Lehenga Trends for Maximalist Brides of Today

Lehenga Trends for Maximalist Brides of Today
These days, weddings are all about elaborate decoration, fancy food menu, whimsical ambiance, and opulent dressing. If your idea of the wedding is a flamboyant designer bridal lehenga, vintage and theatrical venue, dramatic décor and overwhelming spread of delicacies, then you are definitely a bride with maximal tendencies in a modern world. A traditional red lehenga is definitely not your taste. You want something that fills the contrast between traditions and uber modern trends. It should be something that will make you dazzle in the crowd and make you look like a million dollars. From times immemorial, lehengas have been the most popular bridal wear. However, over the centuries it has evolved and turned into designer couture. Lehenga for women is no more just about the dupatta or its draping. It is about every inch and every garment of the ensemble and how it brings out the true personality of the wearer. Here are some bridal wear lehenga trends to create the look of your dreams and make a statement on your big day.

Designer Bridal Lehenga Trends for the Bold & Beautiful

Golden Glow: Previously, even the best lehenga designs had only a touch of gold. The color was used to give an ornate look to the attire. However, with changing times, gold is used as a standalone shade for bridal clothing. Brides of today are choosing dull golden for their bridal wear lehenga. It is the number one choice for women who want to enhance their bridal glow. Dull Gold with eccentric colors: Modern bride is bold and wild. They are fearless about their choices and love to create their own look. Therefore, dull gold with contrasting luminous colors like pink, peach, orange, red and blue is the new fad. Whether it’s a golden blouse with a colorful skirt or vice-versa, this look is for every bride who wants to look modish and chic at the same time. Color Block: Starting from western wear, this trend has found its way to Indian fashion wear. Latest lehenga trends include color block lehengas and are attracting quite an attention from the celebs and Bollywood divas. Some of the scintillating color block combinations are cobalt and red, rustic orange and green, tan and blue, gold and green, purple and pink, magenta and red, salmon pink with mint green, and lilac with beige. There is a lot to experiment with, however, pick what suits your style the best. Shimmer and shine: If you want to dazzle your way to glory, this is the perfect choice for you. The shimmer is back in vogue and it is glamming up the latest designer lehenga collections. Shimmer fabrics are soft and flowy, and they create gorgeous skirts and sheer blouses for lehengas. The silhouette has a perfect flare to embrace the body type and create a brilliant look for the wearer. White is the new red: For millennial brides, the color red may have taken a backseat and there are new kids on the block. Among many trending unconventional colors, white is gaining quite a popularity. Brides are breaking the traditional boundaries and experimenting with whites and a combination of white and other colors. Even the designers are reinventing the meaning of bridal wear and colors associated with it. Ivory Magic: Not too different from white, this beautiful color is all about class and elegance. Ivory bridal wear lehengas, designed with authentic chikankari embroidery creates a soul-stirring masterpiece. Bollywood hottie Priyanka Chopra adorned a pearl white lehenga on one of her wedding receptions and looked like an ethereal princess. Then, there was Sonam Kapoor who looked like a queen in her party wear lehenga in ivory for her sangeet. Radiant neon: For all the bold ladies out there, to bring out your natural radiance and vibrant personality, look towards neon colors. Different shades of neon like pink, yellow and green are raging trends among the wedding lehengas online and designer collection. You can even go with a combination of neon color paired with a paler version of your favorite color. You can choose to tone the impact with a golden or off-white color blouse. Grey is Bae: The color grey has never been a popular pick when it comes to ethnic couture. It was never considered fit for occasions like wedding and festivals. However, girls are changing the trends and bringing in unusual colors. Grey, when paired with golden and other vibrant colors, is all about sartorial splendor. It suits most of the Indian skin tones and enhances the beauty of their facial features. Romantic Tales: A very interesting trend has emerged in the designer wear lehenga designs. Brides want to tell their love tale through their lehengas. Important dates, tales of their romance, name of their beau and other important details of their love story are etched on their bridal outfit. These creations are unique and a master piece of a kind like their love story. This trend is attracting a lot of attention from the millennial brides. Such ensembles are like a sight to behold and add a mysterious charm to beautiful brides who choose to wear it. Floral Forever: Never going out of fashion are floral prints. They are gorgeous and have a vintage allure that can make a bride blossom like a bouquet of flowers. Floral prints, embellishments, floral motifs or patterns on bridal wear lehenga is an incredible way to bring out the feminine charm in you and enhance the natural beauty of your face. Floral patterns in pastel shades look extraordinary and perfect for the bridal glow. Sassy Sequins: For brides who crave all the attention, this one is the perfect match. When you want to raise your glamour quotient in the most traditional manner and steal the show effortlessly, shiny sequins on your outfit is all you need. Jazz up the look with a backless blouse or plunging neckline. This attire is sure to enrapture the heart of your groom and he will never forget how you looked on your wedding day. These are the latest lehenga trends in the world of bridal wear. So are you ready to glitter like the moon and shine like a radiant star on your wedding day?