How to Rock a Saree Look Even in Heavy Monsoons

How to Rock a Saree Look in Heavy Monsoons

Now that the dog days are coming to an end and the monsoon is around the corner, it's time for you to glam up your wardrobe. With magical downpours and soothing winds—keeping things cool so there will be no need for air conditioning or fans this season! If romantic weather makes you want a break from the sweltering heat, then what better way than getting dressed in traditional Indian attire? What is that one outfit which will upgrade your wardrobe instantly? Give it a try with an all-time favorite piece of apparel - sarees. You can doll yourself up without worrying about sweltering in the heat during this romantic Indian season of rain! So —now's your chance to dress like royalty with your all-time favorite sarees.

Women have an eternal love affair with sarees. It is one of the most elegant apparel that has the inherent ability to enhance women's feminine allure, whether it be for a formal event or just casually going about your everyday life out there in this dreamy weather. The only question you may have on your mind now would probably be how much of an inconvenience will those six yards prove when dealing with rain and water puddles? It might astound you that the latest trends are well-suited to meeting the needs of modern women who cannot compromise either on style or comfortability! Whether it is a designer saree or casual wear saree, the six yards garment will make you look mesmerizing in this dreamy weather.

Here are a few fashion tricks that will help you avoid dampening your look and always walk out with style, even in the wet weather:

Color Selection is Important:

The latest saree collections are all about pristine whites and soft pastel shades. Women are in love with these unconventional colors, but when it comes to choosing colors for your monsoon attire, it is essential to choose them wisely. No matter how tempted you're feeling - avoid white or cream-colored dresses because rain can stain them - instead, go for bright and vibrant colored sarees that you have forgotten about a long time ago! Pink, orange, yellow, rust, purple, maroon, emerald green, blossom pink, black, and midnight blue are some options for you to choose. Wet streets can stain your pretty dress, while unexpected showers will make a mess of the color, too!- take out those old dusty pink skirts and yellow-green saris this time. They are perfect for Indian fashion lovers who want something brighter than what has been popular lately amongst trends.

Light Fabric Choice:

The fabric is also another important thing to keep in mind when buying sarees online or at your favorite boutique. For the monsoon season, opt for chiffon and poly georgette. These light fabrics are easy to carry and give you a refreshing feeling when you wear them on humid days. Also they allow your skin to breathe more easily than other fabrics. In addition, these fabrics dry quicker than other materials, making them perfect for wet seasons like summer heat waves that make you feel suffocated due to humidity levels climbing up high. Forget about cotton and silks, too; they get easily stained & take more prolonged drying. It can lead a person to feel drained of energy on rainy days if one doesn't change clothes fast enough after getting drenched completely with water/raindrops from head-to-toe while walking. 

Pant Sarees:

Well, if you find usual sarees inconvenient, the trending saree style, pant sarees are the perfect way to stay on top of fashion. These are perfect for any occasion and allow you to create your unique statement at your office, party, dinner, or elsewhere. They're as classic and elegant as a traditional sari, but they allow for more movement than an underskirt would - making them ideal for parties or evening events! These sarees are for bold fashionistas who would love attention from flattering compliments!

Waterproof Makeup:

No matter how beautiful your designer saree is, just draping it won't be enough. Your saree look is not complete without proper makeup. A beautiful designer saree needs a bit of help to make it perfect, and what better way than with the right types of makeup? Unfortunately, people often avoid makeup during the rainy season because of fear that their face will get washed off with an unexpected downpour; but don't worry, there are waterproof brands available for you to keep your glamour intact this monsoon season and beyond! So don't forget about your makeup in the monsoon! 

Choose Appropriate Footwear:

Women need to find a balance between comfort and style. And it is time for you to amp up your footwear game by choosing the perfect pair of sandals or sneakers that will match any outfit from day to night. For example, one of the most popular monsoon trends is to avoid wearing high heels altogether. Instead, the perfect shoes for this season are flats that can be worn in wet conditions and won't slip on mud or slippery floors.

Keep the Embellishments Light:

When it comes to accessories and clothing in this season of rain, keep the embellishments minimal. It is not the best time to adorn blingy attires. They look great in warmer months of the year, but not on wet and soggy rainy days.; instead, opt for bold prints with floral patterns as they look stunning on these wet rainy days.


Finally, draping the saree properly is the key to enjoying the monsoon season. And You know how to enjoy the monsoon-like a true all-rounder? Drape your saree higher than usual so that it doesn't get dirty and keep the pleats tight. Pin them with extra safety pins if you feel insecure about anything coming undone at unexpected moments. Make sure there are no creases as they will get wet faster too (remember kids!). Add some extra security measures onto those folds, like adding more. Let loose in style by letting out the pallu of your saree; use this piece of cloth to cover yourself during sudden downpour showers, just as they do on Bollywood sets!

So, are you ready to enjoy the monsoon "tip tip barsa paani" style? Let loose all your inhibitions and enjoy the most romantic season of the year with panache and aplomb in the most graceful Indian attire.

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