Raging trends: Eccentric and Unconventional Hues for Your Lehenga Look

Raging trends: Eccentric and Unconventional Hues for Your Lehenga Look
Your wedding day is one of the most significant and memorable days of your life. You and your groom are going to cherish the memories of these days, forever and ever. Therefore, looking your best is not just an option but holds paramount importance. Just like the food and the décor of the venue, your outfit should be nothing less than perfect. In fact, your lehenga should be your top priority, while you can leave everything else on your loved ones to take care of. Indian ethnic wear In today’s time, selecting the bridal lehenga choli is a tricky business. For a very long time, Indian brides have chosen the color red for their bridal lehenga choli designs. This is simply because red is considered to be the color of love and passion. According to the Hindu traditions, it is the symbol of the rising sun and the color of the planet in charge of marriages, Mars. Even the color of Vermillion, the bridal mehndi and Bindi are red. Therefore, the color red has been strongly associated with the bridal attire of Indian brides. However, times are changing and so are the preferences of the new-gen brides. The modern Indian woman is ready to go beyond the traditions and willing to experiment. They don’t want to be predictable and they are enthusiastic to create their own statement. As the famous designer, Coco Chanel once said that the best color in the whole wide world is the color that looks the best on you. Therefore, brides are making sure that they pick the color that are the true representation of their personality, suit their taste and style and bring the best out of them. Today’s brides are more adventurous and want to create a unique look for their special day. In 2016, the fashion world witnessed a major transformation wherein bridal lehenga collection featured pastel hues. In 2018, more changes were witnessed and this time brides are reinventing some pretty hues, using unconventional combinations and experimenting with eccentric colors. If you are a bride, who is looking for the perfect color for her bridal lehenga, then here are a few colors you can consider opting for your big day. These shades are just some of the many uncustomary shades that brides are picking over the traditional red color. You can also use some of these offbeat yet unique color to create inimitable combinations for your bridal and partywear lehenga.   lehenga collection1. Ivory and Gold: While the brighter shades are passe, offbeat colors such as ivory and gold are ruling the charts. These two colors together are creating some gorgeous bridal lehenga looks that are worthy of praise and admiration. Bollywood celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra rocked these cool colors with utter panache and aplomb on the various events of their wedding affair. These colors are a total contrast of traditional colors like red and pink. However, they have emerged to become a raging trend. These colors look incredible on Indian complexion and can be blended well with other modish colors. Whether its simply dull gold or pastel hues of your favorite colors, this shade is never going to disappoint you. 2. Grey Magic: You read it right! Grey is one of the most trending unconventional colors brides of today are choosing for their bridal lehenga choli designs. This is definitely for someone who does not live by stereotypes and believes in breaking the trends. Someone who has edgy and bold sense of style and fashion can rock this color on her wedding day. You can experiment with various shades of grey such as metallic grey, plain grey, dull grey or charcoal grey. Choose for diamonds and pearls if you plan to wear grey lehenga at your wedding. You can even pick a contrasting dupatta and create an extraordinary bridal look. Believe us! You will never regret this choice as grey is definitely going to let you outshine the crowd. 3. Lilac and Lavender: Shades of purple, especially lilac and lavender are in vogue. For a long time, such colors were a part of bridesmaid tribe. However, fashion is constantly evolving, and these off-the-wall colors are stirring up the world of Indian ethnic wear. Designers are exploring their options and are creating some marvelous pieces with these unusual shades. This color has a magical, mystical ability to enhance the feminine allure and make you look like an ethereal princess straight out of a fairytale. 4. Shades of Pale Pink: Women can never get enough of pink. While brighter shades of pink are history, dull and paler versions of this beautiful color are taking over. Dull pink, dusty pink, salmon rose, powder pink, peachy pink, and blush pink are some of the beautiful shades of pink that brides are choosing for their bridal lehenga choli. These shades, when blended with gold and silver, look magnificent. It adds the vibe of a fairytale wedding. These colors are elegant and chic and look perfect on all kinds of celebratory events. bridal lehenga choli 5. Green Glory: There is no other color that looks as glorious and regal as green. However, the lighter tones of green are taking the oomph factor higher and higher. Sage green and mint green are some of the trending colors and the brides have shown how effortlessly this color can enhance their natural beauty and bridal glow. Heavy embroidery and zardozi looks exquisite on this color and adds regal charm to the twirling brides.   Apart from these colors, you can even opt for tangerine orange, sunshine yellow, aqua blue, icy blue, oyster pink and teal blue. Some of the brighter shades that are being loved by the millennial brides are cobalt blue, fuchsia pink, brick red, champagne gold, emerald green, wine pink, mustard, and jade green. The color of a bridal lehenga choli is an important aspect of brides’ outfit. These colors are a real deal breaker. They must be chosen meticulously as these colors exhibit various elements of the bride’s personality and her overall look.