of guests. This color combo is also a suitable lehenga for reception.

Turquoise + Blush Pink  

With this lehenga color combination, the bride is sure to look vibrant and fresh. Looking through the list of amazing color combos, the Blush Pink Floral Bridal Lehenga is too gorgeous to be missed.

Red + Burnt orange

What color goes well with red for a wedding ceremony? Try out burnt orange! Burnt orange is claiming a top spot on the list of the latest bridal color combos. An orange bridal lehenga helps you give the classic traditional red attire a modern touch.

Pistachio green + Light Pink

Who would have thought pistachio green would become a widely-used bridal color? From red to pink to green- predicting what form the next fashion wave would come as would be like trying to catch the wind; simply impossible.

However, what’s certainly possible is that everything looks great in pistachio green- even light pink.

Indigo + Ice blue

Once again, these power blue lehengas are too gorgeous to be excluded from the list- or even missed. This combo is perfect for pre-wedding festivities. It gives the perfect expression of mildness and moderation while extending a hand to your special glow.

Here’s a tip for you: A ruby set or antique temple jewelry are amazing accessories for this lehenga. 

Sea green + Pale pink

The amazing complementation the sea-green gives the pink makes this lehenga combo a perfect eye-catch.

Mustard Yellow + Tangerine

Tying the knot soon? Here’s a great color combo you’d like. This combo makes you radiate like the sun, with your elegance spreading your light in the form of exquisite beauty.

Simply put, it is perfect for your wedding day!

A piece of gold temple jewelry would be a fascinating jewelry combo for the lehenga.

Red + Cream + Mint green

Looking for a new way to rock the traditional red attire? Try bringing cream and mint green into the equation- and you’d look out-of-this-world amazing! With this double dupatta- one green, and the other cream- you’d surely keep all eyes on you.

Here’s a secret you should know: Red lips and a traditional polki set with this subdued version of green will make everyone go WOW!

Royal blue + Dusty pink

For royal brides, here’s a royal color!

Were you on the lookout for the perfect royal blue wedding color combinations? If so, stop searching- because, you just found one! A ruby set, diamond polka set, or a piece of antique temple jewelry are favorite accessories for this combo!

Rock this to your pre-wedding festivities!


It’s safe to say that brides have gone across the color palettes- experimenting their way through. You don’t have to use your wedding as an experiment, however. Simply pick your favorite wedding combo, and you are good to go- with all eyes fixed on you!