How to Rock a Saree Look Even in Heavy Monsoons

How to Rock a Saree Look Even in Heavy Monsoons
The dog days are getting over. Monsoon is just around the corner and we can expect a respite from the scorching sun. It’s time to take you glam quotient high and make your fashion game strong as the weather cools down. With magical downpours and soothing winds, the romantic weather gives you the chance to doll up again without the worry of sweltering in the heat. So, what is that one Indian outfit that you must try on to splash some glam around and look your gorgeous best in the romantic weather? Give your wardrobe an instant upgrade with all-time favorite Indian attire, sarees. Yes, you heard it right! Enjoy the monsoon with style and swag in the most scintillating Indian dress. Sarees online Women have an eternal love affair with sarees. It is one of the most elegant apparels that has the inherent ability to enhance women’s feminine allure. Whether it is a designer saree or casual wear saree, the six yards garment is all about sartorial splendor that will certainly make you look mesmerizing in this dreamy weather. We know you are concerned about rains and water puddles spoiling your attire. Its true sarees may not be easy to drape, but latest saree trends are all about comfort and convenience. They are well-suited to the needs of modern women who cannot compromise on style and comfort. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid messing your look and always step out like a fashionista, braving the wet and soggy weather in style.

1. Color selection is important:

The latest saree collections are all about pristine whites and soft pastel shades. Women are in love with these unconventional colors. However, when it comes to choosing colors for your monsoon attires, it is important to choose them wisely. No matter how tempted you are to opt for lighter shades, it is best to avoid them. This is simply because wet streets, muddy water, and unexpected showers can stain your pretty dresses. For just a few months, turn away from whites and creams. Take out those bright and vibrant colored sarees that you have forgotten about a long time ago ever since new shades have pastels have arrived. Pink, orange, yellow, rust, purple, maroon, emerald green, blossom pink, black, and midnight blue, are some of the options for you to choose from.

2. Light fabrics:

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Another most important thing to keep in mind when buying sarees online or at your favorite boutique, is the fabric. For monsoon season, opt for chiffon, poly georgette, and georgette as these light and easy to carry. Also, they help your skin to breathe and keep you fresh even on the most humid days. These fabrics dry easily than other fabrics. Forget about cotton and silks for a while. They get easily stained and take longer to dry in wet weather. Expensive silks are an absolute no-no in such weather. It will suffocate your skin and cling to your body if you get drenched.

3. Pant sarees:

Well, if you find usual sarees inconvenient, the trending saree style, pant sarees are your best option. It is one of the latest styles that Bollywood divas are flaunting on various occasions. Instead of the underskirt, sarees are worn with pants and they make it a lot easier to carry around. These are sarees trendy and stylish. Believe us! It will allow you to create a unique statement in your officer, party, dinner, get-togethers, or wherever you choose to wear it. These sarees are for the bold and fashionable divas who would love a little bit of extra attention and flattering compliments.  

4. Waterproof makeup:

Your saree look is not complete without proper makeup. No matter how beautiful your designer saree is, just draping it won’t be enough. So, don’t forget about your makeup. People often avoid makeup in monsoons due to the fear of washing it off in an unexpected downpour. Worry no more! There is a variety of waterproof makeup that works great in rainy season. Nonetheless, keep it light and minimal.

5. Choose appropriate footwear:

Shop for best sarees Women prefer wearing high heels with sarees. But monsoon is definitely not the right time to wear stilettos and pencil heels. Keep your expensive footwear away and choose to wear comfortable flats that will give you a good grip on wet flooring and roads. The latest trends are all about staying in your comfort zone and still keep it stylish.

6. Keep the embellishments light:

This is the time of the year when you must turn minimalistic. When choosing the sarees, keep the embellishments minimal. This is not the best time to adorn blingy attires. They definitely look great in warmer months of the year, but not in wet and soggy rainy days. Opt for bold prints and floral patterns. These look absolutely stunning and suit the mood.

7. Draping:

Finally, draping the saree properly is the key to enjoy monsoon season. Tie your saree a little higher than the usual so that you walk around easily without soiling it. Additionally, keep your pleats tight and hold it with a bunch of extra safety pins in order to avoid any kind of accident. Let your pallu loose so that you can use it to cover your head and body and protect yourself from getting drenched during the unexpected rains.  So, are you ready to enjoy monsoon “tip tip barsa paani” style? Let loose all your inhibitions and enjoy the most romantic season of the year with panache and aplomb in the most graceful Indian attire.