Sherwani for Men Wedding Guide

Sherwani for Men Wedding Guide

When it comes to cultural events and activities, the perfect outfit can make all the difference. This is especially true for weddings, where traditions are celebrated and passed down to the next generation and where communities come together with good food and joyful dancing. 

Here at Lashkaraa, add a modern twist to traditional, handmade clothing that you’re sure to love.

 If you’re searching for the perfect wedding wear for men, look no further than our collection of sherwanis, and pick out a celebratory style today. 

What Is a Sherwani? 

Sherwanis are a classic element of outerwear for men. They are typically fitted to the body and often taper slightly at the waist to highlight the natural figure. 

One of the reasons sherwanis are such a popular option, especially for formal events and important occasions, is that they are easy to customize and personalize. While they are often characterized by the line of buttons down the front, sherwanis can have several collar styles, depending on comfort and the formality of the event. They can be collarless, come with a shirt-style collar, or even a stand-up collar. 

They’re also available in a wide range of materials and patterns to fit your personal style and preferences, along with the venue and dress code of the event. Consider them in options like silk, satin, velvet, brocade, and more, and begin picking out the perfect special occasion wardrobe. 

Sherwanis are a staple of wedding wear for men. And with the wide collection of styles, materials, and designs to pick from, it’s easy to see why sherwanis are classic, beloved pieces for the modern day. 

The Best Men’s Sherwanis for Weddings

Sherwanis are the essence of dignity and etiquette. Those qualities, along with their elegant style and many customization options, make sherwanis a staple of men’s wedding wear and other meaningful and formal occasions.

And there are many material options, patterns, and styles for men to pick from, so they can express their personalities and feel confident and comfortable at every celebration.

Here are a few of the many styles of wedding-ready sherwanis you’ll find at Lashkaraa: 

Embroidered Sherwanis

He’ll love showing off his sartorial style with an embroidered sherwani, available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Embroidery, particularly zari thread work, is an iconic and remarkable element of Indian fashion and can add that extra something to every new look. 

To start, check out a Navy Blue and Gold Embroidered Velvet Sherwani. It’s instantly recognizable, thanks to the organic embroidery that runs from the shoulder to the hem along one side.

It has matching golden buttons at the cuffs, along with a gold pocket handkerchief. The contrasting metallic embroidery with the neutral color below is bold and stand-out and sure to make an impression on every dance floor. 

And that’s not the only option when it comes to embroidery. He’s sure to love a range of styles and choices, like a Teal Green Embroidered Raw Silk Sherwani. The beige printed collar offsets the embroidered elephant patch located at the left breast pocket. Pair this top with golden or cream-collared pants for head-to-toe cohesion. 

Jacquard Sherwanis

Jacquard fabrics are complex and elegant. While more understated than other materials, they deliver true beauty with every use. Jacquard sherwanis add a little something extra when it comes to texture and high-fashion design. 

That’s just one of the reasons why a jacquard sherwani can be a great option for the next wedding. They’re available in shades like mint, dusty blue silk, and even stunning monochromatic options like black and white.

The White and Black Jacquard Sherwani has a dramatic asymmetrical hem and a row of off-center golden buttons running up the top. Add black pants for a serious presence or a pair of brightly colored trousers for a more cheerful, festive occasion. 

Printed Sherwanis

If you want to take your patterns to the next level, consider a printed sherwani design. They tend to be bolder and more colorful than other styles simply because the print allows more room for creative expression. 

The prints and patterns vary greatly, which means men are sure to find looks they really love in the collection here at Lashkaraa. Start with the Pink Satin Printed Sherwani made stunning with a floral pattern in shades of red and pink. 

You’ll have options like a multicolor blue printed sherwani with gold buttons, a multicolor black printed sherwani with dynamic geometric rows, or even an off-white printed sherwani. If you’re looking for even more color and celebratory style, consider a Multicolor Printed Sherwani with an organic, natural pattern that will make him feel cool and confident all night long. 

Brocade Sherwanis

Brocade is a decorative type of fabric, often made with colored silks and gold and silver thread for detailing and patterns. It tends to be a little heavier and is a more classic and traditional style of dress, which sets it apart from jacquard pieces.

Yet, brocade also delivers on elegance and classic beauty that is truly timeless. If you’re looking for an outfit that will really help you to stand out of a crowd, brocade is the way to go. 

There are so many wonderful options to pick from when it comes to a brocaded wedding sherwani. Consider a Light Orange Brocade Sherwani with a more subtle pattern that perfectly balances the boldness of the color or a light pink brocade in silk, with a pattern of bursting floral designs.

Brocade is perfect for those cooler weather weddings or when you simply want to embrace pattern, beauty, and finery in one elegant piece. 

Velvet Sherwanis

Another cool-weather wedding sherwani option is velvet, which adds a little something special to a look, thanks to its texture. Velvet outfits are often very rich in color, and the soft, smooth material adds a downy shine. 

Because the colors are so bold, metallic detailing and ornamentation make for a striking contrast. Check out the gold buttons on a black velvet sherwani or gold embroidery against navy blue. No matter how you style or accessorize your velvet sherwani, it’s guaranteed to look elegant and impressive for every noteworthy upcoming event. 

Floral Sherwanis

You simply can’t go wrong with a beautiful floral design. Whether you prefer florals in brocade, jacquard, or patterns, florals add a pop of joy and movement to every sherwani outfit. They’re elegant and creative. Floral sherwanis pair well with dozens of accessories and styles for a truly cohesive final look.

And you have several options to pick from here at Lashkaraa. Explore floral sherwanis like a blue floral sherwani with shimmery gold highlights and stone embellishment buttons. It catches the light and adds that little something special to a unique and memorable outfit. 

All Coming Together

There’s a reason why sherwanis are such a staple of modern wedding wear. They’re bold, enchanting, and add that extra touch of elegance to every room. This garment will flatter numerous fashion senses and body shapes.

Sherwanis come in unique configurations and styles to fit your personal expression and preference, whether you prefer a more neutral and subtle style, or you like bright velvet shades and color palettes bursting with bold contrast.

Explore some of the sherwani options available here with Lashkaraa’s Men’s Collection. You can pick between bold and daring pieces like brocade and jacquard sherwanis for patterns that shimmer and catch the light, while elevating the next wedding look.

To bring the whole family together, dress your loved ones in matching women’s and children’s wear to make every holiday or a relaxed evening at home one to remember. 



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