7 Lehenga Blouse Designs for a Party

7 Lehenga Blouse Designs for a Party

As the weather gets warmer across the Northern Hemisphere, the time for relaxed, warm-weather parties is upon us. It is also the season for weddings, as over two-thirds of weddings happen between May and October. Modern brides, hostesses, and guests can all use new party wear to usher in changing seasons and lives.

A lehenga choli makes a striking impression during this time and helps stave off the heat, too. This two-piece Indian fashion is a traditional piece of ethnic wear with a splash of contemporary design. Designer lehengas are everywhere, with major Bollywood designers like Manish Malhotra taking every opportunity to create them for leading ladies.

Below, we’re going to highlight some of the latest lehenga blouse designs to help you shine at any party. Whether celebrating the summer or donning a wedding lehenga for parties leading up to the special day, Lashkaraa is here to help.

Dusty Blue and Gold Embroidered Lehenga

Our first suggestion is lush, understated, richly detailed, and grows yet more beautiful the longer you look at it. The Dusty Blue and Gold Embroidered Lehenga makes its impression thanks to elegant colors and gentle geometrical contrast.

The dusty blue blouse features a high neck and sheer sleeves. These shoulder designs create a gently ethereal impression, while other embellishments bring it back to Earth. The V-neck of the piece offers the perfect opportunity to highlight a dangling necklace or other jewelry. Below, the silhouette-shaping band at the bottom of the cropped blouse features a metallic-colored fringe that lightly jostles with movement.

The flowing skirt features the sequins and other embellishments that make this piece so unique. Intricate sequins and thread work in metallic floral and foliage patterns symmetrically descend the skirt, delicately contrasting the blue body.

The net dupatta completes the piece with tonally-matching blue fabric and a metallic hem. The hem is shaped with small triangles to create a bold outline, no matter how you choose to drape it.

Peach Mirror Embroidered Lehenga

A pink lehenga makes for a light, airy piece to wear in warmer months. For events leading up to the wedding, the bride might want to wear pink leading up to her red wedding dress (if she chooses to wear one).

The Peach Mirror Embroidered Lehenga provides a net top and lehenga, both with a Santoon inner. The result is a full sleeves blouse with a layered, partially sheer look on the sleeves and outer lehenga.

Faux mirror and thread work are both used to provide shape and elegant embellishments. A line of mirror work defines the neck, waist, and hem of the two-piece garment. This embellishment appears in the intricate blooming foliage on the lehenga and subtle geometries of the blouse and dupatta. The sheet net dupatta features a thread and mirror-work hem identical to that of the lehenga.

Wear the Peach Mirror Embroidered Lehenga to everyday parties for a refined, lush, yet easy-going appearance. The dress isn’t so bold that you’ll detract from the true stars of the occasion, but it will surely help you radiate positive attention.

Light Grey Multicolor Sequins Embroidered Lehenga

If there is one word to describe the Light Grey Multicolor Sequins Embroidered Lehenga, it would be glam. The piece thrives in the light and offers boundless versatility in its design. The spaghetti strap blouse provides a glamorous neckline while also exposing the midriff, resulting in a silhouette-revealing piece.

The lehenga itself revels in a mixture of grey and olive tones, highlighted by a metallic hem and sequin work. Sleek vertical lines of sequins which start close together and flair with the drape of the garment create a stunning shimmer. The dupatta has a subtle fringe and bold latticed sequins, adding a warm glow.

The piece is slightly more contemporary thanks to its use of georgette. On a historical scale, georgette is a fairly new fabric, concretely emerging in the early 20th century. This allows for an effortless drape shaped by the body of the wearer. To highlight yourself, consider this lehenga.

Black and Light Pink Embroidered Net Lehenga

We move from glimmering mirrors to the richness of matte velvet with our Black and Light Pink Embroidered Net Lehenga. This garment is immediately recognizable thanks to a complex mixture of zari, stone, thread, and lace embellishments. The midriff-baring blouse is marked by detailed, tightly illustrated floral designs. These designs are also represented on the dark hem of the light pink dupatta.

