Make Everyone Envious by Wearing Green on the Sixth Day of Navratri

Make Everyone Envious by Wearing Green on the Sixth Day of Navratri

The celebrations are still happening in observance of Navratri. Just like last year, the way it is being celebrated may be different because of the present pandemic, but the festival will still push through and will focus on dedicating it to the goddesses Katyayani. 

Aside from fasting, another exciting way to commemorate the event is to wear the color intended for the sixth day of the festival which many devotees believe to bring good luck, blessings, and prosperity. Green is the color for this day. 

Wearing the color green on the sixth day of Navratri symbolizes renewal, growth, and new beginnings. Many devotees would want to show their devotion as well as look their best during the festivity. Of course, this type of clothing can be more fashionable while you make the goddesses Katyayani happy as you devote this day to them. 

If you want to have a striking look, you can get inspiration from celebrities to make your outfits more striking or check out available magazines to help you decide on the style you want to portray. Read on and get ready to flaunt your sixth day of Navratri look. 

Usually, green-colored outfits look really amazing when you wear oxidized jewelry. Others go boldly by wearing statement necklaces and they look breathtakingly beautiful in this manner. Search your room because you may be owning bright green bangles and you can wear this to accent your look during the day of the festivity. 

There are even women who choose to wear simple and classic Indian Kurtis yet can still pull it off. 

Take clues from below how you can start the festival.

Anarkali Suits

Light Green Embroidered Satin Anarkali

Wearing the perfect green color on Navratri is what will make your outfit complete. So go for intricate designs, patterns, and embroideries to create an elegant look that is sure to impress and bring luck!

With all of these beautiful shades available this season, you can look for a green anarkalis suit, which comes with heavy embroidery and full sleeves. Pair it nicely with statement earrings and hair accessories. Then, choose the hairstyle that compliments your look.

Light Green Embroidered Satin Anarkali


Green Heavy Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Nothing will make you look more attractive than a green embroidered velvet lehenga. It comes with soft velvet and well-done embroidery and beads. It comes with an elegant boat neck, embroidered blouse, and white netted dupatta. It will give a contrasting look; match golden jewelry like earrings or necklaces to complete this conservative yet stylish outfit for dandiya nights.

Green Heavy Embroidered Velvet Lehenga

Mehendi Green and Maroon Organza Lehenga

 It comes in a Mehandi green colour with a red net and embroidery dupatta. It comes with an elegant boat neck maroon blouse which will give a contrasting look; put on matching golden earrings to complete this conservative yet stylish outfit for dandiya nights.

Mehendi Green and Maroon Organza Lehenga

Gharara Suits

Light Dusty Green Embroidered Gharara Suit

A green gharara is the perfect outfit to wear for a dandiya night. A short, opened suit with gharara in green will offer you a distinctive look with its bold embroidery, intricate beads on sleeves, and waistline. Opt for statement earrings and less makeup 

Light Dusty Green Embroidered Gharara Suit

Peplum Suits

Mehendi Green and Purple Peplum Suit

Get ready for dandiya nights by wearing a green peplum suit.

It will offer you a unique look with bold embroidery, off-shoulder, and a contrasting purple dupatta.

Mehendi Green and Purple Peplum Suit

Punjabi Suits

Light Dusty Green Embroidered Net Punjabi Suit

There's no better outfit than this Patiala salwar. The loose fitting of these dresses makes them perfect for lounging around all day and night while also providing comfort during high heels! Pair it up with any essential footwear and accessories accordingly - though don't forget about picking up some pretty earrings just because you can.

Light Dusty Green Embroidered Net Punjabi Suit

Other Tips

Whatever your choice might be, you can also decide to put ornaments or embellishment to make your green suit prettier and eye-catching. You can also decide to pair your outfit with stylish earrings, a bag, and a pair of juttis. This style also works like a miracle in pulling off a dazzling look. A green bindi can also be worn by females. If you want, you can also choose to balance your look by wearing a beaded pair of earrings. 

When you put on makeup, less is more. As ironic as it may seem, the less makeup you put on, the more it can accentuate your beauty. When it comes to your hair, it can be curled or you can tie it as well. Soft waves would also look gorgeous on you while you are sporting nude makeup and soft lips. Other women decide to go with a neat bun or an elegant chignon. 

Moreover, if you opt for a brown lip shade, then it can also complement your look. 

If you do own a gold choker or gold bangles you can choose to wear this together with your green outfit. Green and gold, when paired, give off a truly mesmerizing and magnetic look. You can actually experiment also with a variety of designs and fabrics to own your look. 

You can choose to wear a silk sari with a polka dots design and still be beautiful. Own what you wear and be confident. 

Color combinations can also slay a lovely look. Go for a red blouse which can go with your green outfit nicely. Look regal with gold motifs and it can surely be a winner. Whatever color you choose to pair with green, make sure that you are ready when you go for the combination. 


If you still want to look for more inspiration, there are famous actresses in Bollywood where you can get ideas from. Look up some of their photos online and try to imagine if you will look beautiful in those styles. Make heads turn this season while you go for something you are comfortable wearing.  

The goddesses Katyayani will be happy to see women like you looking their best in a festivity dedicated to celebrating their existence.