Tips to Select Stunning Designer Lehengas That Make You Look Ravishing

Tips to Select Stunning Designer Lehengas That Make You Look Ravishing

India is a land of cultures and festivities where there are occasions and events lined up just around the corner right from Navratri and Diwali to Bhai Dooj, Karwa Chauth, and weddings. What better way to enjoy the spirit of these occasions than dressing up in traditional attires like sarees, lehenga choli, and lehenga sarees? Lehenga choli is the quintessential traditional attire of Indian women that is closely intertwined with Indian culture and values, and it is one of the most popular wedding attires as well.  The lehenga is a beautiful and stunning attire that perfectly accentuates the beauty of the Indian woman. But it is necessary to select a lehenga with great care so that it perfectly suits the wearer.


Desginer Lehengas

Tips to Select a Designer Lehenga for a Stunning Look

Being careful about a few simple features can help you to select the perfect lehenga choli for yourself that will effortlessly complement your appearance and render a ravishing and gorgeous look.

The Cut of the Lehenga

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while selecting a designer lehenga for yourself is the shape and cut of the lehenga that you are about to buy. Although, the classic cut of a lehenga choli is a circular cut lehenga that comes with broad flare and great volume, with numerous pleats near the waist and paired with a short sleeved choli. But modern designer lehenga choli comes in a plethora of shapes and cuts, and it is best to choose a lehenga as per your body type. 


Straight Cut Lehenga This is a stylish lehenga type that is widely worn at weddings, and it goes well with all most all body types. The lehenga resembles a wraparound skirt, and the flare flows straight from the waist with slits on sides. This type of lehenga can be paired with a choli with a low neckline in order to give a long and slim appearance to the body.

Straight Cut Lehengas

Mermaid Style Lehenga

This is one of the most innovative designer lehenga cholis styles that accentuate the curves of women with an hourglass figure. Women with a straight body can also opt for this type. The lehenga sits snugly till the knees and then flares out gracefully. This lehenga can be paired with corset or halter-neck choli.

Fishcut Lehengas

Circular Lehenga

This is a classic lehenga style that is often adopted in stylish designer bridal lehenga choli designs. It looks good on women with an apple-shaped body. The lehenga is marked for its broad and beautiful flares that add great volume to the attire. It looks best combined with a classic short-sleeved choli.

Circular Lehengas

A-line Lehenga

This is one of the latest designer lehenga styles that suits women with a pear-shaped body or who have a heavier bottom compared to the upper body. The lehenga has minimalistic flare and it follows the shape of the alphabet "A." Such lehenga looks best with puffy sleeved blouses which accentuate the upper part of the body.

A-line Lehenga

Panel Length Lehenga

This is another stunning lehenga style that has required amount of flare and offers a slimming effect. Such lehenga is made from numerous panels which are stitched together to give it a mesmerising effect. Panel style lehenga can also be worn as jacket lehenga by pairing the bottom with a long jacket-style choli. It not only gives a slim and lean effect but also hides any extra flab in the midsection. Panel Length Lehenga

Lehenga Saree Last but not the least are the designer lehenga sarees that combine the features of both the lehenga and the saree is one outfit. The lehenga saree is suitable for women with voluptuous figure because it the long pallu-style dupatta which is wrapped around the waist and then pleated at the shoulder helps to cover any extra flab in the midsection.

Lehenga Choli Sarees

Color of the Lehenga

The next important thing to look out for in lehenga and lehenga style sarees is the color combination of the outfit. Very fair skinned women can opt for dark and rich colors like red, vermillion, deep blue, deep green, maroon, black, etc. Those with fair skin can wear neutral colors like pink, blue, pastel yellow, white, n beige, etc. Womewith a dusky complexion can wear warm and rich colors like orange, gold, brown, shades of grey or green. Women with dark undertone should wear pale colors like shades of yellow and blue along with pure red and bright green.

Color of the Lehenga

Embroidery on the Lehenga

The next thing to consider while purchasing a designer lehenga or designer lehenga saree is the embroidery and embellishment present on the garment. Although heavily embroidered lehengas give a regal appearance and are perfectly suitable for the bride on the wedding day, but if you are not the bride, then it is best to stick to simple and minimalistic embroidery or zari work which renders a touch of elegance and charm to the entire outfit. Stone, sequins and zari work on the bodice and borders along with light embroidery on the flares of the lehengas is all that is required to make you look gorgeous and stunning. It is best not to go over the top with the embellishments.

Embroidery on the Lehenga

The Unique Factor

It is always important to maintain a unique and striking feature in your attire which will make you stand out of the rest in the crowd, and it is no different with the lehenga as well. You can have a unique look by introducing a difference in your lehenga design or your dressing style. You can opt for a unique and aesthetically styled dupatta or a custom tailored blouse or a stylish side slit in the lehenga itself which will not only attract the attention of others but also make you the center of attraction at the occasion. You must pair the lehenga with the right accessories, footwear, makeup and hairdo in order to complete the look.

Color of the Lehenga

So, follow these points while choosing a designer lehenga for you and look stunning and gorgeous at the upcoming occasion.

Image Credits: vivaahfashions, bollywoodvogue, fashionforroyals 

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