The lehenga itself features individual flowers which are more spread out, embroidered on the net outer. The result here is that the eye is immediately drawn to the boldness of the blouse, then notices the full effect of the ensemble. The complex metallic hem lehenga finishes it and provides a light drape.

The neutral tones of the lehenga make this the perfect time to bring out your favorite statement accessories. Metal-matching jewelry and light-colored heels both make this a jaw-dropping outfit to behold.

As with all our pieces, the Black and Light Pink Embroidered Net Lehenga is handmade in India. This allows us to ensure the absolute best in all regards. Everything is available in traditional sizes and custom-ordered designs for the perfect fit.

Royal Blue Heavy Embroidered Net Lehenga

The Mughal dynasty had an unparalleled impact on literature, music, and fashion throughout India. Many of the relatively newer forms of traditional dress date back to this era. The Mughal dynasty also saw a renaissance of woven fabrics like velvet. For this reason, velvet is the perfect choice for this lehenga:

The Royal Blue Heavy Embroidered Velvet Lehenga features a complex floral pattern throughout. The choli features a thick jaal and gold foil embroidery to enhance the metal-hued delights of the garment. Rose, jade, and gold-colored embroidery work well alongside a defined hem and neckline to create an elegant sleeveless blouse. The pattern is continued even on the shoulder blouse designs.

The net dupatta features a thin, delicately embroidered border and sparse embroidery. The result is a subtle piece that is dotted with shining accents.

The lehenga highlights a more free-flowing form of couture. Complex bursts of intermingled florals run throughout the piece, vertically descending down to a glimmering hem. This hem creates the final, dazzling touch to a remarkable lehenga.

Blush Embroidered Lehenga Style Saree

Our next lehenga uses a warm color and embroidery to create the perfect party look. A fusion of traditional and contemporary designs makes it effective for a modern bridal look or an eye-catching appearance. The Blush Embroidered Lehenga Style Saree blends the ease of a lehenga with the iconic shape of a saree blouse and dupatta.

The long-sleeve style blouse features embroidery with zari, stone, and mirror work. The net sleeves allow for sheer arms while producing jewelry-mimicking reflective embroidery along the forearms and wrist. This embroidery is further reflected in the body of the blouse.

A fully embroidered belt at the waist allows the wearer to tighten or loosen the garment based on their particular comfort level or styling technique. The lehenga is carried by the refined blush color and enhanced by a gold-colored hem and embroidered dupatta hem. The dupatta here is attached directly to the lehenga.

Neutral and warm tones help any matching jewelry to shine. Opt for lightly-colored neutral accessories with bright metallics or neutral beige undertones.

Lilac Beige Sequins Embroidered Net Lehenga

Our last lehenga on this list features a unique shoulder design and appealing asymmetrical embroidery that delights in variation. A dramatic ruffled shoulder provides a delightful contrast to the simpler sleeveless shoulder in this Lilac Beige Sequins Embroidered Net Lehenga. This stunning lehenga is a glamorous choice to wear as a bridal outfit at a sangeet ceremony, allowing a full view of the complex Mehendi.

It can serve as a bridal lehenga or as a formidably impressive outfit at any party. The body of the choli uses sequins and thread work embellishments to create a complex interwoven look. This look is made magnitudes more complex by the intricacy of the lehenga embroidery. The end result is a garment that is meant to catch the light and be set ablaze with color.

A net top and lehenga with a Satoon inner provide an additional degree of layering. The net dupatta, with equally bold splashes of sequins, completes the look. This is not a lehenga to wear if you wish to hide away from attention. If you are comfortable with the praise and glances it will invariably attract, this lehenga is for you.

Looks To Celebrate

The perfect lehenga is hard to find. Thankfully, the reason behind this is the variety of styles and consistently high quality to be found in traditional apparel.

You may be attending a party as part of an Indian wedding or as part of another celebration. However you are celebrating, there are countless pieces to choose from to fit your desires and the context.

Art silk, rich velvet, layered net, and more are all indicative of the wide range of pieces provided by Lashkaraa. If none of the above spoke perfectly to you, there are numerous other lehengas, each one as intricately designed.


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