Monsoon Wedding Trends: Lehenga Choli Ideas for Your Magical Monsoon Wedding

Monsoon Wedding Trends: Lehenga Choli Ideas for Your Magical Monsoon Wedding
Monsoons are just around the corner and so is the wedding season. It is the most romantic time of the year that provides a perfect backdrop for a surreal love story. The pleasant weather, lush green surroundings, and drizzling rain is the ideal time for nuptials. Since you will be saved from the atrocities of scorching sun and heatwave, rituals and celebratory ceremonies can be enjoyed to the fullest. Designer Lehenga Choli However, a heavy downpour can prove to be disastrous for the bride and groom.  Since their wedding is the most important time of the couple’s life, it is important that everything is planned to the t. While the venue, décor, food, rituals, ceremonies, and everything else can be taken care of by wedding planners or event managers, it is imperative that the brides pay attention to selecting just the right bridal wear lehenga keeping in mind the latest lehenga trends.  So, here are a few tips to look your gorgeous best.

Tips to dressing up for your Monsoon Wedding

While some drizzling is a welcome relief, a heavy downpour can really spoil things especially for the bride who is expected to be all decked up in heavily embellished designer bridal lehenga choli. The monsoon brides must consider a few things before buying their bridal outfit. Before we get to the latest lehenga trends here are a few tips to dressing up on the wedding day.
  1. Avoid overly heavily embellished and embroidered lehengas. Since wearing heavy-duty lehenga choli has become a norm in Indian weddings, it is suggested to avoid heavy fabrics and embellishments, as moisture, humidity, and dampen surroundings will make you very uncomfortable.
  2. Stay away from heavy fabrics like silk, brocade velvet and opt for light-weight breathable fabric.  
  3. When it comes to jewelry and baubles, keep it minimal. You want to be comfortable and pleasant during the rituals and ceremonies. Too much of bling and adornments will make you uncomfortable and scratchy. Also, too much weight on you will make it difficult to move around.
  4. White and ivory are the new raging trend among the brides. They are choosing light colors over brighter hues. However, the trends change during monsoon season. It is suggested to avoid light colors like white, ivory, pearl pink, and ice blue as they get easily stained.
  5. Choose fabrics like satin that are easy to clean when it gets dirty.
  6. Silhouettes can make a real difference, too. Choosing voluminous and overly flared lehenga is not a good idea. As it is not easy to carry around. Therefore, sleek silhouettes like mermaid cuts or A-line lehenga cholis are a lot in fashion and much preferred over swanky flowy lehengas.

Monsoon Weddings: Latest Lehenga Trends

1. Vibrant hues:

Even though pastels and muted tones are ruling the charts, it may not be the best idea to choose these colors for your wedding lehenga choli. Such colors are easy to stain. This is the best time to play with luminous colors and shades without the fear of overdoing it. This does not mean you have to settle for traditional red and maroon color. You can add some spunk to your wedding wear wardrobe by choosing bright tangerine, yellow, mustard, teal blue, bubblegum pink, emerald green, royal purple, and golds. Lehengas in these colors are certainly going to make you look vibrant and enhance your natural glow. At the same time, if there are any stains on your dress it won’t show noticeably on your dress. Designer lehenga choli

2. Offbeat combinations:

Surely when the topic of colors has come out, let’s address the issue of color combinations. Since you have a restricted option of colors, you can experiment and get a little quirky when deciding on color combinations. Its time to pick colors that are never seen together before and add the celebratory vibe to every party and event. Fuchsia, green, royal blue, yellows, and scarlet can help you create some rare combinations that will add some color to the gloomy weather. However, if you want to keep it a little subtle, you can even pair your sprightly lehenga with a muted color blouse or dupatta.

3. Contemporary Silhouettes:

With changing trends, women are experimenting with silhouettes to add a zing of style and modishness. They are ditching the usual designs and patterns for modern cuts and something unique.  Ruffled sleeves, frilled hemline, heavy flares, asymmetrical cuts, dhotis, and skirts are some of the trends that are catching up faster with the bridal fashion wear. Couturiers are reinventing traditional lehenga choli continuously to meet the demands of modern women and style. So, ditch the boring traditional lehenga and lookout for something that will allow you to make your own statement.

4. Minimalistic lehengas:

Minimalistic lehengas are the new big thing. Modern women with suave tastes are choosing this over heavily embellished outfits. Monsoon is the perfect season to adorn these lehengas as it allows you to move and twirl easily even on the dampened areas. You don’t have to be tied down with your clothes. Instead, choose something breathable and enjoy the ceremonies and parties which are thrown for you. You can choose for printed and embroidered designs over the crystal and studded embellishments.  

5. Nature-inspired prints:

Another trend to keep in mind when choosing your monsoon wedding bridal lehenga choli is nature-inspired prints. Bold floral and foliage prints are the best way to dress up in a monsoon wedding. It will help you match the soothing and pleasant backdrop rainy season. These are contemporary, stylish, and edgy. It will allow you to make a scintillating statement of your own and certainly capture the attention of your guests.

6. Figure-hugging with deep cuts:

Since you can’t do much with embellishments, add extra oomph to your attire with a figure-hugging deep cut lehenga. This is a trending style that millennial girls are using on their wedding lehenga choli to keep their sass on point. It is the best way to look glamorous in a traditional manner.

7. Lehenga with contemporary blouse:

As mentioned above, unconventional silhouettes are trending. Girls are experimenting with new patterns and choosing to make their blouse as the focal point. Contemporary blouses are all about luxe feel and flamboyance. They cannot be hidden under the dupatta. Long cape sleeves, opulent large puffs, ruffles on the sleeves, and backless choli are some perfect ways to add some drama in an elegant way. Lehenga choli designs

8. Silver motifs:

Gold embellishments are the most common form of bling at weddings. However, monsoons provide just the right opportunity to explore other options and use silver motifs in attire. Silver motifs when blended with colors like blue, green, purple, and pink look absolutely gorgeous and suit the tone of the weather that is calming and gentle.

9. Neon colors:

Pastels can take a back seat when it comes to the rainy season. Enliven up the gloomy weather with neon colors. They are the absolutely vibrant and pulsating choice for a bride who wants to shine in the crowd and dazzle her way to the night.

10.Ankle-length skirts:

Another must-try trend for monsoon weddings is ankle-length skirts of lehenga choli. This will not only make you always look trendy but also save you from ruining your attire on the wet floor and look your gorgeous best.  

11.Flowy fabrics:

Humidity and moisture can be a big problem during the rainy season. This can cause a lot of irritation and ruin your look and mood. Therefore, choose breathable and flowy fabric over heavy and voluminous ones. Georgette, net, chiffon, and tissue are some of your options. These fabrics will allow a natural flair to your attire without suffocating you and keep you cool at all times. So, are you ready to be the monsoon bride? Before you say yes, we would like to bring your attention to your footwear and makeup. This is not the best time to wear sky-high heels. Save yourself from embarrassment by choosing intrinsically designed bridal flat footwear. Also, make sure to wear a waterproof makeup and keep it light. Keeping the above tips and trends in mind will certainly help you achieve your perfect bridal look and dazzle like an ethereal queen.